The New Dual-Screen Laptop Powerhouse
This dual display laptop gives more screen real estate to gamers, streamers and multitaskers.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    What would you use the secondary display for?

    • Ayman Ramen Noodles LOL
      Ayman Ramen Noodles LOL

      @Colin Pettet lol

    • Anthony Flores
      Anthony Flores


    • Jonathan Popham
      Jonathan Popham

      zsh in a dedicated terminal window

    • ezzzim noob
      ezzzim noob

      First afford then think 😅🤣🤣🤣

    • Anuj Sharma
      Anuj Sharma

      For watching #£@+

  • Rudi Haerudin
    Rudi Haerudin

    Mantaaap amazing 👍

  • ilum88

    He doesn't seem very enthusiastic about it

  • rohit singh
    rohit singh

    Don't buy anything to OnePlus

  • ZozillaThaGreat

    Terrible ports layout !!! Deal breaker for me ....

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores

    It’s like a laptop on the top, porn on the bottom.

  • Gale The chromatic
    Gale The chromatic

    Nice it was i said until i saw those zeros

  • jabez tewodros
    jabez tewodros

    im dissapointed you didnt try a game on it

  • Rishi Khaniya
    Rishi Khaniya

    sir you can sale this laptop in how many dollars

  • Eric Jouett
    Eric Jouett

    Think 1 kidney should cover this?

  • P4NDEM1C

    you can tell he's bummed out without willy doo over there with him because his energy is low

  • Forest Wang
    Forest Wang

    Kind of crazy design , but I like it!

  • vishnu vishnu
    vishnu vishnu

    Crazy ideas

  • SeNniN

    all that for porn.

  • Gry An
    Gry An

    Don't buy ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 , Purchased it on 1st Aug, up to now (7th Oct), no confirmation on when I can get it (more than 2 months)!!!!

  • David Nainggolan
    David Nainggolan

    My question is how'd you even manage to get this?

  • David Nainggolan
    David Nainggolan

    This laptop alone can buy you a car

  • mohammed arman
    mohammed arman

    What do you do with the stuff you get

  • Saurabh Shivam Verma
    Saurabh Shivam Verma

    It's helpful for modeling in software, for Sculpture, no need to require pen and tab, for creater artist.

  • Rana Abdul Latif
    Rana Abdul Latif

    Now that RTX 3080 and 3090 came, is new version of it coming soon ?

  • John Ray Ordilla
    John Ray Ordilla

    this must be a goal

  • Hamidreza Mehrfar
    Hamidreza Mehrfar

    plz reported this video for sexual content!

  • Rani Reddy
    Rani Reddy

    Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery cool

  • zen

    my dream laptop 😭

  • Greg Russell
    Greg Russell

    Lew what happens to all of these devices that you get sent after you're done reviewing them?

  • Blueface Kidd
    Blueface Kidd

    unbox therapy: what would you use the secondary display for ? comments: porn lmaoo

    • Sean lovi
      Sean lovi

      Me too bro

  • Mudassir ali
    Mudassir ali

    I'd use the secondary display for comments section

  • Joey

    Damn 4K love it

  • Lynne FTW
    Lynne FTW

    I'd use the secondary screen for maybe watching a tutorial video while also having my command line up and coding on the main larger screen. Only downside to this design is that the keyboard is soooo low on the body that, if I'm lying down on the couch with the laptop on my bent knees, I doubt I'd be able to type in that relaxed position. Really meant for tabletop use.

  • Ali HN
    Ali HN

    Imagine paying twice what a Z fold 2 costs for a laptop... Scratch that, imagine being able to AFFORD 2 z fold 2's...

  • janani S
    janani S

    Please give me the buying link of Rog duo 15 laptop to India

  • Sugi

    i9 with 2080 super? jesus h christ

  • Alsena Keesh
    Alsena Keesh

    145k + in philippine peso. too much -_- I don't need it.

