I Never Thought They Could Be This Good...
Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 - amzn.to/2y7YMxI
Sony WH1000XM3 (Retail) - amzn.to/3fUfYYG
Sony WH1000XM3 (Discount) - amzn.to/3bMBOu5
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    Unbox Therapy

    Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 - amzn.to/2y7YMxI Sony WH1000XM3 (Retail) - amzn.to/3fUfYYG Sony WH1000XM3 (Discount) - amzn.to/3bMBOu5

    • real cartoon girl
      real cartoon girl


    • Opica Sunka
      Opica Sunka

      Time to check Sony xm4 . Just bought them , absolutely amazing

    • NishenPlayz

      @Quincy Purcell they are back in stock mate

    • NishenPlayz

      @Gang Gang i am

    • Ton C
      Ton C

      where can i write to know your opinion of these vs others you already reviewed?

  • Flo_83

    I have a question , can i use a charger huawei with fast charge (charger for my smartphone) Mine is 5Volt and 2 amps or 9volt 2 amps Sony recommend 1.5 amps or more , I don’t want to damage my battery

  • Erika Suzuki
    Erika Suzuki

    This is so ugly. You gotta be paid by Microsoft to do this

  • Moi Ve
    Moi Ve

    What is a "little bit better"? How can you measure a little bit? sighs... wish reviews would be more accurate and professional..

  • Arvinder Bains
    Arvinder Bains

    Soundcoer anker q10 chak this phone u like it

  • Mr215Alive✌🏻👆🏻🖐🏻🤙🏻

    Totally ripped off Bang and Olufson's design

  • Alien Virus
    Alien Virus

    OMG. my second video with you. You are funny, but way too stereo type white man. try to listen to some acid jazz and smooth your impressions and feelings...RELAX....

  • Matt Eugenio
    Matt Eugenio

    Are you going to review the XM4?

  • siddharth garimella
    siddharth garimella

    1:15 look at the right side top edge- he is in an incognito tab

  • Meny Speyer
    Meny Speyer

    Honestly don't know why all the top reviewers are straight out lying about the Surface HP 2. They don’t sound *OK*. They sound like 20$ headphones. And I'm not even one who cares much about quality. Dual connectivity and the (awesome) dial controls were the reason for my purchase. The Surface HP 2 simply sounds cheap. Airplane cheap.

  • Mikael Karjalainen
    Mikael Karjalainen

    Looks like B&O H9i with the circular earcups. Cheap knock off??

  • Vladis Vladas
    Vladis Vladas

    The only channel that can be trusted for reviews, great job!

  • Mark T.
    Mark T.

    "Ear...Ears, I have two of them" 😂

  • The Tinker
    The Tinker

    Does SH2 work with Xbox? How about through headphone jack to your controller? Would mic work?

  • karthik R
    karthik R

    Please review 1000xm4

  • dave israel
    dave israel

    Where's the face tattoo?....clickbait

  • Sourav Mishra
    Sourav Mishra

    250... meh 😏 They are for $570 in the Country where the CEO belongs to..

  • Rookie

    I wouldnt mind the sony ones, but I like the round cup design of the Surface Headphones

  • Nathanael Nolan
    Nathanael Nolan

    11:35 nice song choice lol

  • John Deskin
    John Deskin

    You should put on those Sennheiser in ear headphones that have microphones when you do over ear headphone demos, so we can hear what your hearing in ear.

  • Samagra Shukla
    Samagra Shukla

    Make a video on xm4 man

  • Kalleo 7
    Kalleo 7

    what phone is he using???

  • Duncan Tam
    Duncan Tam

    can u unbox wh1000xm4? it would be amazing

  • Noel Vijay
    Noel Vijay

    Sony wh 1000xm4 came but sennheiser momentum 3 is still king in sound quality Sony can't beat sennheiser sound quality

  • rishi rao
    rishi rao

    I can't buy .☺️

  • Vhari Brown
    Vhari Brown

    I’ve just bought xm 4 I love them

  • thpq

    first time ever watching you , I could see immediately why you have 17m subs. You got the personality, analytics, video quality, and very precise explanations. I'm buying the sony's because of this video. Thanks for making it.

  • flapado #1
    flapado #1

    Me personally I only get headphones with physical buttons

  • dannythemedic

    u crazy... lol

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia

    Can you try the mu6 space 2

  • CynosureEPR

    Do the Sony 1000-xm4's! Just bought my pair.

  • Kalpana Rajkumar
    Kalpana Rajkumar

    can you do a review for microsoft surface buds

  • Cameron S
    Cameron S

    Did he not see the shipping price haha

  • Nicholas Corradino
    Nicholas Corradino

    I think this channel is becoming an advertiser.

  • Respected Slayer
    Respected Slayer

    While using these, I found out that if you are listening to something and you take off the Surface headphones, it automatically pauses what you are listening to and resumes when you put them back on

  • midibenni

    for usually headphones connected with audiio jacks sounding around 50% better than over blutooth. I am a little disappointed that this has not been tried.

