The New Google Pixel Has Completely Leaked...
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Are you going to pick up the latest Google Pixel this summer?
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    Google Pixel 4a Latercase -

    • Rick Grimes
      Rick Grimes

      @Justin Bennett exactly...horrible case and most likely he stole the design from someone else .. like he always does

    • Rick Grimes
      Rick Grimes

      Are you gonna steal more cases designs you thief.. you are a disgrace

    • Nitish Mohanty
      Nitish Mohanty

      Please can you give me that? 🙏🏻

    • realligud


    • Veer Kamdar
      Veer Kamdar

      Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano

    I would chose the 4a over the 🍎 SE and Nord. The price & that 📷. 🌃 night sight that actually competes with the top 🐕 ies? What's a good word to use for this 4a, NO BRAINER?

  • Gwrightproductions1

    All day battery actually lol

  • Aaron Winter
    Aaron Winter

    Will willy do be using the new pixel?

  • Sivaraman Venkatakrishnan
    Sivaraman Venkatakrishnan

    Just released today!

  • Tommy Degreorio
    Tommy Degreorio

    Just like everything else in the U.S it's a lie, this phone is never coming out. Google sucks buy an Apple iPhone SE

  • Scubooty

    Yes, I do think I'll get it. They say 6 Ram...128gb storage (yes, lawd) .....730G chip....Headphone jack....No ugly Rihanna forehead......

  • Ajith Antony
    Ajith Antony

    will it support dual 4g volte

  • ajay sable
    ajay sable

    no , price for this specification is very high oneplus nord is best in this price

  • kowshik vooda
    kowshik vooda

    The way u unbox everything is kinda of unique that nobody ever can try off

  • Akash Sarda
    Akash Sarda

    Well, i'm gonna get the iPhone SE

  • Cosmic Nebula
    Cosmic Nebula

    But can it pass the bend test?

  • n n
    n n

    Please become it a best cheap phone in india better than Xiaomi.

  • Nathaniel

    That SE chip tho...

  • Fernando Gr
    Fernando Gr

    4 gb ram? That will be an issue with this phone. I would buy it without thinking it if it has 6gbs.


    This is definitely going to be a failure phone,


    Why on earth spend money for phone has nothing worthy, Google is big, they can make amazing phones so easily,

    • rock_utchel

      Nothing worthy? The cameras on pixels are very worthy and stock android with other features makes the pixel great

  • Faizan

    Yes... Too much interested in pixel 4a.. ;)

  • Illicity

    Doesn't seem right. For years phones were getting better and better due to the competition between companies, and in recent times they have all just kinda stagnated and every year each company releases a phone that is negligibly better than their last. And now you're telling me that due to the pandemic Google is going to start going backwards, and lower the build quality of their phones so that they can meet a price point that "fits" with the current economy? Imagine if they all start downgrading their phones to be more affordable, and then once the economy picks back up, they get to re-release the same technology they were selling before the pandemic started. Releasing a phone for $350 only matters to people who buy phones outright. Yeah I know you feel like a badass spending nearly a grand on a phone when it comes out, but if you are trying to save money because you have been impacted by the virus that is a ridiculous thing to do, and the solution is not to buy a cheaply made phone. I have a Pixel 4 XL and I currently pay $22/month for it on a 24 month contract. Not only is that already affordable, but in the long run it comes out to $528 for a (currently) $800 phone. But it gets better, after 12 months ($264) I can simply upgrade to the Pixel 5 which will almost definitely be out around that time, and get a similar contract for it. This is much better than spending $800 on my P4XL and ~$1,000 on the P5 when it comes out, and most definitely better than settling for a $350 phone that will likely have the same features as a Note 8, and be made out of plastic. I feel like a lot of people feel the need to flex by buying the phone outright, even if they can barely afford it.

  • Eenam

    Me watching this on my Pixel 4XL and just shaking my head 😅 I feel like I'm about to have a little brother that everyone will keep talking about even though he's not really all that because I know him better than anyone. 😂

  • The Mitri
    The Mitri

    i love to have that but that isnt available here in philippines so ill go with the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

  • Tzvi Kleinkaufman
    Tzvi Kleinkaufman

    349.99 for 64GB??

