The TRUTH About Surface Duo with Panos Panay
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    • Justin Amon
      Justin Amon

      I thought it was on Lew later but I guess not ?!

    • San Tosh
      San Tosh

      as always panos is right about the camera sensor compromise but the software seems to be vastly under polished for a smartphone. 1st gen product w.r.t software is showing all across the reviews. I'll wait for another gen. I use a pixel 3a and i'm not exactly expecting versatility in the camera for a super thin productivity foldable but a 2/10 camera is not exactly usable even on a 90% work phone.

    • Inhasnain

      @Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me p

    • MashAllah Food Secrets
      MashAllah Food Secrets

      @MINNA JOSEPH 😭😭😂😂😂

    • MashAllah Food Secrets
      MashAllah Food Secrets

      @Jay Dee bro please buy me a cheap or donate your old one :(

  • crook222

    Lots of potential so I will wait for the 2nd version when most of the kinks will be worked out and maybe more colors (blck)with a 500 price drop.

  • Matthew Heinrichs
    Matthew Heinrichs

    great interview I was between the Fold, Razr and DUO I think I am going to go for the DUO. Love these reviews


    I actually feel sorry for him, the software has absolutely destroyed that gorgeous hardware, I'm gona keep a close eye on the duo and expect great thing for the gen 2 🤞🏽

  • Roberto Duran
    Roberto Duran

    This sucks... I have not used any magnetic charger, have treated the phone with delicate and gentle care. And two days ago, I noticed the crack on my USB port, very thin but it's there and starting to grow. I called Microsoft and sadly since I bought with BestBuy, I won't be getting my money back, only a brand new replacement... OK woo-hoo... Not so much, I talked to bestbuy and my 13DAY WARRANTY, yes, 13!!!! Already expired obviously. So no. Money back from then and not even a replacement. I'm wondering, owners with this hardware problem is going to be enormous, does anybody thinks that MAYBE Microsoft will be making a nationwide recall??? Samsung did with the foldable at one point. When I get my new Surface Duo I will be selling it instead of giving a try again. I already purchased my new phone, a Oneplus 8 Pro, before the Surface Duo I had a 1+7Pro and I am excited to go back to them.

  • Charan C babu
    Charan C babu

    Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2

  • Lebo Yeni Yeni
    Lebo Yeni Yeni

    I love your vids Love your content Every time I watch your videos I wish I was you. THANK YOU

  • N.M. Sti
    N.M. Sti

    i love my Duo, its not a phone first, but its soo fun, i enjoy reading news and email, or any combination, on each screen, with youtube, etc... and it feels amazingly sleek, and is soo solid ! i l;ove it.

  • Steve Paine
    Steve Paine

    I love Pano's passion...but Panos gives everything away here.

  • siegfried greding
    siegfried greding

    it should have been a windows phone

  • siegfried greding
    siegfried greding

    android is the devil

  • Matheus Rodrigues
    Matheus Rodrigues

    put subtitles in Portuguese 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Dr. Traynite
    Dr. Traynite

    I have been to panos panays house a few times

  • International 007
    International 007


  • one game
    one game

    Reduce bezel. Can use phonecall without openning. Most people need nice camera than this one. battery life is suck. Freezing is too often. I can wait for 2nd generation. NOT THIS ONE.

  • John Read
    John Read

    Thanks so much for this interview! You've captured not only the philosophy behind the Duo, but also Panos' heart. Huge respect for you and also for Panos!

  • Vox Daze
    Vox Daze

    Lew takes a cheap shot at Panos Panay about the Surface Duo camera.

  • Cheryl Newell
    Cheryl Newell

    Gest interview. I love mine

  • Himanshu Verma
    Himanshu Verma

    As a developer i am saying , duo is the most complex designed phone i ever had

  • Moosey1789

    This should be a Windows device with a cell phone radio. But it is Android. If you want enterprise users, you will have to make a Windows version with a mini USB port to connect an SD drive

  • Sken Nezaj
    Sken Nezaj

    I love this episode so much I actually went out and purchased a surface duo.

    • Sken Nezaj
      Sken Nezaj

      @Nicholas McDonough it's a great little tablet phone.

    • Nicholas McDonough
      Nicholas McDonough

      How are you liking it so far?


    I was skeptical about buying it, it was a breath of fresh air to hear from the other side an the passion he took for him an his team to design an build the phone he was talking about. Thank you both for the insight.

  • Gorilazz

    if it wasnt as wide i would freaking buy this in a heart beat love this more then the samsung flip.

