My New INSANELY Light Laptop...
This is the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Nano. The Nano is the lightest Thinkpad ever.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Going to use this laptop on Lew Later -

    • Raphael Seidu
      Raphael Seidu

      Hoping you could help me get such laptop. A great fan from Ghana 🇬🇭. Hope you get in touch

    • Xander Veldman
      Xander Veldman

      @Chamod Praveen 3213th!

    • Courtney Brooks
      Courtney Brooks

      What happen to air pods pro spatial audio video??


      @The MAN ohh pinnalah

    • The MAN
      The MAN

      @BOOGEY MAN Machane polipoli

  • J

    Man, I wish it had one more USB-C port and a "Yoga / 2 in 1 / Tablet" form factor. But looks like a great laptop nonetheless!

  • Alejandro Collado
    Alejandro Collado

    Hey could you please do a samsung flex video?

  • tanattecnocraft

    Yes, my next laptop.

  • Gabriel Amorim
    Gabriel Amorim

    1.99lbs = 902g

  • N8 daBROSKI
    N8 daBROSKI

    Is the sim slot on the back where the hinges are?

  • Hina Jawad
    Hina Jawad


    • Hina Jawad
      Hina Jawad

      intel would be preferred thank you

  • S.L.S

    That's your problem. You are holding a WINDOWS laptop ! : )

  • Ricardo Rodrigues
    Ricardo Rodrigues

    Dell xps 13

  • Shivam Goel
    Shivam Goel

    What is the use of a 180° hinge on a laptop ?

  • Crazy Jerry Tech Reviews
    Crazy Jerry Tech Reviews

    Awesome review :)

  • oh ok
    oh ok

    Galaxy book s is even thinner

  • Bhushan Nirmalkar
    Bhushan Nirmalkar

    It's insane❤️ Loved your unboxing. 😁 when it's going to be available for sale? Any chances of release in India??

  • Art Designer Ge No
    Art Designer Ge No

    back in the IBM day, you can kill something with your laptop.

  • haha

    i only care about the price, which I guess would probably starts from $2000 for the lower end model. It only comes with Intel's 10 gen i7 cpu right?

  • John Friday
    John Friday

    I have an Lenovo laptop for gaming, it has been working like new for 5 yrs Good company

  • Fedal Wawrinka
    Fedal Wawrinka

    This laptop is a contradiction to ThinkPads’ legacy in every way.

    • Child Abandoner
      Child Abandoner

      how so?

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen

    I miss the Menu Key on the T420 where the Print Screen key is. I work in finance and that key helped a lot. Even now when I pick keyboard I still look for keyboard with the Menu Key.

  • lsutoob

    Thanks Lew! When will this be available? Yours is the only review I've found.

  • Bianca's Book Binge
    Bianca's Book Binge

    would love to see an update on this after you've been using it

  • Silberpfeile

    A laptop for girls, honestly.

  • DigitalBee

    Definitely thought you were going to drop it lol

  • kazuki nakamura
    kazuki nakamura

    Tiger Lake FTW!

  • Chic Gaga
    Chic Gaga

    Love it.

  • Prashant Dandriyal
    Prashant Dandriyal


  • _Unbox _
    _Unbox _


  • Hudan Bayu
    Hudan Bayu

    damn lenovo. hire some designer for that packaging

  • Andrew Kwok
    Andrew Kwok

    i love lenovo but i do not like windows!

  • brian jin
    brian jin

    Wait so can I buy this now or has it not been released yet?

  • BuzZ Sword
    BuzZ Sword

    What is tha red button

  • SamuraiWolf

    200 mb of graphics !!

  • Dahlia Awwad
    Dahlia Awwad

    Could you please do an unboxing for the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7?

  • Ricardo Testino
    Ricardo Testino

    Can you configure it with AMD Ryzen portable?

  • Papa Andrey
    Papa Andrey

    Thanx for review!

  • Mathew Ranasinghe
    Mathew Ranasinghe

    wait did he say 11th generation core i7????

  • Markus

    Hey Lew, how do you remap the 3 trackpoint buttons? I have searched everywhere for a guide, I want them to be something other than MB1 and MB2.

