The World's Most Powerful Smartphone...
This new Blackshark 3 Pro smartphone takes things to another level.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    What are your favorite mobile games right now? I need some new titles to test out! thx

    • Lucas Fulton
      Lucas Fulton

      You probably won’t want to play this, but for American football fans the best mobile football game is Madden NFL 21 Mobile

    • Lanc3 3PH09
      Lanc3 3PH09

      Which is stronger Asus rog 3 or black shark 3, For you?

    • ムA͜͡s͜͡t͜͡r͜͡o٭


    • ツpøp smøkë
      ツpøp smøkë

      Standoff 2

    • Saaz Bhargava
      Saaz Bhargava


  • Suz Anders
    Suz Anders

    Is this as loud as the ROG 3?

  • enfekted13

    Rog 3 for the win..

  • Hari Haran Js
    Hari Haran Js

    Mom! I need this for online classes

  • Siegebreaker YT
    Siegebreaker YT

    with the two fans and controller on the phone that looks likes a graphics card.

  • globallio n
    globallio n

    But This. Is so Chines mobile Blue shark i did it.

  • Sibaram Pradhan
    Sibaram Pradhan

    imagine giving this phone to an indian

  • redcommet00 redcommet00
    redcommet00 redcommet00

    there are way more attachment's I have found could you do a backwards compatible episode if possible?

  • WizardsNipple

    I was hoping this phone was shit because I'm struggling to figure out what to buy.

  • Mohannad Munding
    Mohannad Munding

    U take so long 😆

  • Mr. joker
    Mr. joker

    Excellent work😍

  • 11k Subscriber before 2021 challenge
    11k Subscriber before 2021 challenge

    Imagine giving this to your dad then he just play subway surf😅😅😅 (Read my name btw)


    I got this kind of phone its so fast and better performance

  • ThrowDownDX

    I’m buying this monster soon thanks for the review

  • mads scheuerlein
    mads scheuerlein

    love your vids dude, keep it up :)

  • Danraj Rampersad
    Danraj Rampersad

    What was the game after pubg

  • Lusi Wong
    Lusi Wong

    did u know what the name of the console pad. i planning buy this phone. i got the cooler fan, magnetic cable charger.

  • Nathan Bonano
    Nathan Bonano

    the knockoff switch

  • Captain America
    Captain America

    Who else thought that THUMBNAIL was fake Like

  • Puncakie

    ....Just build a pc or buy a switch for probably a cheaper price


    One word AWESOME!!!!!! 👍🏾👊🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Harshal Alegaonkar
    Harshal Alegaonkar

    I think this phone 📱 is for gammer

  • Mercy X Gaming
    Mercy X Gaming

    My father's phone is only fast when he throws it to me :(

  • D Dheeraj
    D Dheeraj

    I mean like your background song is like.................."CLEAN." Like it's ah!!satisfying that piano or something that really controlls my stress

  • Andreas

    I got my new Galaxy Note 20 5G last week, today the camera glass broke on its own. Samsung told me more or less "fuck you, buy a new one" so that's what I'll do. I'll revoke the contract and get the Black Shark 3 Pro. The headphone plug sealed the deal for me.

  • Rejected Gamers
    Rejected Gamers

    I'll stick to my switch

  • Raghavan.K Raghavan.K
    Raghavan.K Raghavan.K

    What's the third game he played

  • Toxic Virus 247
    Toxic Virus 247

    looks like a crap GPU XD

  • Hugo Negrete
    Hugo Negrete

    8:00 It kinda looks like a graphics card!

  • Anash Hussain
    Anash Hussain

    00:38 did anyone notice gusion, layla and saber from mobilelegends


    This or the rog phone 3? I have the black shark 1 and it's still kicking ass.

  • Sci C-323 Sahil Gurav
    Sci C-323 Sahil Gurav

    14:00 he thought they were enemies

  • HunterCraftGaming (Dutch)
    HunterCraftGaming (Dutch)

    What is the official website of the retailer or seller?


    Sir which is better this or s20 ultra?

  • FapKing69

    I still wonder why people buy apple products when there are these awesome things around?

  • Jt The Great
    Jt The Great

    From the thumbnail I thought it was a graphics card

  • III B
    III B

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! Oh. wait I dont have any.

  • louejie cayanan
    louejie cayanan

    I like that phone, do you give phones?


    Who else touched thier screen at 10:07

  • James Kim L. Moro
    James Kim L. Moro


  • Thomas Walton
    Thomas Walton

    Gaming phones are useless, barely any decent games out for mobile most are shit graphics shit gameplay and ofc pay to win.

  • Arda Normm
    Arda Normm

    Woaw black shark !!!!

  • Ray Caballero
    Ray Caballero

    Maybe the analog stick can be pressed in? For sprinnting

  • Ray Caballero
    Ray Caballero

    Are there American developers that make gaming phones like mowing i7s. Snail phone. There specs are good but I know we can make it even better in the US. The directional pad should be like vita. Or even X box one was great too. Needs back shoulder buttons like switch.

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar

    What's the internal memory n is there a micro sd slot for extendable storage

    • Retard Idris
      Retard Idris

      256 or 512gb and no micro sd

  • Mix content Aka Rehmat channel
    Mix content Aka Rehmat channel


  • A Snow
    A Snow

    that "phone" is bs.. makes no sense to exist..