  • J2 digital
    J2 digital

    Smaller bezels, higher refresh screen, better camera, and lower price~~

    • R K
      R K

      @J2 digital The market is mature now and the future is niches. The Duo fills a specific niche for mobile professionals and business folks. And those people could care less about the gimmicks the masses are concerned with. Not sure why people think everything is made with them in mind. Cars, houses, computers, etc all focus on niches and no one complains...

    • J2 digital
      J2 digital

      @R K The Duo still competes in a smart phone market and still functions as a smart phone. The four things I listed is a small wish list of mine that I don't think is unreasonable. They did a lot of great things by keeping it so thin and actually accomplishing a quality dual screen smart phone. I really like it and think its a cool concept. With that being said, it is gen 1 so there are a lot of improvements to be made. Using old hardware, potato camera, and having huge bezels with buggy software isn't going to convince people from high end Android or iPhone's to switch over. High end because of their asking price. Companies could buy these en masse and force employees to use them but I don't think that is the best approach. Especially if they are thinking consumer first like he said. So if they really are thinking of the consumer first- Even if its just for business oriented people. Saying that they/we don't need a decent camera, current spec hardware, waterproofing, wireless charging, and fluid OS is excusing too much. Apple can get away with that type of behavior and Microsoft has a track record of not. It is good and they can make it great. Or the consumer market can do what it always has done and do what you suggest. Buy a "smart phone" being a different Android or iPhone.

    • R K
      R K

      Get a smartphone. Duo is for mobile professionals and business

  • Steve Bachochin
    Steve Bachochin

    I am tired of the slap... want a bigger screen. The fold by nature is too fragile. 6 gb memory on a multitasking device stopped me from buying it.

  • random mcsorley
    random mcsorley

    I wish I would have waited to get my new phone , just got a note 20 . Microsoft is not even taking trade ins for the note 20 . I would trade it in. Also I'm not sure which cell services support this

  • Ronald Melia
    Ronald Melia

    What a great interview. Panos is a visionary and I very much liked what he said about it not being a phone but will be by the end of the month of using it. I would love one of these devices but not on sale yet in the UK. "BUT," I think I may just hold out for the Neo on the basis that I want one, but I won't be able to get both, so I see the Neo and the more capable device of the two.

  • George Hayes Mobile Geezer
    George Hayes Mobile Geezer

    Loving mine, so far.

  • Shubham Desai
    Shubham Desai

    What camera setup is Lew using here ? So smooth..

  • Kacper Stein
    Kacper Stein

    those surface headphones look so nice

  • Steve C
    Steve C

    Why can’t this be released globally at the same time?, U.K. not getting till 2021 whaaaaat

  • Yoguiji


  • json jett
    json jett

    No questions about the software; glitches and fixes? Was that a precondition?

  • Add - J
    Add - J

    The truth is.......... It’s trash 🗑 😂

  • T HOFF
    T HOFF

    I think there are a lot of people like me where we say - that's cool, but I'll wait for V2.. then - maybe I'll get one once the software matures in 2-4 months and I see more reviews... then - I WANT THIS THING NOW!

  • T HOFF
    T HOFF

    Love the sincerity of Panos. Lew rocks the interview as well. LOVED THIS! hundred thumbs ups! Now I want a Duo like crazy

  • 95-96 Bulls on 2K
    95-96 Bulls on 2K

    He is my Steve Jobs. Love the products he has created

  • 95-96 Bulls on 2K
    95-96 Bulls on 2K

    Wonder if microsoft still owns some of the Lumia camera tech.

    • zZzZUPER

      thats nokia ip i believe

  • Forma Munus
    Forma Munus

    The big no for me is Android. Why? UI and UX design must be tailored to experience (not modified to fit one). For me this is lost opportunity to bring Windows Phone UI/UX back. And honestly I don't get it. In this configuration Microsoft ( a software company) is producing cool hardware and new form factor with Google product it is heart. Mhm. Feels incomplete. May be second iteration of this product will bring back Windows Phone UI/UX in specific version for this form factor.

  • Dan Yukon
    Dan Yukon

    MICROSOFT: If you are reading this - SHAME ON YOU! I am a surface Fan Boy and could not wait for this product - what a disappointment! PANOS: You have lost ALL CREDIBILITY as far as I am concerned. The largest SOFTWARE company in the world with one year to get it right - mine is going back today! SHAME, SHAME!

    • R K
      R K

      @Carl Miller Preach brother, preach!

