Smartphone Screen Speed - Can You Spot The Difference?
If you can, please select the 60fps video option for best results. This video features the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Redmagic 5G and Google Pixel 4 XL.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Please set the video quality to one of the 60fps settings for best results. Also, what is the refresh rate of the display you're watching this on and how evident are the results for you?

    • Admiral Hood
      Admiral Hood

      How dare apple not provide a 120hz display on the iphone 12s

    • N M
      N M

      What's the song during the test????

    • JaySean Ochia
      JaySean Ochia

      I'm bigfan of Sir because he is honest guy for his review

    • Ruwan Kumara
      Ruwan Kumara


    • Magic Monkey Dust
      Magic Monkey Dust

      Watching on my Red Magic 3S... 90hz with 240hz touch... I also run pubg global, at a hex edited uncapped 90FPS at least. On my 90hz display. Eats the oneplus 7 series for breakfast. And kills the iPhone 11 Pro max... Totally. Gaming is funny against iPhones. They are useless compared to gaming phones.

  • Admiral Hood
    Admiral Hood

    How dare apple not provide a 120hz display on the iphone 12s

  • The cat who owns a phone
    The cat who owns a phone

    Iphone 11 pro max : I AM THE FASTEST PHONE EVER MADE!!!!! Android: Are you sure about that?

  • Brett Barker
    Brett Barker

    Could ram also play a big part? iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t seem like it does that.

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    This is a minor feature tbh. The fact he has to massively slow down the footage for us to see the difference is proving the point of how minor this is. You can’t even really see it in real life! I can make any phone appear slow if I slow the footage enough.

  • Reyalegro

    I can play Call of Duty on my PS4 with 60 fps perfectly, why tf would I want/need 120 fps on my PHONE that I use for whatsapp, instagram and watching some youtube videos (that are 60fps anyway). People these days lol

    • Reyalegro

      @truth seeker of course but there are some devices that benefit more from it than others. It’s a phone for fks sake what is the point of 120 hz if you need a slowmotion capture to notice the difference

    • truth seeker
      truth seeker

      technology progresses.

  • Karm

    The best explanation I have found on the internet.

  • Jo Smith
    Jo Smith

    Iphone 12 Pro came out today at 60Hz!!! - For a min of $AUD1700, what a piece of JUNK!

  • Nicholas Little-Brother
    Nicholas Little-Brother

    This ruined me lol. I've been telling myself 120hz doesn't matter but it's now it's completely obvious 60hz is disgustingly slow.

  • Borex Ros
    Borex Ros

    I doing the fast clicking side to side on my phone (30hz) "i don't see anything "😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Borex Ros
    Borex Ros

    When you say 60hz is slow im like i have a 30 hz one

  • N M
    N M

    What's the song during the test??????

  • Harvey Kent Lagura
    Harvey Kent Lagura

    Mobile Game Competitions = All using iPhones

  • MrPirateking619

    120hz will only make a difference if u use a 120hz and go back to 60hz so if u have-never used a 120hz den its not really a problem and 60hz shud b good

  • christian cuevas
    christian cuevas

    Android phones have 120 hz... But less enjoyable because they have less touch interactions like when you scroll or make a gesture, the animation is too fast not as smooth as iphones.

  • L K
    L K

    120hz on a Note20 Ultra. At this point I'm thinking I prefer the higher resolution than the higher refresh rate (can't do both, at least for now). I especially miss YT in "3k" vs 1080 when in 120 hz mode.

  • Ja

    I have that feeling too after going from the ipad to my phone and it hurts my brain a bit ngl

  • Glutdrache

    When you have to turn off 120hz on your ipad pro because you get dizzy/unwell while using the screen for more than 1 hour... It's not ment for sensitive people

  • FO18L

    I still know people who say "the human eye can't see more than 30/60fps" and they're serious. and i can't find them and slap them

  • Matt Longstaff
    Matt Longstaff

    How I wish the iPhone 12 was gonna have higher refresh rate screens :(

  • Saurav Kedia
    Saurav Kedia

    who is here after redmagic 5s?

  • peng peng
    peng peng

    throw my iphone11 as trash and never buy iphone

  • Prateek Kumar
    Prateek Kumar

    He comparing the phones to show iPhone is slow Me: We just have to press the button that’s what counts right ?

