World's First Under-Display Camera Smartphone is HERE
This is the ZTE Axon 20 5G is the World's first smartphone with an under display camera.
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    • Ajay Roy
      Ajay Roy


    • Avatar Aang
      Avatar Aang


    • Taurus Tech
      Taurus Tech

      SUBSCRIBED... Can i have that phone ???

    • Assiya Jaadi
      Assiya Jaadi

      @Pooria Tofighi in un nunuè


    But most important thing is this phone is android

  • adib afiq
    adib afiq

    Lol one would care unless if it was made by apple ..... fken isheeps

  • Noel Junsay
    Noel Junsay

    I'm waiting for Nokia 9.3 Pureview with underdisplay camera too

  • Setyo Budi Utomo
    Setyo Budi Utomo

    Me watching this video at 240p, yes, I see nothing.

  • Shock

    why would anyone who's not chinese still buy/support chinese products?

  • Acir Mandello Junior
    Acir Mandello Junior

    Under display cameras should be in the center of the screen, where we actually look at. Hope next iterations will have this.

  • acha hu ji aap kaise ho
    acha hu ji aap kaise ho

    The change will be when iphone will give this under display camera with 120 hz screen and charger and headphones all in one

  • Jacqueline Barnes
    Jacqueline Barnes

    Hahae so good

  • Cơm Tấm Bánh Mì
    Cơm Tấm Bánh Mì

    final verdict: not perfect, but cool 😁

    • ML Lopez
      ML Lopez

      Cơm for me bánh mi for you

  • Rooben Kardona Joonya
    Rooben Kardona Joonya

    APPLE NEEDS THIS It’s better then a whole punch stfu with that aspect of your rant that part annoyed the crap out of me also I can see it in light mode and dark mode but it’s nice either way it can only get better but if it doesn’t it’s fine doesn’t bother me at all

  • Antonio Norman
    Antonio Norman

    I wish we could see the area of the camera of what you see. In the video the camera is not noticable at all...not is the discoloration of the display where it is.

  • Basel Abu Obeid
    Basel Abu Obeid

    10:04 I am gonna have nightmares this night

  • Paul Castillo
    Paul Castillo

    Is the camera visible while playing a mobile game?

  • Hunter Moericke
    Hunter Moericke

    i think they should just make the front facing camera retract from the top of the phone. I'm not an engineer or anything, but i bet they could do it if they really wanted to, but maintaining the thinness of the phone might be hard. Again, i really don't know. But i would definitely prefer it to be that way instead of the under display


    오늘의 영상은 대단합니다. 저는이 놀라운 영상을 즐기고 있습니다 이 아름다운 영상을 올려 주셔서 감사합니다 안녕 내 친구들 나는 아름다운 산호 섬 비디오 하나를 업로드했습니다 이것은 아름다운 것입니다 내 비디오를 방문하십시오

  • Mark Antonio Rustia
    Mark Antonio Rustia

    I think pop up camera is the best.

  • francis iosk
    francis iosk


  • Sunny Prajapati
    Sunny Prajapati

    6:10 first look at here(after further) 6:30 awesome 6:40 this is important 9:30 the look at this Yeah thnk me later YA KNOW! Yeah but dont forget to thnk me! cause i saved ur precios time! Hmm

  • Raian Fritzy
    Raian Fritzy

    Definitely a feature that a thousand dollar phone doesn't have

  • Adrian Panlaqui
    Adrian Panlaqui

    _TBH having a phone without a punch hole looks kinda odd_

  • Hilario Lazarus
    Hilario Lazarus

    0:53 What's wrong with it?

  • Eduardo García
    Eduardo García

    Watching this video on my IPhone 11 and man... it sucks :/

  • heather murphy
    heather murphy

    Well yeah, that's what we expected

  • ChrisJLee

    11:14 Lewis' feeling it a bit too much XD

  • afi umer
    afi umer

    Stop talking and Take my money already.

  • Badman No.1
    Badman No.1

    I guess pop up cams are ahead of this...

  • Abhishek Poonia
    Abhishek Poonia


  • froximus SX
    froximus SX

    Why does every company going for the "Camera"... cant they finaly focus on the software and the Durability of the phones? Just dropped my new phone on the desk (About 1m height) and the thibg shattered beyond imagination!