  • Wretched Egg
    Wretched Egg

    Lenovo be like hey lew hype this shit up.

  • Sai Thuta Nyi
    Sai Thuta Nyi

    So... when did lew do the video about iPad pro with the magic keyboard? Did I miss something? Anyhoo... this Thinkpad is mad. My current Dell weights about only (let me check) 4.3 pounds 😬

  • samtproperty Group Excellent homestay experiences
    samtproperty Group Excellent homestay experiences

    hi have you done a review for Ducati 5i (14") lenovo?

  • Peili C
    Peili C

    No Ryzen version...

  • Ken Purchase
    Ken Purchase

    Love this review, seriosly,one of your best videos,loved everything about this,and that web cam and sound was amazing fo4 720 p compared to whats out there Your honest passion and excitement and share enjoyment of this device was addictive,thanks for the share man, This is totally worth checking out

  • tooplanx

    Am I alone in hating Thinkpads? The touchpads are bloody awful.

  • Syd Slayer
    Syd Slayer

    Okay that hinge looks insanely precise and solid for how light that thing is

  • offHappy

    You can be the envy💭💭💭

  • Saif Imam
    Saif Imam

    why lew is saying pounds? canada has metric system..

    • Torrance Amie
      Torrance Amie

      Merica man!

  • Muhammad Kharismawan
    Muhammad Kharismawan

    cant wait for the X1 Fold and your opinion on its fundamentals, ie keyboards, screen brightness, andspeakers. its form is already a win, durability is a nothc above any foldable screen (i think its gonna go over scale 2/3 on Jerry's pick as it will accept pen input just fine). its just the other stuff im worried about...... also the price XD

  • Shantanu Inamdar
    Shantanu Inamdar

    The more insanely light the laptop is, the more insanely hot it gets. Try using it as a LAPtop

  • Muhammad Kharismawan
    Muhammad Kharismawan

    Lenovo did make the Yoga book didnt they/ that thing is under 700grams. Then again that aint a thinkpad, more like a novelty that didn't catch on.,

  • RanNero

    I was soooo hopping, for this to be a one or two years old video :):):).... price wise.

  • m

    it call trackpoint

  • Triggered Yoda
    Triggered Yoda

    Not sure if this has been answered yet but it is called a nipple mouse not a nub

  • suhail shaikh
    suhail shaikh

    5:23 he's so spooked 😂😂😂

  • Marco Liedekerken
    Marco Liedekerken

    What is a pound ?

  • yugal sherchan
    yugal sherchan

    it still had windows which is quite heavy for my liking. Imagine with linux man now that is light as.

  • Junaid

    too light laptop don't feel premium. Like the MacBook Air is light and also feels pretty premium.

  • Alpha Roger
    Alpha Roger

    Will you please gift this laptop to me ? 😍

  • Charan C babu
    Charan C babu

    Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2 🙏 plsss

  • xel el
    xel el

    Lol 🤣 1700$ for cheap plastic

  • kevin wang
    kevin wang

    i just bought the X1 Carbon and it was a utter disappointment i have to say it lasted 20 days I doubt it this nano is any better. I was using is regularly as a student and one day while watching Netflix all I did was tilt the screen using the bottom right corner and the screen cracked. And when the model first arrived I also had a problem with the right palm rest making weird clicky sounds every time I rest my hands on it. Since I owned the old Dell XPS 13 9360 I am now thinking on giving the 9310 a go.

  • Duckers Duck
    Duckers Duck

    Paid promotion

  • Noediting

    This will be next laptop...when i can find $1700 on the road


    in comparison to 13.3" macbook pro it's not so small but light.

  • Mateja Marić
    Mateja Marić

    To be fair, the old 12” MacBook from 2015 weighted in at 2.03 pounds...

  • 10-I Md. Abdul quadir Khan
    10-I Md. Abdul quadir Khan

    It's seems cheao

  • Hero Hour
    Hero Hour

    Mac Air is leaps and bounds better. By FAR. Lenovo stinks

  • lRufflez

    thunderbolt 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander

    Is this going to replace the X1 Carbon gen 8?