  • Helix Jovian
    Helix Jovian

    Not really into this '2 screen' gaming laptop, I'll go for standard and it doesn't break the bank. But still, great design

  • Lonnie Morris
    Lonnie Morris

    so this computer is a powerhouse and i love it BUT however it has alot of bugs, the second screen blinks when I open most games, and tech support from asus advised me to system restore (after I told them this has happened since the start when i first turned on the computer) and then contact whomever i got the computer from to fix it, instead of admitting it is a hardware/software issue(tech support)...smh

  • RichieOn PS4
    RichieOn PS4

    it costs $6400 US in my country

  • Kalsang Norbu
    Kalsang Norbu

    I dont trust Asus quality as i bought Asus Vivobook i7 in March and screen stopped working in 6 months. Waste of money. Poor quality

  • RB DC
    RB DC

    Sir do you have a spare laptop? I just want to use it for my online schooling. 😊

  • Martin Šudrla
    Martin Šudrla

    Oh my

  • J Mac
    J Mac

    I found one on clearance from a return for 2200$ and purchased it. Made it even more appealing at that price.

  • Mohammed Mazayim
    Mohammed Mazayim

    Bring back Gray and Black background Like if you would want that too?!

  • Abdul Malik
    Abdul Malik

    Very nice .....😍


    Asus robi najlepsze lapy na świecie

  • Majdi Bengaji
    Majdi Bengaji

    Stop making me feel poor

  • Scrum Express by Hector
    Scrum Express by Hector

    That's a nice watch! Wondering if I also can't afford it

  • Battle time Gamer
    Battle time Gamer

    Sir give me plz

    • Battle time Gamer
      Battle time Gamer


  • qd fox
    qd fox


  • Rashawn Diallo
    Rashawn Diallo

    Gonna buy this for video editing. Halo Infinite running smoothly will just be a nice side benefit.

  • Julius Manneh
    Julius Manneh

    Wow Very cool

  • Glenn Wright Jr
    Glenn Wright Jr

    Looking cool nice tech but because of the size it’s looks like a big lab top from the 80s

  • Lesley Braggs
    Lesley Braggs

    I want one

  • Son Albertz
    Son Albertz

    With that price i can buy a car Holly molly

  • Fabian Pereira
    Fabian Pereira

    Apple: we have a revolutionary "TOUCH BAR" Asus: Hold my beer

    • lyanne

      apple in comparison to asus across the board is garbage

    • Laquelectro

      “Hold my cash... wait no”

    • Jon Col
      Jon Col

      "Hold my screens"

  • The Maker
    The Maker

    Can you do a video. laptop that is for workstation and also cheap😁😁😁

  • Leoni

    It's too offensive on the eyes

  • Surgatic

    why was sad music played in background of video

  • Super_ Hammond
    Super_ Hammond

    Hopefully they bring out a non touch capable version , I want a cheaper version

  • jaspal singh
    jaspal singh

    Any speculation when the HP Spectre x360 / Dell XPS 13 will be available with the 11th gen processors ?

  • Lemon Ahamed
    Lemon Ahamed

    IT' good

  • Khay

    MacBook Pro: Am I a joke to you?

  • JF Manaois
    JF Manaois

    No intro, no other sh*ts, and direct to the point reviews 👍👍❤

  • avinash p
    avinash p

    Like literally everything is in this channel I can't afford it😎👉😳

  • Mark Holtschult
    Mark Holtschult

    radio gaga


    What is this called

  • Gaming ai
    Gaming ai

    will you please give me this laptop.....

  • Red Raid
    Red Raid

    Playing emulator on main screen, walk-through and cheat engine on second screen.

  • Долгая ГРОЗА
    Долгая ГРОЗА

    Да, у Шевцова такой

  • Jin Lee
    Jin Lee

    Right. Time to sell my 2 kidneys. Who needs kidney?

