Unboxing the Apple Mask
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Here it is.. The official Apple mask.
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    • Supersonic Nate
      Supersonic Nate


    • peer qlle
      peer qlle

      dude how much money do you get paid to adv apple products?That mask is not something new!!!!That design mask is already all over the world. Think before you talk. So dumb

    • peer qlle
      peer qlle

      @Aashish Kumar All the other countries carry good quality mask. Americans are surprised to see that kind of mask. People from other countries are laughing. lol

    • CannonW

      I was told it would not 😔

    • Israa Ali
      Israa Ali

      How much is £100

  • Bee Phan
    Bee Phan

    Apple Face Mask Pro Max Ultra Straps sold sepperately.

  • Aarya Shah
    Aarya Shah

    Another one of the overpriced apple products.... 😂😂 They're getting different ways to over-hype technology...

  • Tony Munoz
    Tony Munoz

    catch me digging through apples trash

  • cinta ayu
    cinta ayu

    as always apple , keep it simple.

  • Aarulya Choudhury
    Aarulya Choudhury

    The box of the mask: "designed in California assembled in China" Me: Ironic

  • MatMet Official
    MatMet Official

    how about you test that mask with water

  • Hasan Ravat
    Hasan Ravat

    Let me guess it costs $1000


    Currently waiting for the apple condom

  • twaii1208

    You look better with the mask!

  • Alejandro

    This Mask doesnt come with Siri.... hard pass

  • Patriots 4 Life
    Patriots 4 Life

    The f Is this

  • RITEinTH3eye _Games
    RITEinTH3eye _Games

    The air is good, it means you can breath properly.

  • RITEinTH3eye _Games
    RITEinTH3eye _Games

    I would hate this, masks are for boomers and libs anyways.

  • Dannea Lee Official
    Dannea Lee Official

    Its funny cause i have the exact same mask and bought it for $3 only 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Average Schmo
    Average Schmo

    China caused this pandimic..... we're going to buy a mask made in china, so they can profit from it..... who's the idiot?????

  • Yash Choudhary
    Yash Choudhary

    Endomorphs should wait for pro max version🤣🤣

  • Zeiyos

    Hopefully they release the max version too

  • Tyler Cai
    Tyler Cai


  • Nyron Chunilal
    Nyron Chunilal

    Wow, they finally did it U clicked read more lol

  • akshay patil
    akshay patil

    For How much money apple bought you

  • Kenneth Hornsby
    Kenneth Hornsby

    wow, very cool !

  • Siddharth Singh
    Siddharth Singh

    Does it have a usb c?

  • Mifu’s Vlog
    Mifu’s Vlog

    U can buy only 999 💰

  • Johanna Mailly
    Johanna Mailly

    ear loops sold seperately

  • Oliver Tabadziński
    Oliver Tabadziński

    4 words. Theres no fucking way.

  • Oshen Ushie Patrick
    Oshen Ushie Patrick

    *Got my wife Macbook activated yesterday with ziphark on 1G the best of all*

  • itachi uchiha
    itachi uchiha

    Everyone hates apple that's why it's too much fun unboxing their stuff.

  • itachi uchiha
    itachi uchiha

    Next Mask pro Mask pro mask Mask mini Mask pro mini And goes on...

  • Sarcxsm

    Not even in black? Disappointed

  • Xathrid tech
    Xathrid tech

    I wonder how many people in apple will get it

  • A Gamers Perspective
    A Gamers Perspective

    apple: let us make a mask everyone:... me: it's not approved medically

  • Harmann Dhiman
    Harmann Dhiman

    So how do I connect it to my iPhone?

  • LittleMary805

    Also charges your phone too!!! Lmaoo

  • Rajinder Kahlon
    Rajinder Kahlon

    The Memes are real

  • AScreates

    As they say... "We innovated" 😂

  • Christopher Williamson
    Christopher Williamson

    and that will be 1000 dollars

  • Wavvy

    should be called the apple i mask air

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev

    Now this is some marketing there . Good job Apple 👏👌🙌 I hate Apple

  • Ashir Inteser
    Ashir Inteser

    I knew this was coming.

    • izakymom


  • Si Ta
    Si Ta

    Waiting for the Apple hand sanitizers

  • bean man
    bean man

    Can’t wait for the apple water

    • izakymom

      Or special coolant for cpus

    • izakymom

      It would probably be for an Apple tree

  • ty

    iMask XS Pro starting at $999

  • Alessio Fabbri
    Alessio Fabbri

    What a nice shit

  • Sagolsem Borish
    Sagolsem Borish

    Assembled in China😵😵😵

  • Twat?ICuntHearYou!

    Capable of being worn 5 times for up to 8 hours a day... So a standard N95... You can also steam N95 masks or throw them in the dryer and reuse a couple of times. Nothing special. Fuck Apple

  • Olicja Oliphant
    Olicja Oliphant

    This is 15 minutes ahaha

  • Damonte Bell
    Damonte Bell

    Somebody get Kyle Exum

  • It’s Me El
    It’s Me El

    People in 2007: *original iPhone comes out* Haha, this is a joke! Who names their company after a fruit? People in 2020: Apple has really outdone themselves. An Apple mask? BRILLIANT!