  • English with Mr. Sam
    English with Mr. Sam

    Litteraly mobile phone companies push man’s expectations too hard and life is never satisfying for him bcos there’s always a better feature tomorrow! But those who know what life is know how to be happy with whatever life presents. Am I wrong folks?

  • Chad Thundercock
    Chad Thundercock

    But does it really make much of a difference? I mean what is the usability of the highers refresh rate? You have to stop scrolling if you want to read something. Most games don't support frame rates higher than 60 fps. Is it really worth it just so the scrolling through screen or opening apps feels smoother?

  • V W
    V W

    Watching the video, Me: Can you spot the difference? Friend: Oh yeah lew changed his cap.

  • JaySean Ochia
    JaySean Ochia

    Nice review test Sir Lew very helpful and infromative ....!!! I like this one

  • Sriram VAD
    Sriram VAD

    Been using an OP 8pro.. can't go back to anything else.

  • Rahul M. Prathap
    Rahul M. Prathap

    I can spot the difference. Thanks for video Lew.

  • Phrog Master
    Phrog Master

    It’s funny how lore thinks we can spot the difference even though they’ll all look the same when they’re being shot at 60fps

  • Hemanath Kumar J
    Hemanath Kumar J

    Is 60Hz bad apart from gaming?

  • neil wilson abellanosa
    neil wilson abellanosa

    i havent phone and pls for online class in august

  • hayden alejandrino
    hayden alejandrino

    What most y’all don’t realize that it’s really all about software than hardware with Apple. 1. There’s many versions of an android os (not even uniform) 2. I don’t care how much you can customize an android phone, half of it is literally not necessary. 3. App Store > google store 4. Apple Music > any streaming platform This is concept can be traced all the way back since the release of os 10.1 in Apple computers in which Apple OS has thrived in its uniformity for over a decade. Meanwhile android, google, Microsoft all struggle when most people complain about how the previous versions/updates are better than newly released ones. Ps, love ya lue but you totally ripped off this one dudes content. Don’t play it off as if this video was your idea 😆

  • Ermo Al
    Ermo Al

    So I just have to stay away from 90hz phones, sorted

  • tazzywazzygaming

    Feel bad for apple it was good when Steve jobs was the owner

  • Nitish Mohanty
    Nitish Mohanty

    You are really amazing.

  • Spyder

    Anyone else get a headache looking at the iPhone jitter?

  • Sam L.
    Sam L.

    switched from iPhone 11 Pro to Pixels 4 90Hz Screen, used it for 1 month, switched back to my 11 Pro, sold Pixel, no problem. i mean i could see and feel 90Hz but that hole Hz thing on a small Smartphone screen is so overrated.


    Why don't you donate me your old phone like you have already used!! It would be great even like pocof1 ?

  • ChiefsRoyalsSporting

    Watching on 120htz

  • KLaB Gaming
    KLaB Gaming

    no one talks about the input lag tho HAHAHHA

  • Rajib Maity
    Rajib Maity

    Its 90hz

  • Shi Yuan Lim
    Shi Yuan Lim

    I went to 0.25x playback speed on the slow playback portions of the video and now I want a new phone. FML Don't do it if you have a 60hz phone. I'm warning you now!

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev

    GUES what is the next thing APPLE will INVENT

  • آکادمی کسب درآمد از اینترنت
    آکادمی کسب درآمد از اینترنت

    Thanks for making such a good video. اگه می خواید این محصول رو تهیه کنید ولی نمیدونید پولش رو از کجا بیارید دوره ای که تو کانالمون گذاشتم رو ببنید. اگه ببنید ضرر نمی کنید نهایتش اینه که یه امتحانی می کنید. امتحانم ضرر نداره.

  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar

    Samsung Had a very bad experience with samsung.......... Reallly baaadd Samsung🦵🦿 Kicked out of my vision...😁

  • Reza Sarkhoshi Khiavi
    Reza Sarkhoshi Khiavi

    one of the best videos of Unbox Therapy after a long Time.

  • roy pain
    roy pain

    We're not The Flash..

  • Leonardo Glavan
    Leonardo Glavan

    Should I get iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB as a replacement to my 4yrs old iPhone 7 or should check out Androids?

  • Chinny P.
    Chinny P.

    Lew: I need the lowest screen refresh rate for comparison. iPhone 11. 😂😂😂

  • Chinny P.
    Chinny P.