  • Samuel Mogan
    Samuel Mogan

    hope you can donate pc/laptop for my son online class - philippines

  • HeSsA SONE
    HeSsA SONE

    Thank you for the review

  • bim marvin lim
    bim marvin lim

    I need to purchase this asap for tetris

  • Семён Лавриненко
    Семён Лавриненко

    У Лёхи такой

  • Kym Morales
    Kym Morales

    Well the one I have cost me 3 grands so I think I can afford it 🥴

  • ChrisFitness

    7,900$ that's really expensive for a laptop I thought it was like 2000$ or a little more I'd even consider buying it if it wasn't that expensive because it's a good laptop but no laptop deserves this much money at least in my wallet opinion

  • Ajinkya tawde
    Ajinkya tawde

    no front facing camera WTF why does it exist


    I could buy a lovely house for the same price. I love it... I also love that house.

  • Greece Queentan
    Greece Queentan

    Hi unbox Therapy

  • Elite flame
    Elite flame

    Can you review the HP Omen 15 2020?

  • vaibhav A
    vaibhav A

    Am not liking the unboxing experience nowadays ....he is very disappointing....he is not happy @ all I think...whats wrong....!!!

  • Sean Zhang
    Sean Zhang

    Unbox theory has become less and less interesting recently, he just feel like reading whatever is in front of him, where is the passion and love for tech stuff, and where is the video booth, before with lights and set up we can feel like you are sitting in a dedicated place to highlight the product, now I just feel like you just sit in front of an ikea table and read stuff

  • DÑJøí mêïtēi
    DÑJøí mêïtēi

    Now this ROG beat the Apple 🔥

  • Bob Dawkins
    Bob Dawkins

    IT looks awesome, but it's totally under-powered. My 5 year old High performance gaming laptop runs Horizon Dawn in Ultra mode at 30 fps easy, but this Rog machine does an only above average fps on MEDIUM settings which makes the game look totally different. This is not a High end gaming laptop at all, but rather an elaborate mobile phone in the shape of a laptop, with a couple of screens. Wish it played as good as it looks, but it's not even half as powerful as I'd want it to be. meh :) TOTALLY unjustifiably the price tag completely. IF you're going to spend this sort of money, you should go a little further and get a proper gaming laptop.

  • Андрей Бакеев
    Андрей Бакеев

    Crippy note

  • Marvsjo07

    Design is great but how about the durability by the way im a service engineer in asus. Hopefully they will create a ultra durable laptop like the old days of asus

  • Serbian347

    Desktop says : this little crap wanna beat me ??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • zakir jaigirder
    zakir jaigirder

    Model name and price

  • Junior Mshitu
    Junior Mshitu

    How much

  • Boogeyman Gaming
    Boogeyman Gaming

    What is that metallic sound which comes when you are unboxing anything ?

  • Reiniere Maghirang
    Reiniere Maghirang

    Hi bud how much will this cause please n thank u

  • İhsan Can
    İhsan Can

    I am explaining to my dad why I need 32 gigs of ram and dual screen for online education

  • Mustafa Faham
    Mustafa Faham

    I would by the Music tap or youtube there

  • Sharjeel Imtiaz
    Sharjeel Imtiaz

    Sometimes u just like watching stuff you cannot afford....

  • Ten-Dimension

    I laugh at those who says money can't buy happiness.

  • inspiredSKY

    its good. but its not like alienware wherr you can upgrade almost everything..

  • Piyash Das
    Piyash Das

    Sir Can you give me a raspberry pi or a pc as a gift??? It can be a used one Because i am unable to purchase a pi or a pc for my financial problem.. I need it for my study purpose It will be a great help sir. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Grimmjow Arrancar
    Grimmjow Arrancar

    Why the f is only 15 inch Screen??? Real men needs 17 inch display!! 😑

  • Harryyy Gamers
    Harryyy Gamers

    Nice 👍👍

  • Reza Mosaviasl
    Reza Mosaviasl

    Best meme laptop

  • هابىي ةر
    هابىي ةر

    اكيد اغلى من سيارة

  • Jay De leon
    Jay De leon

    Now that's a gaming laptop an equal to predator because predator are the best gaming laptop they have also the 21 inch the god of gaming laptop.

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