  • Martinez Auto Detailing
    Martinez Auto Detailing

    I have a Google pixel 3a xl and I am going for the 4a xl. I'm not too into flagship phones.

  • Elliott Nacey
    Elliott Nacey

    I only got my Pixel 4 back in April and already I'm tempted to sell it for a 4a. (Granted, I got my Pixel at half the RRP through work, so it may sound silly to swap, but the battery is just shocking)

  • Nor Effendi
    Nor Effendi

    I would go for apple iphone se better camera, better build quality, over cheap plastic shit 😒

  • Stuffzz

    Just signed up with google fi and I'll definitely buy a pixel 4a when it comes out.

  • Akhil Dev
    Akhil Dev

    I wish it had a bigger battery. And I hope it has at least 6GB RAM. Single Camera is fine. A 90Hz refresh rate would be great. Since OnePlus Nord has 765G, 730 seems a bit odd. But let's hope for the best.

  • Rishav Gaurav
    Rishav Gaurav

    In my opinion its way better than apple's i phone se. SE carries small battery with heavy processor so basically you wont be using processor that much because it will cause battery drain. Thats the biggest problem with one of my friend who got SE . Camera is stunning and it even got me thinking do we even need 64 mp camera or 108 mp camera may be decent 12mp camera can do the trick. I think with 720g and decent battery it can cross a day which is good. And at all it is a pixel device it will have better software than other chinese brands available at this price point. Google took one step ahead of apple in this one probably(if ofcourse all turns out true)

  • Martin Yang
    Martin Yang

    Snapdragon 730 what a joke

    • Stef Myt
      Stef Myt

      Google has shown that with stock android the processor doesn't matter. Just look at the Pixel 3a, it has a shit processor but when you use it you just can't tell.

  • sourabh ghorpade
    sourabh ghorpade

    if it's 350$ then Google nailed it with price and thats a great deal & obviously camera is going to be great

  • CoLoNeLC4

    SD 730 ? I'm out...didn't even finish the video

    • Stef Myt
      Stef Myt

      Google has shown that with stock android the processor doesn't matter. Just look at the Pixel 3a, it has a shit processor but when you use it you just can't tell.

  • Aimopotis 80
    Aimopotis 80

    The battery and display are too small for 2020

  • Saied Karmally
    Saied Karmally

    I'd buy one...

  • bullet fumes
    bullet fumes

    Well wow so Google finally does a hole punch well finally I can pull out my Google pixel 4a and say u see that Google knows how to do the hole punch too no more forehead

  • Paolo yt
    Paolo yt

    It's a lower power samsung a71 with a worse camera imo

  • kristin ides
    kristin ides

    I loved my Nexus 5X and I feel like this will be a throwback to that... But my OnePlus 6T has spoiled me with a Snapdragon 845 and 8GB of RAM. The camera is the biggest downside to this phone, it is at times abysmal (panoramas especially). Might just wait for the Pixel 5 at this point.


    Au buraz ala si smorio, bokte jebo.Vrti-pričaj, vrti, ponovo, ajde, opet, vrti, ajde ... O JEBOTE, toliko smora oko jebenog govneta koje nema ni ultra-wide kameru. :(

  • E V
    E V

    Been in the pixel family since the 1st Gen but I stopped at 2XL because the 3,3a, and 4th Gen pixels were either too ugly or a total flop for me. With this new 4a they literally got almost everything I want and need in a pixel device with an exception to the front facing stereo speakers. Def putting in my order day 1 of release!!

    • E V
      E V

      @p k I wouldn't buy these type of phones used since battery replacement are near impossible nowadays but since you got a battery phone case you should be good. I actually do have adaptive battery and have noticed a difference! Saves me a good 30-40 minutes of battery usage

    • p k
      p k

      E V hi. Just got 2nd hand pixle 2xl because my phone died... Simple questions...does the adaptive battery setting ON help for battery life or you have it off?? BTW I am very impressed so far with the 2xl and want to keep it for a while...paid 80pounds it's in great condition and got 5200mah power bank type of cover with it so very happy... Just the battery is okish but it is 2 years old... Thanks

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    iPhone small 12 is going to come out in October I think. No one is going to buy this one.