  • shiva acharya
    shiva acharya

    Oh so vague 🤔🤔🤔

  • 0 0
    0 0

    I mean..... just buy a Nintendo switch🤷‍♂️

  • Tech channel
    Tech channel

    seriously your video get bored.kindly try to make videos with in 5-6 mins

  • Think BroaD
    Think BroaD

    I have this and it's a true monster

  • Yonkaboo Exkaboo
    Yonkaboo Exkaboo

    Ordering 4 of these. Thanks for the review!

  • musab umair
    musab umair

    i have it

  • 50-BCET-16

    12:50 you can see the lag....🤣

  • René Tvrdý
    René Tvrdý

    Battle Prime im comin

  • Sadit Alam
    Sadit Alam

    Asphalt 7

  • orangehax 547
    orangehax 547


  • mikael facelo
    mikael facelo

    Peasant phone gamers

  • Skrill Gaming
    Skrill Gaming

    Dude u always say "fastest phone in the world" even in asus rog phone, u said it.and in asus rog phone 3 also

  • Mr.pyramid

    Hi ,how can i buy a black shark with a extra cooling fan??

  • Adrian Cornejo
    Adrian Cornejo

    I was waiting the whole video for him to use the little fan

    • Mr. Pup
      Mr. Pup


    • Orest Karpiak
      Orest Karpiak

      same and he didn’t use it

  • MD Mahidul Islam
    MD Mahidul Islam

    Lew reaction--- Iphones:- Nah Android Gaming Phones:-Holymoly🤣

  • Rick Rye
    Rick Rye

    Wow surprised he's not a Noob and actually PWN'in people in PUBG! Also Phone is Rippppped!

  • Luis F. Arizandieta
    Luis F. Arizandieta

    Hi, where can it be purchased? I've been looking around and only found the black shark 2 pro

  • Bhuwan Joy Gazmer
    Bhuwan Joy Gazmer

    Nice music

  • some dude
    some dude

    i mean you can only really play pubg or shitty version of gaming will never be the future

  • Solis Solos
    Solis Solos


  • Nagamitsu Bizen
    Nagamitsu Bizen

    When he says "It pulls that heat out and then exchanges it with cold." My inner hvac training started screaming "THATS NOT HOW THAT WORKS!!!!!" lol

  • vanzyl 0x45
    vanzyl 0x45

    ok let me put windows on that real quick...

    • vanzyl 0x45
      vanzyl 0x45

      obv there probably aren't drivers for it but damn

  • I I
    I I


  • boris brian
    boris brian

    You don't need that phone to play pubg Play fortnite man

  • Josiah Diwa
    Josiah Diwa

    No need to buy speakers

  • wm nu
    wm nu

    wait for RedMagic 5S then review it

  • vvs rocks
    vvs rocks

    This looks like a ford f150 if it was a phone built tuff

  • Piotrecki

    What watch you have on your wrist?

  • Arsennii Moroz
    Arsennii Moroz

    Where do you get all these Cool tech stuff


    slowest phone in 2025

  • mAx

    Nah it doesnt remind me of a gaming pc it reminds me of star wars.

  • Resul Emini
    Resul Emini

    Can you give me a gift phone pls?

  • Mckynzy Ytac
    Mckynzy Ytac

    try ark survival with that phone

  • Petra

    Even you have it, your still not qualified to call yourself gamer untill you play PC game lmao

  • Baylon Ronald
    Baylon Ronald

    Rog 3 is smiling 🤣

  • Emilda Llanera
    Emilda Llanera

    Asus ROG phone 2 review, i think it has better specs than

  • #Foods&About

    Where to buy pls. Online

  • Rio Candra
    Rio Candra

    How many world most powerful smartphones are there? I just saw Rog phone 3 with the same title

  • Samuel Paredes
    Samuel Paredes

    I always download emulators so i can play psp/DS/N64/Gamecube games on my phone but without the emulators my favorite mobile game would have to be critical ops or modern combat online

  • Pubg Mobile lite fan
    Pubg Mobile lite fan

    This phone can run gta 5

  • trollerman

    Imagine... This thing is better than a lot of people's computers/laptops

  • 诸元


  • Veski Bateman
    Veski Bateman

    When Lou says to kick back you'd better kick right back.

  • cayden conrad
    cayden conrad

    damn, and its only 700-ish dollars!?

  • Rachindra Poudel
    Rachindra Poudel

    Can we play ludo with these accessories??

  • 666DRAKUL

    just for you to know and dont waste your time watching the whole video expecting it. no he doesn`t try the cooler

  • Kay M
    Kay M

    You can also buy the joystick/buttons for the right side but they are sold seperately

  • Victor Eden
    Victor Eden

    I saw it very nicely on my 120hz screen:)

  • Ashok Thanish
    Ashok Thanish

    Can't wait to play Sudoku on that phone 😲


    what about a selfie camera?

  • Tarek Hasan
    Tarek Hasan

    you don't watch camera quality.

  • Mr. Autismius
    Mr. Autismius

    orrrr... you could just buy a pc and do other cool stuff

  • yo les frite
    yo les frite

    oops rog phone 3

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