Receiving a Mystery Care Package FULL of Tech...
All items from lockdown box -
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Of all the items in this episode which do you like most/would choose?

    • Fo0dP8nda GT
      Fo0dP8nda GT

      I choose 2 Things...1. earbuds..2. speaker

    • ً


    • Hamilton Wanas
      Hamilton Wanas

      the portable projector would be nice 😁

    • Hamoody tuber
      Hamoody tuber

      Unbox Therapy hi lew

    • Basic Sam
      Basic Sam


  • ars khan
    ars khan

    more like average equipments teens use mystery package!

  • oilecec alorad
    oilecec alorad

    Tha power bank lodz

  • Nathnael Solomon
    Nathnael Solomon

    lm [

  • char russell
    char russell

    power bank, then you are set for going off in the woods and social distancing

  • mads scheuerlein
    mads scheuerlein

    i would pick the power bank for sure

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Chinese copies of the 180° speaker be like: *7.1 AuDiO sTeReO HD QuAliTy*

  • samir Dodge
    samir Dodge

    id go for the projector

  • Mehakpreet Singh
    Mehakpreet Singh

    Can i charge a tesla out of thay box ? Edit: ps i Don't have any lol i am a student

  • Mehakpreet Singh
    Mehakpreet Singh

    When you said i could use that wrapper why to rip it .. gave me indian mom vibe ...

  • Eyoatam Tegegne
    Eyoatam Tegegne

    the earbuds for sure

  • JRG 11
    JRG 11

    I need that projector in my life! :)

  • Jackie Allen
    Jackie Allen

    It is extremely hard to pick one out of that robust group of magnificent products. But I expect nothing less from Anker. The ear buds from them I can personally attest to as a premium buy. I literally put those things accidentally in the washer, took them out, blew and wiped the water off. That was 8 months ago, Still works to this day. So my pick would be the conference speaker/portable charger. That to me does more for its structure and seems pretty sturdy build wise.

  • Rebecca Olshansky
    Rebecca Olshansky

    Start doing some giveaways

    • Rebecca Olshansky
      Rebecca Olshansky

      I mean you have enough money to buy all this stuff for yourself that you don't need

  • Meet Shah
    Meet Shah

    Does anybody have earbuds link

  • Bear Januszewski
    Bear Januszewski

    *turns on power bank* *power Bank* - 69 Me - noice

  • Cezar AGambler
    Cezar AGambler

    buds easy

  • IncognitoBandito Lux
    IncognitoBandito Lux

    Stop putting a blue filter on your videos. :\ it degrades reality's representation of any display.

  • Brandon Nightroad
    Brandon Nightroad

    I gave the thumb just for will

  • Christian Tenorio
    Christian Tenorio

    So mystey tech?

  • Coinrule Wealthmiser
    Coinrule Wealthmiser

    i like anker stuff i have a set of thier ear buds and a portable BT speaker

  • Haian

    and i thought i'm the only immature person here but L69K at you guys ❤👀

  • mitvoid


  • Riley Rawlings
    Riley Rawlings

    I’d go with the projector.. I have a tech project that involves creating my own portable gaming console with a built in projector and I wanna do a tear down to see how it works

  • Akira the rising star
    Akira the rising star

    I like the projected and the power Bank

  • Rajiv Jugmohan
    Rajiv Jugmohan

    I would choose the projector

  • Raveshini Govender
    Raveshini Govender

    I think air pods cost more than a few bucks 🤑

  • dhen mentok
    dhen mentok

    I love the projector man so cool

  • blancorique music
    blancorique music

    The ending was soooooo derivative everything after you can put it anywhere

  • madhvi kaistha
    madhvi kaistha

    Laughs at 69

  • Mohamed Busnaina
    Mohamed Busnaina

    Well. I will go for the anker liberty air 2, I was looking for a good pair of airbuds, and I think I got them.

  • nero vanguard
    nero vanguard

    Anything that Anker makes can charge other phones

  • Aakrit Ojha
    Aakrit Ojha

    Name of the portable power bank?

  • Manav Verma
    Manav Verma

    Projector is best


    How many doller is this

  • Charles Hamilton
    Charles Hamilton

    You Check out skull candy head phones and wireless headphones


    Air drop incoming! Stay Alert!

  • Crook_hook

    I just wanted to see more of that projectr like the picture quality the sound.. And moreover how big is the image that we can get.. 😶also how bright the visuals are... It's feels so incomplete...

  • Hamoody tuber
    Hamoody tuber


  • kota

    Thumbs up for the Willy Do feature... and the 69 on the battery bank.

  • Soham sundar Dey
    Soham sundar Dey

    I'd go for The projector definitely

  • Abishua Kennedy
    Abishua Kennedy

    wireless earbuds

  • Predator_ Shock1
    Predator_ Shock1

    I would go for projector anytime... 😍

  • Jenga Sama
    Jenga Sama

    the projector is so dope!


    the power bank

  • LeinadXD


  • Puggles

    These thumbnails are great love how it's been the same formula for years now


    Binod 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy Turner

    “These would be a great alternative to airpods” me listening to this video with airpods: you broke ass-

  • Georjay Bacani
    Georjay Bacani

    Give me the projector please... BTW I did hit the like button because I heard Will :D

  • Maith -
    Maith -


  • Emmitt Morris
    Emmitt Morris

    Thumbs up just for the call XD

  • Pasty White Boys
    Pasty White Boys

    Damn he has a big package lol

  • bobby madison
    bobby madison

    he canadian?