  • Funky King TV
    Funky King TV

    Me: covering the camera with tape. Under display camera: you can't get raid of me b*tch

  • Justin Schumacher
    Justin Schumacher

    Still like my oneplus 7 pro! But this is cool

  • spx730

    didn't hear about ZTE in a while

  • Vinodkumar Degal
    Vinodkumar Degal

    Innovation rolling out

  • Kian Mar Bonzon
    Kian Mar Bonzon

    Last year when the Samsung s10+ was released in the market. I was also wondering that the next phone will have no visible camera on the front and let the screen (LCD display) will be only handling to capture some images on the front but this phone makes my imagination more beyond. And now I'm so happy because my imagination became true.

  • Mark Binder
    Mark Binder

    In my opinion, if you have to squint and stare to see the camera, it's miles better than a hole punch or notch. I will say though, that the video looks like the lens was slightly fogged up around the edges. Not very clear, but not bad for new technology.

  • God of Chaos Khorne
    God of Chaos Khorne

    The texture on the inside of the case is so it doesn't stick to the phone and look like its wet on underneath. Many clear phone cases have that

  • Richardlizhu

    I was able to see it more with the dark screen than the light screen

  • Ankit Debbarma
    Ankit Debbarma

    I recommend you to try Esentls clothing company.

  • garden4ork

    They don't fade cos you have 20 in your drawer. I have 2, guess which get most use and fade quickest

  • pruje

    You can definitely see it. Even in dark mode. But...a slightly discolored square is definitely better to a hole punch or a notch. I'd take it.

  • MasteredTheUniverse

    The pop up camera is a much better implementation for the people that barely take any selfies. I take one or two every weekend when I'm out and about and that's pretty much it. My current device is a Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren

  • alina

    it’s actually so sad, but none of all these cool things on some android devices could ever convince me to switch. I am so used to iOS and i think that the design is just tons better. - but i think thats just my preference

  • Fabio Suarez
    Fabio Suarez

    Disappointed nobody’s talking about the lick on repeat in the background

    • Paolo Manuel Ocampo
      Paolo Manuel Ocampo


  • tammy blue
    tammy blue

    Anyone still watch this video?

  • Roy Richmond Coronado
    Roy Richmond Coronado

    It's terrible

  • jeremy tak
    jeremy tak

    Why do we even need a front facing camera? You can always slap a mirror on the back and use the main camera if you still wana take a selfie.

    • Ak here
      Ak here

      @jeremy tak Agreed. But did you forget there are even much more people who use front camera for selfies and for videos and for video calls.

    • jeremy tak
      jeremy tak

      @Ak here there are lots of people who don't use front camera.

    • Ak here
      Ak here

      What....what... And again What

  • mrtechknowlogy

    I thought the camera looked great, it's better than snapchat on android.

  • dianne2031

    Well yeah, that's what we expected

  • Bird Random
    Bird Random

    heard of vsmart aris pro 5g ?

  • Mars

    People in 2050: " I can see the camera on your phone broke boy"

    • im p
      im p


  • Chotu Aditya
    Chotu Aditya

    Finally all those broken screen phones (punch hole) will be history.

  • Caner Sahin
    Caner Sahin

    I know a better product idea, no selfie camera phone :)

  • miguel rico
    miguel rico

    ive been looking for lewa cloths for so long omg thank you

  • Giridhar Mula
    Giridhar Mula

    I wanna know if the phone can take a picture if a notification popped up when someone is taking a selfie

  • woke avocado
    woke avocado

    Yesterday I watched a video about a see through TV, today i watched a video about the first under screen camera and a few months back I watched a video about the first foldable display. Man I'm loving the new technologies. I can only imagine what the future holds technology wise.

  • Dudung Solihin
    Dudung Solihin

    And yet Apple still Bragging about Inovation😉

  • Nice Doggo
    Nice Doggo

    Honestly, if phones had no camera i'd still get them, unlike facebook moms

  • ReCap

    In few years this technology will be perfected. The same perfection applies in TV in hotels😝😝

  • any body can game
    any body can game

    U guys scared of cameras for privacy Most of the companies know everything.,, *"More than you"* .....


    i too love to try new technology

  • Jonah Woodside
    Jonah Woodside

    I think they completely missed the whole benefit of doing this actually. The whole reason self portrait cameras were developed so small was to reduce front screen real estate it would consume. Imagine the next iPhone using a huge sensor for the front facing camera, it now being embedded underneath the display, you would no longer be limited to the 'pin-hole' size. This would create opportunities for massive quality improvements for front camera usage..