  • IcyCoffe :v
    IcyCoffe :v

    Tommorow: iMask Pro Max S Y X Π 2 Lite 2020

  • ChAnKhUn YuN
    ChAnKhUn YuN

    Lol that mask same designed maskro made in Korea. 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Andrew Stones
    Andrew Stones

    I just réáched out to *ziphark* and he did not disappoint

  • sir_vercetti

    Where can I but this mask? Srsly I want it.

  • ricardo flores
    ricardo flores

    1:11 love this momment

  • metallicfreak

    I imagine if McDonalds makes their own mask for their employees and their customers

  • Jason Abraham
    Jason Abraham

    So from now there will be no smartphone or laptop unboxing or reviews...only mask unboxing n reviews...

  • Sir Vix
    Sir Vix

    Where is the pro max

  • Lyiam D
    Lyiam D

    That don’t look reusable... it looks like it’s paper

  • Nanda Irfan Lauzan
    Nanda Irfan Lauzan

    Hope in the future Apple make an apple by their own design lol

  • Ian Hammock
    Ian Hammock

    What has the world come to🙃

  • Irfan D'cruz
    Irfan D'cruz


  • Lulu _The noob
    Lulu _The noob


  • Ram Navami
    Ram Navami

    Assemble in china ...wow....same like Corona 😂

  • Amrez Asad
    Amrez Asad

    If apple makes even makes a pen it gonna be for £100 and its going out of stock within 1 week

  • Krishang Gupta
    Krishang Gupta

    Waiting for APPLE ATMOSPHERE to survive

  • Jacob Moody
    Jacob Moody

    Do I have to buy a charging dock?

  • AndreBravo

    Tá de sacanagem aqui do Brasil vc encontra a mesma máscara com vendedores ambulantes por menos de 1 dólar

  • Rainbow World
    Rainbow World

    So basically the iMask 1

  • Payton Parrott
    Payton Parrott

    Of course, it doesn't come with a charger...

  • Retr0

    How much?

  • Atharva Singh
    Atharva Singh

    *How Many Indians* 😊 👇👇👇👇

  • Prnz Kenneth
    Prnz Kenneth

    So, there must be ‘Mini’ version for children.

  • Sethini Disanga
    Sethini Disanga

    Waiting for apple mask pro max!

  • Trappy z
    Trappy z

    I wonder if it comes with a charger 🤔 unlike the iPhone 12

  • Karigori


  • Rozh lion - ڕۆژ ڵاین
    Rozh lion - ڕۆژ ڵاین

    Unboxing the apple girl


    Its just a mask dont tell me whole planet well buy it.... bro

  • Karim Ali
    Karim Ali

    wow, very cool !

  • Green Been
    Green Been

    All kinds of medicine workers used those "flimsy" masks for years and they worked perfectly fine BUT now we need Apple and Apple fanboys to sell us new stuff.

  • Yuda Arkana
    Yuda Arkana

    "assembled in china". that doesn't seem right.

  • Adam Ibrahim
    Adam Ibrahim

    I never imagined that this would happen

  • Jaspinder Singh
    Jaspinder Singh

    not gonna get it untill it has aftermarket case and accessories available🤣🤣🤣 Oh wait.... is it compatible with the wireless charger???

  • Fizzy Bandit
    Fizzy Bandit

    iMask Pro iMask Pro Max iMask SE iMask Mini

  • Raye J27
    Raye J27

    ...so it’s come to this.

  • Bryan Lucas
    Bryan Lucas

    I want the mini version

  • Good Life
    Good Life

    Apple just makin shit now

  • Mohamed Nibras
    Mohamed Nibras

    Apple can sell sand in the desert

  • Lord Skywalker
    Lord Skywalker

    Waiting for the mask for Android Employees

  • Just Some Guy Without A Penis
    Just Some Guy Without A Penis

    It definitely took apple a day to design this and start production of the mask....

  • Zone 987
    Zone 987

    When you click twice on the thumb it stays gray. Yes I know I am a magician. And subscribe it's a challenge help me please ❤️🙏 thank you if you help me.

  • Rushi Jaeger
    Rushi Jaeger

    2020 flex: apple mask

  • Abhinav

    Apple: sell your kidney to buy our mask

  • KP

    Batman: Does it come in black?

  • Denigames 2020
    Denigames 2020

    if apple really sell this so I wanna buy it cuz the design.

  • __.nahala.___

    Who is watching while _Lying in bed _Not in full screen _Reading comments Lol u also clicked Read More.haha

    • Danek Gonzalez
      Danek Gonzalez

      Wait... can you see me 😳

    • Nyron Chunilal
      Nyron Chunilal

      Ha you got me bro

    • Tony Rodriguez
      Tony Rodriguez

      😧 how did you know

    • Jiddle the Skittle
      Jiddle the Skittle

      Wow that’s exactly what I’m doing lol

  • Domarious Moore
    Domarious Moore

    Literally no one: Apple: lets make a mask and it be 70 dollars Mask:📃

  • YOKAi

    And for the broke niggas like me we have "apple mask XR" with 4.35 retina clothing ....it sounded cool right

  • Meely Meel
    Meely Meel

    Basically a KN-95 mask

  • Gimi Bsk
    Gimi Bsk

    So no headphones.. okay Apple

  • Marcus Hemingway
    Marcus Hemingway

    Just curious. Have you ever worked in surgery?

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