  • M I E N A I
    M I E N A I

    tôi nghe thấy việt nam (vietnamese)

  • Garret Weir
    Garret Weir


  • Shuvi Dola
    Shuvi Dola

    link is borked for the lockdown box

  • NICK


  • cupimalik

    I would go for the power bank 😁

  • It’s Futile
    It’s Futile

    Anyone else notice the microphone in the top right

  • TheReal Agent47
    TheReal Agent47

    I want that 'care package' box so that i can act out a gesture from Call Of Duty Multiplayer lol

  • Channel Unknown
    Channel Unknown

    2:30 NOICE

  • prasanta medhi
    prasanta medhi

    the conference caller speaker phone and the battery bank is pretty much useful

  • Divan E
    Divan E

    Airpods are over rated, they are really not hard to beat even for low end true wireless. You really shouldn't compare earbuds to airpods its really not "the" benchmark.

  • Michael Chang
    Michael Chang

    can I get a package like that too??

  • Tesla Wardle
    Tesla Wardle

    Some of us have to pay for things in life i started to like your videos then i notist you dont even need to pay hard times here and thats all i have to say to the idiot in this video.. id do well better reviews than you.. more detailed and every thing.. lame guy.

  • Vinorth V
    Vinorth V

    When speaking about Earphones , I realised I do have Anker brand Sprit X Bluetooth Earphones and that sounds really great .

  • Ryan James AUZA
    Ryan James AUZA

    ASMR: dropping the oneplus 8 proo

  • ThAnK yOuWuWu
    ThAnK yOuWuWu

    2:31 Noce

  • Ngoni Dino Daudi
    Ngoni Dino Daudi

    Enormous power bank..


    Bro amazing package bro

  • Philip Wallace
    Philip Wallace

    Definitely the projector, that thing can make any house party better

  • TikTok

    The projector is the Anker Nebula Capsule 2 if anyone is wondering and its price tag is $465 so I'm not buying it anytime soon. The one being reviewed is the original version.

  • Rod Alonzo
    Rod Alonzo

    More usefull to our area here..always had a power outage

  • Rod Alonzo
    Rod Alonzo

    Back up battery bank..

  • Do Something
    Do Something

    Amazing range

  • Do Something
    Do Something

    About time he reviews those soundcore 2s!!!! I love them. About a 7/10 on staying in your ear though. But I accidentally went swimming with the whole thing in my pocket for about an hour and ya, they still work. Greqt sound

  • Tarun Sreenivas
    Tarun Sreenivas

    The project is worth it and very usefull🤩🤩

  • Tarun Sreenivas
    Tarun Sreenivas


  • Kymo R
    Kymo R

    Him vibing with those earbuds tho😂

  • Kymo R
    Kymo R

    It’s scary how he isn’t being that gentle with his $20,000 phone

  • Faheem Mir
    Faheem Mir

    69... nice

  • Eric Storm
    Eric Storm

    guys if you want alternatives to to airpods get Raycon earphones

  • Awais iftikhar
    Awais iftikhar


  • Andrew R32GTR
    Andrew R32GTR


  • Alex Bazan
    Alex Bazan

    Projector bro, honestly I got three pairs of Anker soundcore ear buds.



  • SmOaKZz

    All of these are wireless chargers, but I want a *"wireless parachute"*

  • Shabd Samarthya- शब्द सामर्थ्य
    Shabd Samarthya- शब्द सामर्थ्य


  • Halo Goku
    Halo Goku

    The link in description don’t work

  • GXProductions

    Definitely Projector 👍

  • approx2k

    Hmm power bank + projector. Guys we gona watch a horror movie in the middle of some scary old forest

  • Linas Gruzdys
    Linas Gruzdys


  • Eric meng
    Eric meng

    Dope video

  • Yash Mokal
    Yash Mokal

    I'm definitely going for projecter Lots of love from india

  • T Micah
    T Micah

    Lew: AirPods cost a few dollars Me:no they cost about 120-250 but if there’s one for a few dollars I want it Lew: Anker earbuds cost 80 000 bucks Me ok baller

  • Reaper GamingXD
    Reaper GamingXD

    Projector seems like the best out of all because u can watch, stream games and alot more😜👍😀

  • Luiz Gabriel Morales Calimpon
    Luiz Gabriel Morales Calimpon

    0:50 when you literally argue with yourself and loose against yourself and win against yourself

  • Eclectic Sports
    Eclectic Sports

    These guys are so lucky every day is Christmas for them Love you guys stay healthy

  • JaySean Ochia
    JaySean Ochia

    Wow sir!! U have lot of an awesome stuff... 😊 I'm hoping sir u will give me a chance to win and to have atleast any an iPhone for the first time in my entire life

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