LG Wing Unboxing - This Thing is WILD
Unboxing the LG Wing. The LG Wing is a very unique smartphone for 2020.
The phone and accessories package shown in this video are a pre-release version provided by LG and may differ from the retail version. The swivel box is not included in the retail version.
This video is sponsored by LG.
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    • D o 2x G Y
      D o 2x G Y

      everyone knows where the fcking sub button is why tf you pin a comment with sub link.

    • Gio Cayetano Vlogs
      Gio Cayetano Vlogs

      Super nice phone 😍😍😍

    • Brian William
      Brian William

      Does it breaks fast when we flip it hard?

    • slow mo only
      slow mo only

      Send to india 8307394141

    • Chevifier

      No, you lol

  • SL TV
    SL TV

    Wow ! This is amazing ..can you give it to me as a gift😁

  • Salmanuddin Zakaria
    Salmanuddin Zakaria

    Hi im from malaysia

  • aku adalah aku
    aku adalah aku


  • Leon Chua
    Leon Chua

    i like this unboxing video

  • Razmi zakaria
    Razmi zakaria


  • Shounak Patwardhan
    Shounak Patwardhan

    This phone has had RedBull .... Because it gives you w.

  • 2ToneFox

    Where is that knife from?

  • Elijah Bataller
    Elijah Bataller

    perfect 3ds emulator device

  • Ryan Rezaei
    Ryan Rezaei

    Welcome to the 2020 sidekick...

  • Andrew Escobedo
    Andrew Escobedo

    I guess I'll be able to afford all these phones when I'm 80 like this guy.

  • Grace Kluchka
    Grace Kluchka

    1:25 So funny

  • Gohdaninja

    LG just upgraded from the Ironman phone from 2008 which I love and which I could still use

  • Robert s
    Robert s

    another useless android phone. next.

  • Wah Ler Thaw
    Wah Ler Thaw

    1:11 love this momment

  • MixedVictor

    3ds emulators fit perfect for this

  • Saphia juma ally
    Saphia juma ally

    Cool phone

  • First Last
    First Last

    If the cameras weren't kinda trash and reacted faster, this would be a perfect phone

  • Rosa indica
    Rosa indica

    I just think 2020 will get an award for "the craziest year". The Quarantine has finally caught up to all these mobile companies since they are all coming up with the craziest ideas. They are like ' Go big or go home'

  • Adenan Mohamed
    Adenan Mohamed

    Guess....what....I have split screen...

  • xminty_ moonx
    xminty_ moonx

    the fact that they dropped this after all those meh phones is legit magic

  • Angelo Caguia
    Angelo Caguia

    In my mind I have it in my hand , But in the reality Me: goddamn it!! My phone sucks!!😭😭😆😆

  • nell k
    nell k

    It's the teen titans tower

  • Ashley and Izzie
    Ashley and Izzie

    meditation music

  • David Kacprzyk
    David Kacprzyk

    How do you protect it in a case?

  • Archeia

    I want this... It's like modern flip phone and DS had a baby ;a:

  • Christopher Harper
    Christopher Harper

    Wtf!!!! No way will this go down 🤣

  • Dash Fatbastard
    Dash Fatbastard

    This is t!ts.

  • Tera Chehra
    Tera Chehra

    A natureza é maravilhosa

  • Kodjo Gan
    Kodjo Gan

    I was patiently waiting for LG to do something cool and different like they always do, and here we have it. I love it!

  • Aryan Rajvanshi
    Aryan Rajvanshi

    This is what Iron Man's phone look like irl

  • Sir_Vorteks

    Did anybody me else think about Tony Starks phone from Iron Man when watching this?

  • Indra Lewis
    Indra Lewis

    Now this the phone I want

  • Indra Lewis
    Indra Lewis

    This show be call the LG Cross with a lot a meaning to it

  • Darren Robinson
    Darren Robinson

    i want to see how Spiegen makes a case for this :-)

  • Kalyani Pantula
    Kalyani Pantula

    It looks a lot like the note 20 series

  • Kalyani Pantula
    Kalyani Pantula

    It looks a lot like the note 20 series

  • SnakeEyes716

    The practicality gets more and more obvious as you go through it

  • D o 2x G Y
    D o 2x G Y

    What a failphone. nobody needs this shit wtf

  • Noah Solom
    Noah Solom

    At this point it's like he's making up phones

  • thecsslife

    200,000 swivels isn't actually that much at all. This think could break for some people in months.

  • AUSTIN Wright
    AUSTIN Wright

    Glad I did my research. I bought a v60 which has better processor. The video processor is better as well as.better audio in the v60 with 48 bit dac. Awesome sound in the v60. Plus the battery is more powerful in the v60. The wing isnt bad though. I love my v60.

  • HornburgMX

    I can already imagine google recommendations , “My front camera doesn’t pop up anymore on my LG wing phone”

  • HornburgMX

    So damn weird. This seems very extreme.

  • Junni

    Its basically transformer

  • X DarXHeat X
    X DarXHeat X

    4:23 *the quiet kid in the back of the class on show and tell*


    Kind of like it better than the foldable ones.