    • Carl Miller
      Carl Miller

      @Dan Yukon Because I received mines on Friday, installed the updates immediately. My Duo is working just fine, hence the reason I'm questioning the early reviews and fanbois of other platforms intentionally making up false claims. Typed from a DUO.......

    • Dan Yukon
      Dan Yukon

      @Carl Miller Twelve Surface products between my business and myself! Since when is rendering an opinion lying?

    • Carl Miller
      Carl Miller

      What noise are you making, I'm a Surface guy with 4 in my house and typing from the DUO. I love this product, you have to use it and stop lying

  • julio zepeda
    julio zepeda

    It's so compromising! When driving, I use my phone as a dashcam. DUO DOESN'T HAVE ONE! what am I going to do??!! Panay, you are right, I think 97% of people don't really care about the camera. The only deal breaker for me is that it doesn't have a stylus like my Samsung Note. PLEASE BRING ONE WITH A STYLUS NEXT YEAR AND I'LL BE YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMER FOREVER !!! If you were able to make this device so thin, I believe you can make as thin as 2mm flat, I don't care! So, the other 3% are the INlabel Reviewers and a few customers .

    • julio zepeda
      julio zepeda

      @J J no, I'm used to it. I own a Note 10, didn't wanted to get the 20 because I'm happy with the note 10. I love to pull the stylus from inside the phone, don't want to carry one in my pocket Yuk!

    • J J
      J J

      You can buy a stylus from Microsoft.

  • thefuture4

    Dude absolutely great interview, very informative. I'm basically sold on this product

  • JayMike Willingham
    JayMike Willingham

    The Legend...

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez

    I just noticed the Surface Hub behind Panos :)

  • Michele Bastianello
    Michele Bastianello

    In my opinion the two biggest flaws are the RAM and the poor single hand usability. Duo is meant to be the best multitasking handset. yet, it's too big on the single screen posture to be used with one hand and it is under equipped to deal with the huge multitasking potential that it is meant for. Given the screen real estate that a 4:3 (single screen) aspect ratio yields, they should have kept it at 4.8"-5" to help the one hand usability and to better harmonize the human-machine interaction. Anyway the duo is the biggest leap foward as a tech concept in a long while.

  • Glitter Kitten
    Glitter Kitten

    It's corporate focused, the camera's main job is conference calls/zoom. The target market is obvious to anyone paying attention. The younger set is ripping this device to pieces, it's not for them! It's a mature device for mature adults with responsibilities.

    • R K
      R K

      Exactly! The Duo is not for the peasant class and they are pissed off about

  • TheDragonaf1

    This man makes everything sounds like poetry

  • KillerOmen

    Lou and team, this is one of the best videos I have seen on the channel. Such a great deep dive with the developer. Amazing insights I really enjoyed the points made regarding specs and emotion and how a product is actually perceived by a user regardless of components. Good stuff!

  • Stan Ihesiulo
    Stan Ihesiulo

    Panos Panay here making me all emotional 😢

  • Jake Veliz
    Jake Veliz

    Fantastic video!

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez

    seriously, this was "the" get for this moment and Lew handled it like it like a pro! can almost hear Spotify calling

  • Jeremy Kaneb
    Jeremy Kaneb

    Solid video. Love the perspective and the passion for trying to put something new out there. When you can, please bring more of this type of content!

  • James Collins
    James Collins the Real Truth.... this is unnecessary and will be a complete failure. Mostly because Android Tablets are a failure. Because of Apps! Surprise, surprise! So unless Microsoft single handedly fixes the entire lackluster App market, AND provides this device with a lot more APPs which work exclusively with this device, Nobody will have a reason to buy this. And all this HYPE is pure BS.

    • Carl Miller
      Carl Miller

      I'm using my Duo right and have all the apps I used on ios.

  • Jakub Jodlowski
    Jakub Jodlowski

    Faster, bugless software and cutting edge camera or cameras and I would switch to Duo from the iPhone. 🤙

    • Carl Miller
      Carl Miller

      Let me asure you, this thing is magic don't believe the reviews. As a Surface fan I was bummed about the reviews until I started using the device. My iPhone has been sitting idle on my desk since Friday.

  • TheWhataman00

    Needed to see it like this. Thanks, Lew.

  • Cameron M
    Cameron M

    43 minutes of a 5.6" tablet with multi tasking

  • MonsterSteve

    Never ever thought about Switching to a MS "phone" from my iPhone but as a Surface Pro user I will definitely switch when its time to really upgrade. I'll most likely wait until the next iteration of the Duo though so they can work out the kinks. The hardware though from the Surface team, is ace, as is all their devices.