  • Phong Angel
    Phong Angel

    In the future people will start buying an old 4k discontinued TV

  • TheGlihx

    hahah... from now on u will have to wear a sticker on ure laptop screen if u are camera nervous xP

  • XanthosAcanthus

    I've never had a cheep black shirt turn gray... you know how to wash clothes?

  • Berhoom

    Did anybody else notice the dynamic clock app? ...which died with the Axon 7.

  • Xsbg 247
    Xsbg 247

    That could mean that an actual all screen phone might be coming

  • Ryan Rech
    Ryan Rech


  • K'suz Gaming
    K'suz Gaming

    this is innovation, unlike the iphone 12 oopss🙊

  • Haroon Khan
    Haroon Khan

    Future be like Smartphone with showing no camera 📸

  • Triston Martirez
    Triston Martirez

    When my imagination become real

  • kevin .kcharly
    kevin .kcharly

    Waiting for Samsung to teach this and I don't like hole punch

  • Larry Small
    Larry Small

    Man you are making a lot of excuses for this phone

  • Best Moments
    Best Moments

    ZTE : first to introduce in display front camera Apple : first to introduce animal emoji.

  • Den Day
    Den Day

    Lew got slimmer 😳

  • Marri Yun
    Marri Yun

    I wish Steve Jobs'd see this

  • Jere M
    Jere M

    instead of having a square in the center make it a hole offset to the left like a hole punch. It'll be a less visible hole punch not a less visible square in the top center of your display

  • Mahesh Bandara Wijerathna
    Mahesh Bandara Wijerathna

    *Apple in 2035:* We just reinvented the mobile camera. It's under the display now. It's called the *"Retina glass eye ultra pro max invisible"* and this technology is never seen before. 🍎🐑: 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Farid Imran Nazemi
    Farid Imran Nazemi

    6:20 we got it

  • jawad ayub
    jawad ayub

    Literally i was constantly thinking this why mobile companies dont make screen hidden camera kind of transparent through which display colours can pass and it provide full screen display instead of punch hole, dot in or pop up selfie cameras. I almost shouted when saw this video's thumbnail. Its amazing. Cant wait to hold this phone BUT this wait will not over as this brand is not in my country. Well atleast i found this my imaginery thing.

  • Chotu Aditya
    Chotu Aditya

    I was really wanting for this to launch.

  • Michael Theriault
    Michael Theriault

    But the reason why you can notice it is because you're looking for it and I know that's all part of your review of the product but if somebody just passed you the phone and said check it out without showing you the box or anything just passed you the phone you would automatically assume that there was no front-facing camera and most people would assume that if they didn't see the box but I think they did a great job

  • Denise Lisboa
    Denise Lisboa

    I still dont know why the screen has to reach all edges xD very nice technology though

  • Vincent Dave B. Tolentino
    Vincent Dave B. Tolentino

    Pls give me a gadget for my online class

  • mikhail21

    At least it's not a notch

  • barih sulthan
    barih sulthan

    What is the name of that phone

  • Things From School
    Things From School


  • gabrielooss

    Better than samsung holes

  • Mad Shask
    Mad Shask

    One step closer to having a phone that is literally 100% screen.

  • Max Hill
    Max Hill

    That selfie... :-)

  • HHubert10

    If you dont want this or the hole punch get a galaxy a80

  • JunAra

    I wish apple would steal this idea to the iPhone 13

  • Mark William Diano
    Mark William Diano

    Rather have this over a hole punch or tear drop tbh.

  • jayzee

    Everyone on here arguing about holepunch vs in display while I laugh in oneplus 7 pro

  • Dwen Gyimah
    Dwen Gyimah

    It’s barely noticeable, they did very well

  • Yassin Hanafi
    Yassin Hanafi

    i just wish the bazzle is uniform

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    I still love my One Plus 7 pro

  • Paramjeet singh
    Paramjeet singh

    Technical guruji 19.3 million > unbox therapy 17.3 million 😂😂

  • Ph42oN

    Black bar with camera there > notch. If you dont want black bar this is the only way to do it properly.

  • App Ranger
    App Ranger

    Put it in the middle of the screen and you'll get the best video calling experience

  • R383L8YF4T3

    6:08 the licc??

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