Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Unboxing
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is Samsung's latest shot at a flagship folding smartphone.
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  • iflyTony

    I've been waiting for something worth trading my S10+ for. On my way to my T-mobile store right now!

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel

    Still can’t defeat the iphone. I remember when samsung fans talked trash about iphones being overpriced and now they comeout with this 2k piece of crap

  • reg15os

    For a man with grey beard you're too much into phones

  • Heroon Masur
    Heroon Masur

    At 14.29 you see exactly what Samsung is good at. False claims of seamless multitasking while the damn INlabel app failed and closed down on a brand new phone. This is why apple is superior, they don’t release features that aren’t fully tested and functioning🤣

  • Eye on art
    Eye on art

    $2,000 is outrageous.

  • Team MT Fortnite
    Team MT Fortnite

    Best INlabelr

  • Jurij Silo
    Jurij Silo

    i use iphone 6s and i’m happy 😁

  • Tengok Cerita
    Tengok Cerita

    I like this hp..but in the end i bought note 20 ultra already..bcos of pen..hurmm...

  • acdhiRr Åilnv
    acdhiRr Åilnv

    Too many cameras, that makes it very expensive.

  • M J
    M J

    He talks too much😡🤷‍♂️👎

  • Jeona Morh
    Jeona Morh

    Just get on with it man.. blah blah

  • Andrés Álvarez
    Andrés Álvarez

    It causes curiosity first but I don’t see any real use situation for something like this where I would prefer it over a normal phone, If you want to go for a big screen there are many 6.5 or bigger phones, here I see t hat the screen when it’s folded is not good enough so yo have to unfold it but it’s really chunky device, it’s between a tablet and a phone but hasn’t the full functionality of either. Also it seems very delicate and not durable so better buy a tablet and phone until this technology develops properly, in my opinion this is an attempt to make something different just for making it different, not based in real world usage or convenience.

  • A24 Fibonacci Leech Lattice
    A24 Fibonacci Leech Lattice

    If you have any Samsung note20 or s20 you can donate to me. I would greatly appreciate it. I just don't have the money to get a new phone. And this one has many problems ⚠️ I know it will not turn on soon.

    • A24 Fibonacci Leech Lattice
      A24 Fibonacci Leech Lattice

      Fold2 should be Fold$2k

  • JumpyThrone 2306
    JumpyThrone 2306

    Watching this on my s20+

  • aditya Gupta
    aditya Gupta

    Too High to buy...only till you gift me one😂

  • William Filer
    William Filer

    Not sure what you are getting is news, but I get the idea.

  • Fireball

    Apple be like:- we already introduced this folding technology in 2015 in our iphone 6

  • urang sunda
    urang sunda

    I wait Jerry rigg fold it into 4

  • Bright Jodohku
    Bright Jodohku


  • Keepmguessin

    Need an update on this phone, how is it doing almost 2 months later???

  • Dats Wassaname
    Dats Wassaname

    This is as close to perfection of a phablet as u can get for the rite price it’s worth it

  • Dopeness_drops

    For that much it should have a spen

  • Ronald Ambatoho
    Ronald Ambatoho

    just wait until they sell the thinner version of this

  • Average Kid
    Average Kid

    My mom won’t let me get it but yet I’m getting a tablet and a phone for 1000 dollars but yet she bought a 1000 dollar phone that doesn’t come with a tablet, I’m so confused with Karen’s.

  • Catherine J
    Catherine J

    basically a 3ds, only more modern. xD ik not even close

  • E K
    E K

    This thing is so cool.

  • Agus Winarno
    Agus Winarno


  • mork me in ur heart
    mork me in ur heart


  • mork me in ur heart
    mork me in ur heart

    i feel like parents would love this phone especially the dads

  • Hussein Harb
    Hussein Harb

    Do you make give aways

  • khaeruddin ahmad
    khaeruddin ahmad

    Phone case production : how the heck we make case for this

  • Arlow Newton
    Arlow Newton

    I brought the Samsung galaxy z fold 2 5G however I've noticed a design flaw the camera on the inside has been placed on the wrong side , if I'm in flex mode the screen is placed directly onto table not the case .... has any one else noticed this issue ?

  • Amo Tabs
    Amo Tabs

    i will fold my money in my pocket

  • Domenico Faggioni
    Domenico Faggioni

    You say too much useless things about stuff.

  • Lavis Cannon
    Lavis Cannon

    Brought online and shipped will be here Tuesday. I'm super excited.