  • tentimetex

    What a humble, down to earth guy, he seems really approachable, thats great!

  • Vaibhav Dugar
    Vaibhav Dugar

    Awesome back and forth

  • Olaniyi Olamilehin
    Olaniyi Olamilehin

    You did not ask about the price. You knock apple a lot for that.

  • Paulo Z
    Paulo Z

    Is his audio coming through the headphone’s mic?

  • sheek1982

    Pricing = fail, Specs = fail, software = fail, the only compliment of this product is HOW THIN IT IS when opened.

  • Raphy Martinez
    Raphy Martinez

    To me Panos is mostly a very good sales person. Is that what he’s supposed to be?

  • Matthew Pumphrey
    Matthew Pumphrey

    Wow, you so patronized pianos, amazing what you said in the pre release to this interview, it would have been credible to ask the questions you had on the pre release video. I’m disappointed, but I don’t have to buy it.

    • Matthew Pumphrey
      Matthew Pumphrey


  • Duong Le
    Duong Le

    Panay is amazing in all his interviews.

  • Simon George
    Simon George

    JAY-Z is God in the book of Apocalypse / Revelation. I know this because I have the name “Jesus” on my thigh. Read Revelation 19:16

  • Dharminder Bhatnagar
    Dharminder Bhatnagar

    This product will be a failure to use as a phone reason being its width.First you have to unfold one display to 180 degree and then make a call with this weird notebook. just imagine holding this too wide phone to your ear (remember when first samsung launched 7" tablet phone). Take my word, its failure failure failure as a phone.

    • R K
      R K

      Why should anyone take the word of someone who has done nothing in the tech industry? Your level of conceit would be laughable if it wasn't so sad...

    • Carl Miller
      Carl Miller

      I used it extensively last night as a phone and was surprised how useful it is, as I had the same sentiment pre purchased.

  • Johann smith
    Johann smith

    I cant wait until these guys fly over with their products and open them with you on your lew-later set, that will be the next level after this, and more of these guys from all parts of the field.

  • Gerald Armstrong
    Gerald Armstrong

    Its Lew the rip off artist. Maglink has Lew's picture on it. Plus, he made a video about this company. I ordered this product on 8/02/20 and the company will not answer their phone or reply to emails about refunding my money. Lew is right up there will the Pablo Escobar phone.

  • Mike C.
    Mike C.

    Alright are you going to put your sim in this thing lew?

  • Mahipal Sanikop
    Mahipal Sanikop

    To nail that hinge so perfectly in its first attempt by Microsoft is absolutely terrific work

  • Keegan Webster
    Keegan Webster

    The push towards multitasking is kind of a good selling point but probably an unrealistic one. They have already proven that when trying to do 2 tasks at once that productivity is lessened. I get that people want to be able to do 2 things at once but its just not possible for most people. But this product looks great never the less.

  • Raj Sb
    Raj Sb

    This is about Surface Duo but MS failed big in Surface Headphone! :-) too much echo! Btw, regarding Surface Duo, no justification on that stupid 1400 USD price. If this need to succeed, then 12GB RAM, SD 865, 5G and good 3 camera setup in this price. Otherwise, price this around 899 and I will give it a shot as MS fan (I own two Surface Pro 6&7) but not many might buy still!

  • George V
    George V

    This is my dream device but for one major issue... I have OneDrive but local storage is never enough. No micro SD card and at the same time a limit of 256GB makes this device impossible to use for me. Will need to wait for Gen2, hopefully with expandable storage or 1TB of local storage to get onboard. Btw does anyone know if the USB C is 3.1 gen 2?

  • Giuliano Arcinotti
    Giuliano Arcinotti

    I really don't understand why not study a better camera. This is the perfect device for work, but don't let me leave my Sam Note10+ with that camera...

  • LeTHaL MiGRaiNe
    LeTHaL MiGRaiNe

    this thing seems to be a product without a buyer. it's a weird size you can't do much with.

  • Kundan Jaiswal
    Kundan Jaiswal

    Could you please let me know which headphone your friend(whom you taking to) is using .

  • Jade L
    Jade L

    This guy seems a lot different than when he’s presenting on stage.

  • Chuzz Bot
    Chuzz Bot

    Love the Duo , can't wait for the neo and hopefully a large dual screen surface. When are MS updating their standalone camera and microphone? I'm still using my old lifecam, works great but more rez and a zoom would good. We need a surface webcam, 4k with depth and hello with the flashy design and a magnet to attach to our other devices.