  • Marcus

    Looks similar to the Jabre 85h

  • Respected Slayer
    Respected Slayer

    Legit just got a pair of these. They are absolutely brain melting

  • Mohammed Thayef Kahar
    Mohammed Thayef Kahar

    This dude must love the galaxy watch with the rotating bezel

  • Khris 1873
    Khris 1873

    the only reason why I kinda don't want headphones is bc someone can easily just take them off my head nd take off with them. I do want to buy them but i dont want to get robbed.

  • mnest1217

    Can you play Xbox with them?

  • douglas segress
    douglas segress

    I hate when my channels get sold out !

  • Offilaw Noone
    Offilaw Noone

    International warranty))) In Russia, this also means no warranty. So what for this international warranty at all i wonder?!

  • Tle Watchanon
    Tle Watchanon

    Damn, I dont need it, but I want it soooo much

  • J P
    J P

    Is Sony still relevant?


    What about xm4

  • dimas Purba
    dimas Purba

    I've been really wanting it, just needed the money

  • Jon

    Nice review. I bought these and they are great like you said. Yes you (need) to adjust the eq first thing but I have to do that on every listening device I have that are able to do It. These sound much better than my Bose QC35ii's they are replacing maybe due to the fact bose doesn't offer and eq and that was inexcusable in my opinion. The wheel adjustments to me are just awesome, it is so easy to just spin the wheels, they spin with just the right amount of resistance. Nice honest review best I have seen, these other guys don't even bother to adjust the EQ settings and then proceed to bash the sound.

  • d s
    d s

    nice review. hey uhhh, could i get that eames chair? :)

  • KaYzEeTube

    remember those times when headphones are sold for only $40

  • ravan85

    Do XM4 review!!!!

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girl

    entry your mom

  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen

    LOU! You let me down man. I love your channel but the bass on the wh 1000mx4 is underwhelming, you told me they could blow my head off and they are just average. Don’t do this to me Lou

  • Arun B
    Arun B

    hey bro could you please make a video on this XM4 review on connecting with windows 10 like in laptop and in PC please? I came across some reviews online saying that it doesn't connect well with windows 10 and having some issues with it. If this 350GBP couldn't make a connection to my laptop to watch some quality movies then its of no use to me in spending that much on this headset. So Please if you could make a separate video on this pairing it with WIN 10 and as well as some other devices and multi pairing it would be nice for people b4 buying. Thanks in Advance!!

  • Marcus Harmon
    Marcus Harmon

    The shipping on the International pair is $62.82 making them nearly as expensive as the American version cans which come with a warranty and the ease of returning them, if need be. In other words, read the fine print or it may come back and bite you in the ass. And yes, those import fees. They will likely increase the price to such a point that they exceed the cost of what they are at the store.

  • Alex Diggs
    Alex Diggs

    those grey ones look like windows 98

  • Joao Figueiredo
    Joao Figueiredo

    @Unbox Therapy, when we will have the unbox / review of the new Sony WH1000XM4? :)

  • Chanpreet Singh
    Chanpreet Singh

    Your voice, your delivery method , your honesty to review the products and provide your opinions is just hard to beat in this era Love from India 🇮🇳

  • Andy Pandy
    Andy Pandy

    I went to the local shop yesterday to try a XM3 and 4 and I wasn't impressed at all with the sound, it was distorted when you turn the volume up. I had prior the Yamaha Pro 500 series,,,bit old now, but far better in sound.....Very disappointing with these Sony as I was considering a alternative...Any advice to getting a decent headset around $500 similar to the Yamaha with good sound quality ??

  • JaySweetZ

    No way in Hell I'd ever give Microsoft a chance with headphones. I'll stick to my JBL's. Thank you for the review tho

  • suhaib taha
    suhaib taha

    Whats is the best in 2020 ????????? Can you help us 🌹

  • THE_KrazyCouch2 '
    THE_KrazyCouch2 '

    In England the XM3s have been £230 for MONTHS on months.

  • Rodrigo Martins
    Rodrigo Martins

    SONY WH1000XM4B

  • kohlton owens
    kohlton owens

    what about the xm4??

    • Mr Hard Apple
      Mr Hard Apple

      They the best. I got them on right now

  • Michael J. Santos
    Michael J. Santos

    Damnit, man... Because of you, I got a $3,000 LG TV and now I need this. Great review.

  • Juan Valenzuela
    Juan Valenzuela

    What mic is lew using on the top??

  • Gerald Serna
    Gerald Serna

    if you want to truly test the noise cancellation take those puppy's home find a someone with a riding mower put your headphones on, turn on your music and set volume where you like it get on mower turn it on set mower throttle for mowing the grass not idling set noise cancellation .Do you need to turn your volume up to hear the music,if so how much . this is where I need noise cancellation not I the middle of my house or in my car .When I mow my Place I wear earbuds and a set of earmuffs for the mower noise and I still have to turn the volume up. If your going to test .test

  • Neil Jenkins
    Neil Jenkins

    Xm4 is out.

