The Most Pixels Ever on Unbox Therapy...
Beleive it or not this is the first time I've had an 8K TV in studio at Unbox Therapy.
NanoCell 75” NANO99
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    If you had an 8K display what's the first thing you'd wanna watch on it?

    • invasion8318

      Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    • Okiiashi

      I'd play original Super Mario

    • ArtMazing

      Unbox therapy unboxing stuff

    • Devanshu M Sharma
      Devanshu M Sharma

      Play PS4 PRO

    • M to The B
      M to The B

      The Islam channel


    I would love to have 8k in my bank account

  • TrulyDj

    I’m watching is 2060p

  • ВСЕм ВЕрю!!! 01
    ВСЕм ВЕрю!!! 01

    Телевизор крутой

  • Steve MT
    Steve MT

    Remember when Jack was still a mystery and now he unboxes things lol we're so spoiled

  • Saad Shaikh
    Saad Shaikh


  • bazooka Entertainment
    bazooka Entertainment

    Yay this is gonna be good for ps5

  • Sahil Antil
    Sahil Antil

    watching on CRT display.

  • Viswanth Ram
    Viswanth Ram

    Lew peeling out all the plastics from the TV At the same time, my Indian parents here freaking out why he would do that.

  • Akash Aki
    Akash Aki

    Miss screen an bottom new remote with options press just like mobile display bottom/ screen setting at Conner/all,movie,song,cartoon......... 2 MODEL screen slim after all screen

  • SoMedia Production
    SoMedia Production

    Lew: “I’m not calling 4K mashed potatoes.” Me: *watching on IPhone 6s Plus 1080p*

  • Michael Ilao
    Michael Ilao

    I dont have a phone since march 2020 and can't afford to buy one because im still a student (can't find part time jobs because of pandemic). I hope he read this and help me because my online class will start in October and don't know what to do. Even a 100$ phone will really help me, i just need it so that i can participate in my online class... Sorry for begging please help me 😭😭😭

  • Mummu Great
    Mummu Great

    me watching on 144p ...

  • Pauline James
    Pauline James

    So the camera man has 8k cam corder n we need an 8k tv to see it ok how much?

  • Pauline James
    Pauline James

    I wish he would play super mario we can tell from there

  • Sonnel Umali
    Sonnel Umali

    Ripping those tapes off were satisfying

  • Serigala Art
    Serigala Art

    yo is that croc gonna bang that turtles? wtf 13:31

  • Rituparna Sarma
    Rituparna Sarma

    This guy is mesmerizing and differ from Technical guruji.

  • jose quezada
    jose quezada

    3 to 4.3k!! TV better get me to and from work for that kinda money!

  • Steven Burger
    Steven Burger

    I'll never understand the fascination for 8k... You won't be able to render any games that high, and to stream even at 4k requires some damn good internet

  • Iam Ian
    Iam Ian

    Me: trying to watch in 2160p Internet: I don't think so kiddo

  • Sky

    11:37 am i the only one seeing it as 3D?

  • Killv Mvnx
    Killv Mvnx

    Wait I have this tv and didn’t even know it was 8K??

  • Spartan_Dave_24 calisthenics
    Spartan_Dave_24 calisthenics

    Song name at the end?

  • Jhay's Vlog
    Jhay's Vlog

    I want it and I like it,🥰🥰 that TV is bit expensive and fancy. But the quality and the specs is great, though

  • Tommy BRO
    Tommy BRO

    Everyone’s displays here are stuck from 2010.

  • Dualy Boi
    Dualy Boi

    me watching this on my Xbox 360 plugged into my bubble back tv "cRiSpY"

  • Reese Hutton
    Reese Hutton

    lew what do I do if I have a nanobudget

  • Shubham Girdher
    Shubham Girdher

    Watching at 144p

  • Jogendar mahto
    Jogendar mahto

    Iam watching in 240p lol😅😂

  • guda ringa
    guda ringa

    where was gone seoul?

  • Hero Number Two
    Hero Number Two

    Woah! Watching from a 720p power saving mode s8

  • mohamed rezk
    mohamed rezk

    I love watching things I can't afford

  • Pufflee

    Imagine having 8k money

  • Eagle 367
    Eagle 367

    No one needs 8k. 4k is enough. Unless you have like a huge TV and I mean 100 plus inches

  • Multi Personality
    Multi Personality

    You take too long. Get to the point

  • Add - J
    Add - J

    Me watching through a potato 🥔 “Oh yeah you can really tell the difference from 4K”

  • Add - J
    Add - J

    LG=Lucky GoldStar


    will apple give 30% of its subscription fees to LG?