  • George Kuruvilla
    George Kuruvilla

    Is anyone talking about the performance and software issues?

  • Ramon Key
    Ramon Key

    This was a great interview. I'm gonna do some more research on my own

  • Mithul - MS Reviewz
    Mithul - MS Reviewz

    Its clear, he is struggling to convince what the product can really bring to the table beyond the productivity argument. At 1400$ i dont see the value proposition enough to replace conventional phones atleast at this stage in time. But as a person - love the energy and passion Panos !

    • R K
      R K

      Maybe that is because you ain't a mobile professional or business person. For these individuals, productivity is the only reason you

  • Christian Brinkley
    Christian Brinkley

    Literally watching this video and didn't want to swipe away but wanted to check a stat for a football game... Realized I wish I had the Duo. The irony.

  • shadowmmm

    Double the battery, full 5g capability, standard 32gb ram memory and latest cpu . Would then justify price

  • H S
    H S

    Come on anyone who would want this needs to see 3 things, 1. Software, 2. Battery, 3. Camera. All 3 are subpar. What is the hinge going to do when the performance of the device itself is crappy. I ask why, why these companies don't understand the basics of what people want to see.

  • Adam Hampton
    Adam Hampton

    I love the construction, but not the cost, especially with the average 1-2 year lifecycle of our devices. I see it more practical for enterprise use. I can't imagine the casual users really considering it needed, especially during these covid times.

  • Heritage 4x4
    Heritage 4x4

    Love this! Maybe sometime make it rugged? Outdoors theme?

  • H. Shakur
    H. Shakur

    About the detoxifying. We need to timeout. Taking a nap in the day is the best disconnection for me

  • Hossein Dianati
    Hossein Dianati

    Great video. I enjoyed it so much and shared it with my friends. Awesome. Respect for both of yoi

  • Seriously Jason
    Seriously Jason

    My first real smartphone was a Lumia Nokia 635 Windows phone. It's still my favorite phone I've ever had. I've been following the Surface Duo since it was announced. After seeing some reviews I was a little shaken up. I knew it wasn't going to be fast, I knew it wasn't going to be a Pro level camera. But, the way things were presented just felt clinical and negative. (Reviews should be pretty clinical though.) But, this interview has me fired up SO much and excited for this product again. I'll be getting one.

    • R K
      R K

      INlabelrs don't know what they are talking about. Read the comments from people who actually own and use the device on a daily basis. Very positive from those folks because they are focused on productivity.

    • Seriously Jason
      Seriously Jason

      AKA Izzy Absolutely.

    • A.K.A. izzy
      A.K.A. izzy

      I feel the same way. I got the Duo after watching this interview. It's a paradigm shift and I'm not a spec chaser. I just want two screens good enough for multitasking.

  • Devin Grant
    Devin Grant

    Never thought I'd turn into a tech nerd. Not remotely interested in the product yet I was fascinated by this

  • MrRogersFish

    The only changes I want to see is a camera in the corner of both outer faces and turn the Microsoft logo into a small display. Think about the possibilities that would come with being able to run two different cameras at the same time, one on each screen. You could have video running while also taking snapshots on the other screen. Not to mention the massive display would allow for better previews. You could have auto translating and transcribing functions where you scan text on one screen and it automatically generates that text in Word on the other. For the small display, make it in the shape of the Microsoft logo and make it exclusively a display; no input. That way you could see when you have notifications but can't read the actual messages on the exterior display. That way you won't have to open it just to see if you have notifications. So much potential here.

  • the unkown mr.
    the unkown mr.

    Man, I want this Windows Surface device now...

  • JacksMacintosh

    Loved this

  • NSA Watchlist Bait
    NSA Watchlist Bait

    The future of Windows looks bright

  • איתן Ethan Jones
    איתן Ethan Jones

    I am holding out for the Neo

  • Joshua McCarthy
    Joshua McCarthy

    I noticed how Panos is just casually rockin' a $10k Surface Hub 2 in the background of his home office. Wouldn't mind having one of those for my remote work.

  • Martin Kremer
    Martin Kremer

    Microsoft has been for me in past years leading in technologies connected to people using it. Whole Surface team is amazing, doing great job.

  • Peter Lanneau
    Peter Lanneau

    I love the passion that Panos have for this device. Hoping that it's soo great that we have the Duo 2, and the support for these devices are not short lived.

  • armaan jhajharia
    armaan jhajharia

    Man 45 mins it's useless

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