  • Alchemist-A

    What about internal storage? And why just 4 GB of RAM? Refresh rate? Brightness? I don't mind a lower level processor or the plastic, but the low RAM?

  • gaurav savant
    gaurav savant

    waited for too long; after multiple disappointing delays, finally switched to Apple. Good Bye Google.

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green

    The smaller size and the back finger scanner make me think hints of the Sony Xperia xz2 compact...of which I just typed this comment on 🤔

  • nakul sharma
    nakul sharma

    One plus z or google 4a

  • PocketNinjafai

    I want a smaller phone....

  • memati bash
    memati bash


  • GenericCoyote

    Thinking I'm gonna go for the 4a when it comes out after having the S9 for over two years and now being out of contract. Was so impressed by the 3a when my dad got one and I don't use fast charging etc so seems like the perfect phone for me, and will likely be cheaper than what I'm paying now.

  • iGimmie

    I think the 5a will be announced with the 5

  • Hunter Stubbs
    Hunter Stubbs

    Will this phone have an IP rating?

  • Ben

    So what exactly has happened since the original 2016 pixel? Seems like not much.

  • Janela Silva
    Janela Silva

    Damn.. those cases looks so clean

  • GDSI

    Face unlock just died due to "new normal".

  • Josh Methven
    Josh Methven

    I'd pay $399 to have wireless charging added.. it can't be that much to ditch, not sure why the "a" devices have gone without for so long

  • Cam

    So October now for the 4a!? Probably won't get it now. They really fucked up this launch.

  • Lyuben Dimitrov
    Lyuben Dimitrov

    At this point I'm just waiting for it to be finally released, so I can finally buy it

  • Adam Duhon
    Adam Duhon

    Way more excited to see these type of devices than any flagship.

  • Tommy Degreorio
    Tommy Degreorio

    I'm getting this phone. The push backs have pissed me off to no end but I get it...sprint is turning into TMobile in July so why supply a career when there going out...sprint sucks!!

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano

    Hey Lew, I've read 6gb's of ram not 4? If it is 4gb's I really don't want it. If the phone costs 349.00 why are they delaying it?

  • Dr. Ahmed Ali Khan
    Dr. Ahmed Ali Khan

    Lightweight. Compact size. Oled. 128gb. 6gb RAM. Headphone Jack. Stereo speakers. Vanilla Android. Pixel computation cameras. Priced at $349. And now rumors of wireless charging. What more would you want? The mid-tier chip will not affect the mediocre battery. It should be a solid 7/10. great phone

  • Johanes Jake
    Johanes Jake

    Google is just waiting for someone to do something great and then remakes it but made it even better.

  • Johanes Jake
    Johanes Jake

    Its like iPhone 11 and a Samsung S10e in one phone ✌️😁

  • Michael Hale
    Michael Hale

    Definitely don't mind the rear fingerprint scanner; loved it on my original Pixel device. I can deal with a hit to processing speed as I'm not a huge mobile gamer and 90% of folks can't distinguish between a 'flagship' processor like the 865 and something like the 730. I do however hope that Google at least ups the refresh rate to 90hz on this panel. I think thats where I'm not willing to compromise on a phone purchase in 2020. Gotta get past 60hz.

  • Jayvexternal Videos
    Jayvexternal Videos

    No one: The soap you shower with, is sh**

  • L U C I F E R
    L U C I F E R

    :( I like pixels

  • dilip tanwar
    dilip tanwar

    Battery is only 3000 mah , really?

  • avg88883

    I'm very excited for the 4a, though whats your opinion on the recently reduced price of the pixel 4 for 550€?

  • EUNIKE _
    EUNIKE _

    Which would be better: Pixel 3 or 4a? Considering that the price won't be an issue.

  • Ankolika Dubey
    Ankolika Dubey

    Battery is my real concern 🙁

  • nazrul izzman
    nazrul izzman

    Just release that damn phone. Because u going to lose people interest.. China brands like realme, xiaomi, oppo and vivo just take the advantages with damn products..