  • Jt5184

    Sir, what smart watch are you wearing?

  • Panzer Maus
    Panzer Maus

    This phone looks soo cool But I'm worried. it's really gimmicky and it looks like if it was dropped one time it'll be completely destroyed.

  • Nanagoon

    Next Samsung will develop The holographic phones

  • Blazing Blade
    Blazing Blade


  • Maxim Quantum
    Maxim Quantum

    Kids in the future: "lmao post-boomers still use fold phones" *"We use holographic screens."*

    • Maxim Quantum
      Maxim Quantum

      @Beta Little Human We'll see, maybe new privileges will be invented where those would be super useful.

    • Beta Little Human
      Beta Little Human

      To me, holographic screens doesn't sound that useful, other than specific cases of course

    • WoomyZooms

      they are already making transparent phones lol

  • Ghost Shalaby
    Ghost Shalaby

    How much is it

  • Bexx _
    Bexx _

    I’m just imagining playing minecraft on that...damn that would be good

  • Tito Torres
    Tito Torres

    In a decade this will be the standard phone form factor, this foldable phone, but will be so thin when unfolded that when you fold it in half, it will be as thin as today’s phones. Because right now that thing folded looks so damn thick and chunky.

  • Jeb Broham
    Jeb Broham

    The question is how many folds can it handle before the screen breaks in half?


    As someone who is rewatching this video on the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2, I will say, I can never go back to a traditional phone. This phone is stunning!

    • Dan Calzacorta
      Dan Calzacorta

      Glad to hear it. I just ordered the black one w/ the galaxy watch 3. It should be here Tuesday!

  • Aleš Majerič
    Aleš Majerič

    So like, I'm barely keeping up with all the specs this thing has, and now you're saying I can watch INlabel, talk to whoever in the world I want and do advanced calculations at the same time? This thing will fry your brains, I'm telling you.

  • Lucky7 tt
    Lucky7 tt

    Me:it's not logical to buy a 500$ phone now adays . Samsung : how about 2 k !?

  • W M
    W M

    Oh man... my anxiety, is there a case?? Not going to spend thousands of dollars without protection. 😬

  • David Merriman
    David Merriman

    The only fold concept that's actually useful is LGs, the rest are a junk gimmick

  • Three Eyed Hendrix
    Three Eyed Hendrix

    This is the worst phone for porn

    • Fahad Saad
      Fahad Saad


  • Natzz Moonzz
    Natzz Moonzz

    ME:l'not allowed a phone ME:I ask my dad:Can I get one My dad:😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 it's a phone

  • MashTv

    Any pubg players

  • Maxime Wong
    Maxime Wong

    It is like a clock

  • Pranit Arora
    Pranit Arora

    did anyone see the insect

  • Charlie Chasse
    Charlie Chasse

    I hate this phone so much

    • Charlie Chasse
      Charlie Chasse

      It is going to break one way or another the phone part screen is also tiny

    • Fahad Saad
      Fahad Saad


  • Cesar Ayala
    Cesar Ayala

    Mi concern... I bought mine and decided to go deep in my wallet and try it because it looked appealing. Well after this UNFINISHED product showed up I've decided after 2 days sent it back. Why? just for simple reasons, as soon as you go thru the unboxing there are some intense warnings about the phone NOT having IP rating, and literally this phone will break and treat it like is a million dollar ferrari. The phone is heavy and unpractical, specially for people with vision problems, the resolution is good but is hard to read when closed. Opening the device mechanism is great compared to first Gen but when closed is bulky and unconventional, and remember this phone will need its own space in your pockets because it can be near coins, credit cards or any type of dust and sand. Yes people will get amazed for the factor of the phone, like the same way people see the Hummer owners not because of jealous, oh no is because is an ugly phone. Is like glue two iPnone 6's or a tape between them and woila!. Within 2 days I was worry if phone was sleeping well, LOL; well is a 2K phone. After checking with TMobile insurance for this phone is $25 per month includes damage, accidental and theft is crazy expensive. And lastly there is NO case whatsoever YET that will protect this phone. My condense point and personal view. WE are paying for their developing giving us the unfinished product so they can get money and find from us what sucks about it and implement new ideas and see what happens. Is it worth?? NOT my humble opinion.

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown

    This is a cool design but I just don't get who this phone is for. Like I want one but what would I use it for?

