You'd Never Guess The Price Of This New Futuristic Phone
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Tecno Camon 15 Premier -
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The Tecno Camon 15 Premier is an affordable smartphone with a pop-up camera and no notch!
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

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    • Eduardo Orbita
      Eduardo Orbita

      Im so to late to comment to win this phone May phone is oppo a71 2018 And so lag I want to win and play games without lag 🙏 Please choose me 😇😍💓 I hope you to read this Please

    • Jimmie Jam Of The Day!
      Jimmie Jam Of The Day!

      I use a Razer 2, but am waiting on a Rog 2 to be delivered next week.

    • Marcelo Gutierrez Arnidoval Jr.
      Marcelo Gutierrez Arnidoval Jr.

      Iphone 6

    • world peace
      world peace

      ohh too bad i dont have twitter, im using vivo v5 with a cracked screen ..

    • Patrick Otango
      Patrick Otango

      Moto c

  • RD S
    RD S

    Vivo Nex brought the pop-up camera in Jul’2018 and you are jumping up and down today? Its a paid review alright but don’t make it so obvious

  • TheNiku08

    micro usb wtf man🤦‍♂️🤧


    From my experience with Tecno. Dont buy their phones. Instead buy the Infinix Zero 8

    • Gaming with RYN
      Gaming with RYN

      Tecno and infinix are the same company and Tecno makes better phones with good specs and cheap am now using camon 15pubg is running good better than infinix

  • Arvydas Andrius
    Arvydas Andrius

    So what special about this phone?

  • darker than black
    darker than black

    just forget the micro usb. this is just wow

  • Eduardo Orbita
    Eduardo Orbita

    Im so to late to comment to win this phone May phone is oppo a71 2018 And so lag I want to win and play games without lag 🙏 Please choose me 😇😍💓 I hope you to read this

    • Gaming with RYN
      Gaming with RYN

      Pubg it handles game without lag but on medium settings

  • Bøøsted's WRLD
    Bøøsted's WRLD

    The good thing about this pop up is my privacy. The camera can't just record or take a shot randomly

  • Ronald Dañoso
    Ronald Dañoso

    It looks like ViVo V15

  • Vivek Godaba
    Vivek Godaba

    Samsung J7

  • Mavverick Argañoza
    Mavverick Argañoza

    Love it

  • Aliff Najmi
    Aliff Najmi

    Im currently using Nexus 6P that my mom gave me for my birthday. I want to win this phone but not for me, its for my mom. I wanted to buy with my own money but I cant afford it cuz Im a a student.

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown

    Damn, that Night Mode is 🔥I N S A N E🔥 That Front Camera is Beast 🤭😍😎💕 Notch less 🤫🙌🏻😱 The Only Down side is micro usb port but the good thing if you have a great micro usb port charger 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Truth Seeker32
    Truth Seeker32

    Hey I’m a big fan of the show it’s great my son loves you guys as well I always told him to get good information before you choose something anyway if you ever want to send out any tech or phones you no longer use i definitely would put it to good use of find someone who would! Keep up the great work!

  • Bruce S
    Bruce S

    What's the benchmark for the phone and how about some outdoor night photo and video shots ?

  • Ahmed Jamil
    Ahmed Jamil

    Watching this on tecno camon 15 pro 😂😂

  • ワイナーCreepingBushes

    Using Samsung S4.

  • Jason Chamberlain
    Jason Chamberlain

    It’s a vivo v15 knock off

  • Duck Donald
    Duck Donald

    Just a little research shows that it equipped with MT6765 chips which is worse than a 3 years old snappdragon proccessor S625. Good luck buying one of it.

  • C John Siamlalmuana23
    C John Siamlalmuana23

    anybody else notice how they cut through to after he zoomed in on his selfie? me thinks the front cam ain't too impressive

  • Satvik Agarwal
    Satvik Agarwal

    Using a trashy samsung galaxy j3 prime 2017

  • Neelima Awadhiya
    Neelima Awadhiya

    Realme c3

  • Neelima Awadhiya
    Neelima Awadhiya

    I am from India love you bro

  • Dats Dank
    Dats Dank

    Awesome phone.