  • Asbel Castro
    Asbel Castro

    5 inch is ok

  • Asbel Castro
    Asbel Castro

    Too big

  • Asbel Castro
    Asbel Castro

    To big

  • Asbel Castro
    Asbel Castro

    Too big

  • J patdidit
    J patdidit

    no to small

  • Forrest

    4 gb ram is outdated now. 😐

  • Raghav Gupta
    Raghav Gupta

    Did that screen have a hole in the phone

  • Brandon


  • Nalinnie Lachminarain
    Nalinnie Lachminarain

    Bro Google put in work in that phone

  • திரு ஆச்சாரி
    திரு ஆச்சாரி

    It’s going to have 6gb ram not 4gb

  • Mr P
    Mr P

    I like that price but the delays has somewhat removed the shine from the coming device. Compromises have had to be made I understand, shame there won't be a 4aXL. Also I wonder if the price of the SD 855 had dropped enough to be considered instead of the 700 series and why not 5G too? But at that price point I guess no complaints just give it to us now Google as August is closer to next round of phone releases including Pixel 5

  • jarred talbot
    jarred talbot

    No xl no thanks.damn was hoping

  • Wendelin Unterweger
    Wendelin Unterweger

    i just need a new phone, my (old) iphone se handles about 2 hours of screentime before it dies. everyday im hoping for them this phone but its not happening it seems. >:( stupid google

  • Depressed Cat
    Depressed Cat

    K30 Pro for life

  • Veer Kamdar
    Veer Kamdar

    Motorla MotoG8 Power Lite

  • kristina marttila
    kristina marttila


  • Burnt Reynolds
    Burnt Reynolds

    The price is great, but I want to know what the Pixel 5 is going to have in it and if it is true that it will start at $699. If it's better and it's correct on that price, I'm going to wait for it.

  • vilifood 1
    vilifood 1

    yes! google nailed it, my nexus 6p feels frightened!

  • Hassan A. Mohammed
    Hassan A. Mohammed

    256gb and I'll buy it... even if it's a pixel 5... dont care about price just need 256gb minimum

  • Noah S.
    Noah S.

    struggling with views i see misleading titles i see

  • Thomas Schwiertz
    Thomas Schwiertz

    Finally no ugly nodge and an acceptable price.

  • Anacronic

    Very poor decision with the overall background change. This new background makes me less focused on what you showcase because I think a lot of viewers will be more curious about the overall studio that we can see in the back.

  • justamatter v
    justamatter v

    Google making phones is just them doing a money laundering plot. Change my mind.

    • aRUnKA

      Money laundering means that they are investing all their black money and liquidating illegal assets into a business, to convert it into white money.

  • Zangetsu XXL
    Zangetsu XXL

    I want to get a small phone with nice performance and dont know if i should wait for 4a or get the SE.

  • георги аргиров
    георги аргиров

    No , i will stick to my Mi A3 - battery champ ! For me battery life is most important - if you have 100 features but don't have battery they're useless ! Show me phone that on heavy use get more then 8h. on better price and speck's and i will switch

  • buntee90

    Oh! Google is going to kill it with this phone and 349$ price point. Less than 30k INR for the best camera count me in !

  • Mike Lucci
    Mike Lucci

    Are you reviewing the Pixel Buds 2?

  • Anthony Jablonski
    Anthony Jablonski

    Brandeis Prometheus phone!

  • preston


  • preston

    It's gonna be more like $500 in Canada...Just sayinnn'

  • Sophie Geale
    Sophie Geale

    I have the one plus 5T at the moment and I LOVE the fingerprint sensor on the back. I think it's my favourite phone hardware layout

    • Reborn

      Its underrated tbh

    • karoake dookie
      karoake dookie

      I have Android 10 on the OnePlus 6

    • deadpool

      I have an iphone 11

    • A Google User
      A Google User

      Fingerprint sensor means you have Android 9 fun fact if you don't you most likely don't have Android 9 that was a while ago maybe some Android 11 devices will bring it back.

    • Firdhauz Ramlee
      Firdhauz Ramlee

      Yes. I've got an XZ2 compact and a fingerprint sensor at the back makes so much sense.

  • Daniel Bragg Jr
    Daniel Bragg Jr

    HEADPHONE JACK! did he say it once?

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