  • Nabi Azami
    Nabi Azami

    1 m view wow You are tech Top Reviewer

  • Eddy K
    Eddy K

    The only problem with the ultra light laptops is you get ok specs, for just crazy high prices. Id rather have performance to price. But some must like them they sell. Unless i had a Lobotomy would never buy a mac lol.

  • Pat Frederick
    Pat Frederick

    nice laptop but it just might have spyware installed like in 2015..i would never buy because i do not truest them...the 4 pinholes on top to here you better so they can spy on you better.......just saying

  • Alex Stacks
    Alex Stacks

    Sim is on the back edge

  • Reek

    Welcome to the “ I want it but can’t afford it” club

  • Darcy Ahrns
    Darcy Ahrns

    those nintendo switch sound effects

  • Maram

    What does that red button do !! I don’t think it’s useful 😶

  • Non playable Character
    Non playable Character

    Lew: "Let me pull it that is tiny, even with the foam on it!!!"

  • Titoepf X
    Titoepf X

    ew intel

  • tamas varga
    tamas varga

    I want this laptop so much but I can't find it in any store in Europe.

  • Craig Morris
    Craig Morris

    0:50 what is 1.99 pounds in kilos for the rest (large majority) of the world? Please use the metric system (an indication of the imperial system is optional).

  • Sy A
    Sy A

    MKBHD: Did you say Matte black.

  • bulu messi
    bulu messi

    When it will available?

  • 0xyg3n

    Bit over-produced, no?

  • Mohamad Fairuz
    Mohamad Fairuz

    4:05 it's called track point, I think.

    • Carlos Maciel
      Carlos Maciel

      Among male devs we have a name for it but I'll let your imagination take a guess.

  • Leon Tx
    Leon Tx

    1.99 LBS = 0.9 KG

  • stan kidofu
    stan kidofu

    half a pound lighter than everything its competing with? lol, expertbook B9 is 880gr or 1.94pounds

  • Digging Tech
    Digging Tech

    Check check check check check !!! What ?? 🤔 You know what I m trying to say 😂 from my channel name and profile ❤️

  • Liam Alex Betts
    Liam Alex Betts

    Have to say I had a Think pad as my business laptop and the keyboard and trackpad was superb... loved that thing.

  • Lebo Yeni Yeni
    Lebo Yeni Yeni

    I love your vids Love your content Every time I watch your videos I wish I was you. THANK YOU

  • Mavinoe


  • Ivan Irawan
    Ivan Irawan

    It's 0.903 kg for us who speaks kilograms

  • Animesh Mishra
    Animesh Mishra

    Lenovo thinkpad becoming thinpad

  • Josue Martins
    Josue Martins

    Lenovo has one of the best keyboards that I have touched in my life.

  • Reon Yonas
    Reon Yonas

    i love this laptop damn i say its sexy

  • Milo The Bunny
    Milo The Bunny

    Yeah abit of pressure and that thing folds in half

  • Keiny Lai
    Keiny Lai

    The shit show didn't even started and he said "YOU'RE GOING TO LIVE, LIFE." I'm closing the video now, bye, I thought I already filtered this garbage to oblivion but INlabel is stubborn.

  • Mirza Najwan Majid
    Mirza Najwan Majid

    You should try to review HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop, since you know, it is the cheapest gaming laptop with powerful specs. Just a suggestion tho. Plus actually Im curious about it

  • asueft

    I tell my wife it's TWO POUNDS, and she has to say it's 1.99 lbs. SO ANNOYING, IT'S TWO POUNDS!!!!!!!

  • JAI

    am i the only one who notices the fitbit sense on lew's wrist

  • dracolnyte

    can you actually measure the weight on a scale? I am reading conflicting specs online with regards to the weight, ranging from 1.99lb to 2.2lb

  • Ifeoluwa Odedina
    Ifeoluwa Odedina

    I love it! I am definitely gonna get one but I kinda wish it could fold over like a yoga. Then I could ditch my iPad too.

  • Aaron Luo
    Aaron Luo

    Is the LG Gram lighter?

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