  • 4stronaut

    Looks like a piece of garbage

  • Syed Shayan Gillani
    Syed Shayan Gillani

    Well I was about to buy this but I didn't

  • DarkCynical

    None of this phones features are new or futuristic in any way shape or form tf

  • Roman Ahimbisiwe
    Roman Ahimbisiwe

    ☹️any one to take pitty on an African kid and get me any kind of phone

  • Trucker Ron
    Trucker Ron

    Yah right... that photo was NOT taken with that phone. I call FAKE!!!

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator

    Dumbass, kills bots in PUBG and thinks he is a gamer.

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator

    I use an iPhone X currently and I know how much this guy hates Apple.

  • Sifou Djaafri
    Sifou Djaafri

    hope gonna getcone of these

  • Patrik Kolbel
    Patrik Kolbel

    pocophone: exists

  • Steven Christopher
    Steven Christopher

    It looks like Vivo v15 pro


    Using tecno cf7

  • Rani Shadrock
    Rani Shadrock

    I soo want one please consider me I have crapoy phone that just turns or wint even turn on

  • Aswin Sudarsan
    Aswin Sudarsan

    I like it give me if you can😐😍

  • Bibek Kapri
    Bibek Kapri

    Thank you so much for video.That's amazing content your video, l liked most.I am using a Huawei CRO-UOO.

  • VishnuTP TP
    VishnuTP TP

    can you unbox motorola one fusion plus!

  • Rahul kzn
    Rahul kzn

    I'm currently using a Tecno Spark 2, all I can say is BLOATWARE!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠

  • Arushi Mahajan
    Arushi Mahajan

    I am using samsung m30

  • Oliver Holloway
    Oliver Holloway

    Does anyone ever really win these smartphone giveaways?? 😂😂😂👀🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Aadi S
    Aadi S

    Tecno:How much should we pay lew to promote us They:Yes

  • Nahidul Islam
    Nahidul Islam

    As soon as samsung or one plus release something like this its gonna be crazy!!!

  • Dhana Nkh
    Dhana Nkh

    No notch 😍😍😍

  • Diana Roma play group
    Diana Roma play group

    sorry but the chipset is underpowered

  • Jeremy Dirickson
    Jeremy Dirickson

    Have a broken s7 edge.. waiting for something

  • Coach Adrian Matei
    Coach Adrian Matei

    Looks amazing!

  • Bryant Floyd
    Bryant Floyd

    I have the Samsung Note 10+ 5G with wireless charging 10,000 mAh battery case.

  • brendan odhiambo
    brendan odhiambo

    Wabongo mko wapi

  • abbas ali
    abbas ali

    Its similar to vivo v15 and camera pretty much same so yeah want this phone

  • Brandon Ford
    Brandon Ford

    I am currently using a Galaxy Note 8

  • AbstiaN

    "The Futuristic Phone" Laughts in Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro with MIUI 12

  • Prinson C Abraham
    Prinson C Abraham

    Using samsung s core prime

  • P Sanderv20v
    P Sanderv20v

    Am so sad that like half the phone are unavailable including this one... 😞

  • Shamin Fazli
    Shamin Fazli

    I just me or this phone look alike vivo v15 pro???

  • Ali Shan
    Ali Shan

    I've tried Tecno and despite the package the software is really slow and laggy and often crashes. The build quality being plastic is also a demerit since you can pick up an s8+ at a similar price point and have all these issues addressed

  • Dinesh Gadhavi
    Dinesh Gadhavi

    Plz just give me one🥺

  • Christian Azubuike
    Christian Azubuike

    nice review, fantastic device

  • Hassan Sayyed
    Hassan Sayyed

    Mine is Realme X2 pro which you Lew unboxed here which made my mind to go for it😉 If i win I'd love to gift it to my fiance ♥️as her phone died just a day back.

  • Jhai Shun
    Jhai Shun

    I wish I could have one if that phone...

  • Shivam Sahu
    Shivam Sahu


  • Chota Bheem GAMING
    Chota Bheem GAMING

    The unboxing of tecno is amazing kiad of a relief

  • Vijay Mankani
    Vijay Mankani

    Currently i am using Samsung A2 core .