  • Ever Grande
    Ever Grande

    Try Hifiman Deva

  • Jerry Van Der Weide
    Jerry Van Der Weide

    Sony WH1000XMR is 229 euro in the Netherlands today.

  • Isacco Tanghetti
    Isacco Tanghetti

    Sony are still the best one.

  • mwmarks7713

    business folks also use the mute switch for taking conference calls. Even with small, conference groups, I always mute my phone until I need to speak... Love your videos bro!

  • Simon Draper
    Simon Draper

    When will you review the Xm4s?

  • InfoSopher

    15:31 completely agree.

  • Focus OnBaseball
    Focus OnBaseball

    what's the difference between surface headphones 1 and 2??

  • Ted Bundy
    Ted Bundy

    I had better ones at planet stereo in covina,

  • Timmy C.
    Timmy C.

    How come no one gives Bang & Olufsen any cred???? I have the H7s...... Anyone?

  • Charles Romney
    Charles Romney

    Microsoft and Cortana!, those headphones are made for the Microsoft Phone which no one owns. 😂

  • Rareș Popa
    Rareș Popa

    whats the phone you're using?

  • Emilia Decker
    Emilia Decker

    Alright... my question is: Beats Solo Pro vs Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

  • jamie kinsella
    jamie kinsella

    Would be nice if you stopped shouting and just spoken normally....

  • Chehan Jayasuriya
    Chehan Jayasuriya

    Ears. I have 2 of them.

  • Peng Peng
    Peng Peng


  • Travis Elston
    Travis Elston

    Lew what’s your opinion on Surface Headphones vs the Nura headphones?

  • Ronald Lacy
    Ronald Lacy

    WHAT is that mouse you are using?? I have and older Logitech Performance MX that looks a lot like that one. Is your's a Logitech?

  • DEV_D’s Fantastic and Futuristic World
    DEV_D’s Fantastic and Futuristic World

    Like the Goodmans hi-fi wireless headphones

  • DEV_D’s Fantastic and Futuristic World
    DEV_D’s Fantastic and Futuristic World

    Why don’t you review some budget headphones preferably wireless

  • sid vicious
    sid vicious

    I just left Target an 1 and 45 mins ago and bought the Sony 1000 mx3 for .......wait for it, wait for it.........$174.99 because they said the xt4 is coming out real soon. The best price at Best Buy last week was 279.00. I had been waiting for a deal like this, but just wow!!! Can't wait to hook them up. Out shopping still.

  • GID7OB

    These serious reviews are way better in my opinion. Lew seemed way off track with Willydo im the picture.

  • Mariam & Books
    Mariam & Books

    I'm getting Sony WH1000XM3 tomorrow so I'm on youtube watching videos because I'm so excited... yup

  • Sameer Rajbanshi
    Sameer Rajbanshi

    Lets see how it works in my ear Yeah i have two of them🤣🤣

  • Bacon Persuasion
    Bacon Persuasion

    Such a handsome half head of hair too.

  • Angelo Iossa
    Angelo Iossa

    One thing I would like to see that a lot of reviewers gloss over is PC functionality with these headphones. I have had all sorts of problems with both Bose and Sony headphone PC Bluetooth because they seem to be built around an app ecosystem.

  • Jain Robin
    Jain Robin

    Why am I watching this? I can't afford either sony or surface.

  • Marwan Hazem
    Marwan Hazem

    Lew should get that microsoft tattoo on his face

  • littlemarsbear

    Please make unboxing video for JBL TUNE 750BTNC Wireless Noise Cancellation Headphones.

  • Tomas Antonio
    Tomas Antonio

    I'm almost willing to pick these up just cause I'll always have Cortana in my ear, especially with Infinite coming up

  • F Kisman
    F Kisman

    I just bought the xm3 but returned them after a day, NC is great but the sound quality is terrible. I dont know what everyone is raving about but dont believe m. Xm3 is is muffled, way mid bass heavy (so not the sub bass which i like) and sound much better tru the cable, a no go for me

    • RandzWRX

      It depends on your system. Did you listen with your phone? A dedicated walkman or a Hi Res music player? Did u use an amplifier with your music player? Are you listening to a hi res music file? Dsd? Flac? Did u transmit the music through acc? Sonys LDAC??? Or Hd aptx ? If not, u have not done a thorough testing then. You listened quick and returned it immediately.. hmmm .So everybody is raving about this because we have considered all the factors.. and they sound great !

  • Anurag Ray
    Anurag Ray

    I wish to have the Sony pair.....but they are so expensive.....

  • dad beater child eater
    dad beater child eater

    10:23 swiper no swipe

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