  • Jonathan

    How come this video isn't in 8K though

  • joel osman
    joel osman

    4k oled much better


    Bad presentation

  • Guy Fricke
    Guy Fricke

    8k smartphone cameras?!

  • Mr. EvilOverlord
    Mr. EvilOverlord

    Does nobody pay attention on these HIDEOUS socks?

  • John Braucher
    John Braucher

    So does the AI mean is you plug a SNES into it it will actually look GOOD?!?

  • Arshad Ahamed
    Arshad Ahamed

    Watching this on my (8-7.6)k mobile

  • V PeRK V
    V PeRK V

    So yea. Im just going to wait til the 24k , 130 inch comes out. I mean, when does it stop. Im good with my 85inch 4k hhd samsung.

  • Muaaz Khan
    Muaaz Khan

    He said the price was more approachable. 6000$?

  • Derrick Addo
    Derrick Addo

    Why aren't these companies copying the one connect box concept from Samsung. It's really exhausting looking for ports behind a TV

  • richard dykes
    richard dykes

    Samsung did a 8k tv before LG

  • Catman

    Who else is watching this vid on 360p?

  • Nishat Tasnim
    Nishat Tasnim

    I don't know why but the unwrapping sound feels awkwardly soothing to me

  • Tyler

    “Your saying, why 8k? What can I even do in 8k? Can I game in 8k? Can I watch in 8k?” The answer: pretty much nothing😂

  • Avishek Sarkar
    Avishek Sarkar

    wow thats a lot of tapes😆

  • Ddarex

    Me watching on my 726p monitor

  • The T Word
    The T Word

    black bars in 2020.... THATS WHAT I WANNA WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f'in seriously.... 'black bars'..... aliens are laughing with our specimen of failures! 'we took their land, we 'payed' them off with money and now karma gave americans the impossible to solve BLACK BARS.... it's almost racist..... but not quite, because if it was racist, i'm hating just a car with a different color from another brand but comparably the same model...

  • Mr0Boss01

    Why am watching something that i can't buy it...... Feels so bad

  • Mystic Adhi Gaming
    Mystic Adhi Gaming

    Can't wait to get a 8k mobile screen in 10 years and laugh at this being a big deal and costly

  • Saurav Sukul
    Saurav Sukul

    Hi Sir, Thanks a lot, You are really great. I have really impressed and motivated with your speech technic. So m also started a little step to do some new thing and for this m created a INlabel channel for Vlog. Thanks a lot and wish me for my bright future as "SUKULSAURAV" my channel....... Your' truly Saurav.

  • Omkar Gharat
    Omkar Gharat

    I'd Prefer a Qled over Oled anytime to avoid screen burn

  • toby_belize

    Is willy du back????

  • sukumar b
    sukumar b

    The viewing angles are very bad

  • The Frog
    The Frog

    So I'm watching this at 1080p on an external 24" curved monitor HDMI plugged to the Thunderbolt2/Mini Display port of my good old MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012. Talking about TV, I'm still happy with my 1080p HD 40" from 2004.

  • Sunny Ost
    Sunny Ost

    11:38 woah that was trippy

  • Aaron Jemieh
    Aaron Jemieh

    Love how there’s 4K comments

  • Bharath Raja K V 116
    Bharath Raja K V 116

    Watching 8k tv video in 144p

  • Eternal Pandit
    Eternal Pandit

    11:37- 11:40 I thought it's above the screen 😂

  • Mihir Nayak
    Mihir Nayak

    came to watch new tv instead hear peel prn

  • Shubhadeep paul
    Shubhadeep paul

    Watching 8k in 144p

  • SkuezTech

    My friend wants to know if there's any porn available in 8K as of yet?