  • Hunter Hammond
    Hunter Hammond

    Currently watching this video on this phone... Transformed lol

  • Gary S
    Gary S

    Nope!!don't want it

  • TheElement911

    I love the design. Too bad it lacks power against other Snapdragon phones

    • TheElement911

      @Jay Rock my point (regardless of the use I would give to the phone) is that they made a phone with two screens, and less raw power than some single screen phones. More power equals less loading times. Between two screens against less loading times, I choose the latter.

    • Jay Rock
      Jay Rock

      Have the phone what is it your gonna do thats isnt going to be possible on this phone m

  • Vanessa Asylum
    Vanessa Asylum

    At the back of the phone why it’s not glass instead of plastic pay mad money for what

  • The Scotch-Irish Viking
    The Scotch-Irish Viking

    Ok, so it has wings. Does it stop leaks? 😆🤣🤣

  • Alan Dias
    Alan Dias

    Yo LG, I'm sold.

  • Abdulaziz WolfyPlayz
    Abdulaziz WolfyPlayz

    It looks like Nintendo 3ds

  • Shinici

    I think this is the best phone for emulated 3ds or ds game who use 2 screen..

  • joe d
    joe d

    17 min about a fucking camera?

  • Khaos

    Ita been a while since we seen something this uniqe. Its no bigger that your average smartphone, but 2 screens that dont have gimmicky functions. I can see irl streamers using this.

  • Rasta Mon YTG
    Rasta Mon YTG

    Seeing this reminds me of my sidekick. I was 17 with my sidekick. These new phone are what the kids of this time will be talking about in the future

  • John Clarke
    John Clarke

    Game changer

  • Rajeev Koduri
    Rajeev Koduri

    As far as I see the future. This is not an unusual Smartphone.. We might see these kind of smartphones attempted by most of the manufacturers.

  • Jordan Atherton
    Jordan Atherton

    Iron man did it first. And now I too can be iron man. I need it.

  • Fish

    Too bad its verizon only Ill get it once there are unlocked versions, till then, i can dream 😞

  • Fluffy GU
    Fluffy GU

    You know if and when it's coming to the UK?

  • Mazharul Islam
    Mazharul Islam

    Who is going to make the case for this phone?🤣🤣 1 min silence for those people who like to use case..😅 Like if you agree..😇

  • Steven Amoah
    Steven Amoah

    I like it

  • drew rowan
    drew rowan

    So... Good luck putting a case on it.

  • KingDeCalibre

    Phone case department like this 🙃

  • Wuux

    Yo I’m not gonna lie I dig, but what about if dirt gets in between the 2 screens and it makes scratches when you open it🤔

  • Cadis Etrama
    Cadis Etrama

    this phone is so convenient for vloggers.

  • sivaprakash K
    sivaprakash K

    This is the best smartphones ever i seen

  • AkosiJake OFF
    AkosiJake OFF

    Do u need flexible cover?

  • Bryan Gazo
    Bryan Gazo

    i really hope i will be born rich on my next life :(

  • Fhritz Ian Rivera
    Fhritz Ian Rivera

    i wonder how it works with cases and screen protectors

  • Juan Ochoa
    Juan Ochoa

    Love your knife

  • NotFunny

    After watching this, now I think its cool.

  • Milkyway808 Stars
    Milkyway808 Stars

    Nice Job LG

  • Milkyway808 Stars
    Milkyway808 Stars

    CAN I BARROW YOUR OTHER PHONE? “ no...i cannot it’s attached together!!

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson

    Ok looks great but how can you protect it, put a case on it ?

  • Never Castle
    Never Castle

    Nintendo wishes this would have became the next DS

  • Never Castle
    Never Castle

    On the note 4, Samsung had a camera mode that used front and rear at the same time, I don't know why they ever went away from that. :(

  • Mc Puzon
    Mc Puzon

    I can a like this phone , interesting

  • Jovanny ordaz
    Jovanny ordaz

    This concept reminds me of the sidekick phone

  • Agent 007
    Agent 007

    What companies like t-mobile or verizon would be selling this

  • Eli Wiechman
    Eli Wiechman

    Does a screen protector on the lower screen affect the swivel?

  • Flame

    Phone case designers left the chat

  • Vortex1988

    I would buy this immediately if it didn't have a processor that's slower than the one in my two year old Oneplus 6T.

  • Camilo Saldarriaga
    Camilo Saldarriaga

    When does is come out?

  • jeevan m
    jeevan m

    Awesome phone

  • Ruiz Ruiz
    Ruiz Ruiz

    Phone case makers be like 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • Love Byström
    Love Byström

    Just thought of something, what if you’re lefthanded

  • Ross Tarran
    Ross Tarran

    Love LG, striking a blow against the scourge of vertical video.

  • Love Byström
    Love Byström

    The T-Spin

  • sn3192

    love this. reminds me so much of my sony erickson s700i :')

  • Olga Alvarado
    Olga Alvarado

    Loving things I can't afford... Oh wow

  • Chronicles of Isaac Lee
    Chronicles of Isaac Lee

    Looks like an updated version of the LG VX9400 that Iron Man had.


    This is insane

  • Joshua Ryan
    Joshua Ryan

    They're going to sell loads of these.

  • Fullweezy 35
    Fullweezy 35

    Now I'm here after flossy carter's review and seeing that Lew never showed off the gimbal feature at all

  • Ishan Mishra
    Ishan Mishra

    Jesus adds to cart.

  • Sadek Ox
    Sadek Ox

    LG takes airplane mode to the next level.

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