  • Lisa A
    Lisa A

    I feel like I'm the only one catching the sarcasm in his voice, throughout this entire video.

  • Johannes Emmanuel Cardona
    Johannes Emmanuel Cardona

    Im not fun of smartphone who dont use typeC. But i still like this kind of phone because its cheaper

  • Knowledge Vhenduka
    Knowledge Vhenduka

    Currently using a Hisense U601S Pro, would upgrade to an iPhone SE (2020) if I could.


    I'm using vivo v7 plus

  • Aditya Pratap
    Aditya Pratap

    nice mobile I am ready to buy this value for money

  • NY 7
    NY 7

    The packaging looks like a pack of cigarettes.

  • آکادمی کسب درآمد از اینترنت
    آکادمی کسب درآمد از اینترنت

    I can just say fantastic ما برای اینکه شما بتونید این گوشی رو تهیه کنید و موجودی کارتتون باعث نشه که داشتتن این گوشی رو تجربه نکنید یه دوره آموزشی خیلی خوب برای کسب درآمد تو کانالمون گذاشتیم. مطمئنم بعد از دیدن این دوره راحت تر به آرزو هاتون میرسید.

  • ethan oconnor
    ethan oconnor

    Currently usin samsung A20e


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    *HAROLDSPY* on ‼️ G fixed back my hacked account perfectly

  • Sam Lad
    Sam Lad

    Thanks to trontools on IG he got mine fixed too

  • Suzan Egbedion
    Suzan Egbedion

    I love TECNO phones, im using Tecno pouvoir 3 would really love to upgrade to Camon 15 pro.


    I am using galaxy j7 i want that phone

  • Bickel Klinefelter
    Bickel Klinefelter

    *📱 No one can unlock your device better than fredmitnick95 {}n ]G 📱*

  • Mayonnaise

    Theres a phone by tecno called the phantom

  • Philip Cool
    Philip Cool

    I recommend you to FLASHMODE7 ON IG he fixed mine

  • Damien Elisha
    Damien Elisha

    Thanks to daggerhacker on IG that secure back my account

  • Irsa Gul
    Irsa Gul

    New trick unblock 2020

  • Bickel Fedrick
    Bickel Fedrick

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  • Yasir Shiekh Abbasi
    Yasir Shiekh Abbasi

    Moto Zforce

  • Bickel Fedrick
    Bickel Fedrick

    *🌷🌹🍄 Fredmitnick95 {}n ]G is the best way to unlock your device without stress 🍄🌹🌷*

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  • Bickel Fedrick
    Bickel Fedrick

    *💯🏆 Fredmitnick95 {}n ]G unlocked my 11pro this morning and I promise to shout him out ✨💯*

  • Young Noel
    Young Noel


  • xxx logan
    xxx logan

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  • xxx logan
    xxx logan

    *Albertthack óñ Insta..* Fixed My account back

  • Tendai Mbalekwa
    Tendai Mbalekwa

    This phone brand is terrible, device stat getting super slow and buggy in just 6 months if it drops you can as whiles throw it away, talking from experience, tecno devices suck!

  • Bonny

    I highly recommend DIXHACKS on insta he fixed mine he pure an legit

  • Variety Land
    Variety Land

    I am a poor Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra user I would love to win one of these😢😢😢😢😢

  • Michael Allan
    Michael Allan

    Thanks to *Häckking2222* on 1G my account was recovered

    • Kalema Martin
      Kalema Martin


  • light yagami
    light yagami

    nice video !! the best youtuber in unboxing and review sector .... 'entry done' i would love to win one of those :) don't have a phone right now !!

  • Francis Bernard
    Francis Bernard

    Thanks to *corahack1* on IG for unlocking my iCloud

  • Francis Bernard
    Francis Bernard

    Thanks to *corahack1* on IG for unlocking my iCloud

  • Hitesh Mishra
    Hitesh Mishra

    Right now m using vivo z1 pro

  • Hannah Green
    Hannah Green

    Thank you so much *lawson_george8* on iG for recovering back my account he's legit

  • Cisol

    Oboi see MTN and etisalat logo

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