  • Jerry Kujo
    Jerry Kujo

    If apple was make this TV be like: It just cost $999K

  • robert robinson
    robert robinson

    You would need a pair of extra long headphones for the tv

  • Jan lager penalvert
    Jan lager penalvert

    Eh. Stop glorifying resolutions and start talking about ppi, something actually relevant. 4k is not "bad". Neither is 2k (1080p in 16:9). A large 8k tv barely reaches 100ppi. My phone gets 800ppi in 4k, or 200ppi in 1080p. So, that terrible 1080p you scuffed at, can on a phone have twice the pixel density as the 8k tv. A smaller 4k tv looks just as good.

  • Ashish Yadav
    Ashish Yadav

    Can someone recommend me movies to watch in 4k? I have watched almost all Marvel, DC and Star Wars.

  • A Arjith
    A Arjith

    HE: watching in an 8K TV Me: watching in an 8K phone!!.... READ MORE B.T.W. I meant Rs.8K "WELL, that's the difference"

  • Luden Gamer
    Luden Gamer

    Only in Japan see 8k everywhere...

  • toughgamer

    Nice now all we need is a rtx 3090 to complete the setup

  • AJ Stone
    AJ Stone

    By the time we have actual every day content to watch in 8K, they will be much much more inexpensive. Im not hopping on any bandwagons just yet. Im the same way about the new gaming systems, Ill wait until all the kinks are ironed out and games you can actually play as intended on them are in full force.

  • virusgrav

    I love the peeling off the tape. It is so satisfying!

  • Derick Wolters
    Derick Wolters

    I got to see LG's Nanocell tv at a store the picture is a lot better than a OLED

  • NuclearVee

    Lol don’t watch typical tv channel signal at 720p.... lol

  • Damien

    You have the hardware to film in 60FPS, so DO IT !! 30fps and no stabilization, you are not professionnal, sorry you are kids with money :/

  • Damien

    4k is 8mega pixels. Where i can whatch PICTURES? On 8k TV ... people are stupid. 8k is "only" 32megapixels it's for pictures. A 12 to 64mpx is better on 8k more than 4k display. There is software to tune stabilisation on computer.

  • Sisas Socio
    Sisas Socio

    sometimes its really hard to figure out if this man is funny, serious or a psychopath

  • Rodney King
    Rodney King

    Good video. 4K TVs and projectors will drop dramatically in price once the 8Ks are everywhere.

  • Ed

    hey wait youtube says I'm watching in 4K BUT my monitor only supports 1080p . damn it

  • darius

    I'm sticking with my plasma from 2009 lol

  • Nathanael Grant
    Nathanael Grant

    anyone else saw the 3D effect from the close-up of the words? 11:37

    • Sanyfro gaming
      Sanyfro gaming

      Yeahh ur right dude I saw that too!

  • Stephen Penullar
    Stephen Penullar

    Watching on 1080p phone: wait so how am I going to see the clearly what he's saying hmm... THEN BUY IT! I don't have money.

    • Jan lager penalvert
      Jan lager penalvert

      Your 1080p phone has a higher ppi than that 8k tv. Almost double the pixel density. Just imagine your phone with half the pixels, and put many of them together to make a screen

  • Mikolaj Wojnicki
    Mikolaj Wojnicki

    This thing has 36 times more pixels than my HD laptop I use.

  • Cruze86

    Does it have OLED panel? If not, why?

  • Desmond Dubre
    Desmond Dubre

    k he did an amazing job peel of the tape but really WHAT is the camera man doing there should be a whole montage on that tape like seriously what is u doingggggg

  • Tom Chafey
    Tom Chafey

    Watches this in 4K on a 2K screen going WOW 8K looks sooooo good. Just something not right about that lol.

  • Tom Chafey
    Tom Chafey

    "WILL CAN YOU HEAR ME!?" haha, he's watching INlabel. New cool shit fatigue I guess.

  • s analyst
    s analyst

    best tv brand in the world

  • ItsJustDaBoi

    Me watching this on the tv he’s talking about 👁👃👁

  • Jordonater1992

    8K is completely useless for any screen size below 60 inches which is what most people will have.

  • Al Ivy
    Al Ivy

    That plastic ASMR though! 😊👌

  • yjrh h4i4gdiewi
    yjrh h4i4gdiewi

    continously talks about 1080 be suck me on 1080 cause youtube won't gimme higher

  • Miguel Nunez
    Miguel Nunez

    I'm big in tech. But when future proofing the TV means buying a 8k its pointless when 16k comes in 3 years later 🤣🤣

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