  • Wooo Hooovvv
    Wooo Hooovvv

    This or Duo

  • Hunter Scott Cox
    Hunter Scott Cox

    This my next phone... Bet... i have an note 10+ right now

  • Robbie Schwartz
    Robbie Schwartz

    The new Nintendo 4DS looks really good

  • Pasty X
    Pasty X

    I feel bad for the people trying to figure out the damn cases with this phone

  • Hovermotion

    This reminds me of my old Nokia 9210

  • Valentine Valentine
    Valentine Valentine

    It’s 2006 all over again

  • Pietro Doninelli
    Pietro Doninelli

    13:25 lol fired up, it sounds like you want to fight someone

  • mey pentagonbae
    mey pentagonbae

    The multitasking was wow amazing

  • Mac Moyneur
    Mac Moyneur

    Whens the later case coming for the fold 2? 😂🙏

  • Joann Sanders
    Joann Sanders

    It would have been really nice if they would have added the s pen to the z fold instead

  • Abdul Asker
    Abdul Asker

    I need help shall I buy this or the iPhone 12 max pro , which one is better , i still don't know which one to get

  • Erika Cervantes
    Erika Cervantes


  • hyeong jae lee
    hyeong jae lee

    What is the watch he is wearing?

  • hailey martinez
    hailey martinez

    Well yeah, that's what we expected

  • Tachiro Akisu
    Tachiro Akisu

    I like how Lew said he sent his back when the fiasco broke out, but now that the new version is out, he's got his old one immediately on hand 🤣🤣🤣

  • DrE38

    14:30 did the INlabel app crash? 👁️👄👁️

  • Mike Valentine
    Mike Valentine

    What smartwatch is he wearing?

  • Acknowledge D
    Acknowledge D

    Does anybody else hear the Nintendo switch ui sound effects throughout the video

  • Acknowledge D
    Acknowledge D

    Why are there switch sound effects throughout the video

  • Acknowledge D
    Acknowledge D

    Why the switch Home Screen sound at the start

  • Saito Takanashi
    Saito Takanashi

    Imagine watching porn in this wth.

  • Adam Goebel
    Adam Goebel

    That multi tasking thing is genius for something like trip planning. Imagine being able to see your rental car reservation and calender, or hotel reservation and flight booking on the same screen! Or making side by side comparisons on so many things....? I just don't like the crease and bulkyness when it's folded. But too soon to be picky... I think it can replace a tablet

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G

    Apple needs to do this. Seriously

  • The Modern Day Gamer
    The Modern Day Gamer

    But why is this something I want? What makes this type of screen better than just a really solid single screen. The issues would be durability and wear over time.

  • Vanessa Asylum
    Vanessa Asylum

    Nintendo had left the chat

  • Seunghyun Nam
    Seunghyun Nam

    Loooove the fold

  • Davinder Singh
    Davinder Singh

    I will have to sell my kidney to buy one 😯😀

  • Álvaro Santos
    Álvaro Santos

    Too much talking, and not so much useful information.

  • Aet


  • Rs07shop Foreveralone
    Rs07shop Foreveralone

    Not wurth the money trust me

  • Tinglun Su
    Tinglun Su

    Um am I the only one who can't tell when he's being sarcastic astic and when he isn't

  • Kiwichico

    If this gets slimmer then it will be the next phone

  • KLR Rigg
    KLR Rigg

    Another $2k “hack able “ brick that comes with a piece of plastic for scratch protection 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏻

  • theone7891

    Interesting how folding phones aren’t exactly a new thing and yet people are going mental on it.

    • SublimeHawk6

      I don't think they've ever been this good

  • Dejan Ajlec
    Dejan Ajlec

    Yes..but can it play smoke on the water...

  • Mo Bamba
    Mo Bamba

    Apple - We have a folding iPad.

  • Ganbat Bavuudorj
    Ganbat Bavuudorj

    This is looks like so much bulk

  • Hassan Ghazi
    Hassan Ghazi

    Will you make a another Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2?

  • Yan Jerry Analeto
    Yan Jerry Analeto


  • k taylor
    k taylor

    if apple release same fuction like this , price will be like $ 3,300

  • CrazyLife

    It's a sweat-hand's people's nightmare.

  • Kenny Do
    Kenny Do

    Imagine playing Genshin Impact on this!😃

    • Chris Toxqui
      Chris Toxqui

      That would be nice

  • Vinny Vici
    Vinny Vici

    I can’t take my eyes off that crease in the middle of the video and photos

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