    Android completely wins here 😂

  • Deon Kirk
    Deon Kirk

    A 35% battery decrease for slightly smoother app and Facebook scrolling and $1200 premium....i think I can manage without

  • Henry Fiol
    Henry Fiol

    I notice no difference between 60 and 90 hz on my pixel 4 XL since I bought it February honestly . I've gone back and forth and to me it feels and looks the same 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ so I turned 90 hz off completely

  • Rampart

    High refresh rate phones also cost more.

    • Sushain Bargotra
      Sushain Bargotra

      not really.. when the brand acts smart u can get high refresh rate in $230 (Redmi k30/Poco X2) ..

  • hyundaitib2

    Oh shit thats crazy I just tried it with my old iPhone x just moved to an s20 ultra and its so obvious

  • CursedBanana

    So it is totally bullshit

  • Lalo’s•Awkward •
    Lalo’s•Awkward •

    I just realized, what phone does he use since he has so many?

  • professional Gago
    professional Gago

    Let's all admit it guys. IPhone sucks.

  • Grant Awish
    Grant Awish

    Lue iPhone 11 has 120hz touch refresh you clown

  • Eshan Sharma
    Eshan Sharma

    Watching This On 6 years Old Iphone 6 . And Still Feeling Let down My Your phone company as They are still continuing with 60hz .

  • Manuel

    iPad Pro has a 120 Hz display. Really don’t think it’s a big deal from my own experience.

  • Qura'n Tech
    Qura'n Tech

    The voice of the Qur'an remains the most calm and comfortable 😍Enter my humble little channel and listen to the sounds that rock the heartless heart😍

  • Colombian Cartel
    Colombian Cartel

    Not to mention that 60Hz is also bad for eyes. Wow... Apple constantly feeds us with that "True" Tone display bullshit while they screw our eyes with that decade old technology... At least my non-premium chinese phone runs on 90Hz.

  • Midhun Jith
    Midhun Jith

    Well I've been using a device in who's time refresh rate was not even discovered

  • Lewis Green
    Lewis Green

    Anyone else get headaches from Samsung's AMOLED?

  • Bad Decisions
    Bad Decisions

    so apple sucks?

  • Tun Piccolo
    Tun Piccolo

    *iPhone battery at red* Yeah that's a normal iPhone experience I tell ya. That's why I move on from 6S to S9.

  • Matilda Dunkley
    Matilda Dunkley

    Of course you see it its in slow mo😂😂😂. In real life you don't see😂😂

    • Sushain Bargotra
      Sushain Bargotra

      yes u do unless u're a boomer

  • abc.

    but i hardly think these differences matter to an everyday user though u wouldn’t be able to tell the difference

  • Marcel Paulus
    Marcel Paulus

    WHO is this boy? AntiApple boy or what? 😂

  • Coder Gautam
    Coder Gautam

    Intel hd graphics 😂

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max

    Samsung is the best

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer

    I clearly see the difference and i just cant stand low refresh its like a lag to me

    • Lego & Entertainment
      Lego & Entertainment

      What refresh rate phone do you have?

  • Inquisitive [INΦͶTIVΣ]
    Inquisitive [INΦͶTIVΣ]

    *Cries in 480p, 30Hz screen...

  • DannyGIsMe I'mDannyG
    DannyGIsMe I'mDannyG

    Note 8 refresh... my rate.

  • henry ha
    henry ha

    The iPhone 12 better have 120 hertz

  • Maximo J. Dominguez R.
    Maximo J. Dominguez R.

    Please review that levitating chair on the rear left, looks interesting.

  • World Of Dre
    World Of Dre

    And people still think iphones are better haha.

  • Jacob Zug
    Jacob Zug

    I am using 60Hz display -- iPhone. I have noticed when I used my friends android phones, sometimes I marvel at their display because something about it felt a lot better when I used it. I now believe this is because if the refresh rate, and I never quite understood what that meant up until I watched this video. Thank you!

  • Mammookka Fan
    Mammookka Fan

    iPhone is smooth

  • Michał K
    Michał K

    More screen refresh get smooth image but feeling is from fast touch Hz. In Rog phone 2 or this Nubia is 240Hz. That feel os is responsive.

  • Sundararajan Radhakrishnan
    Sundararajan Radhakrishnan


  • canariotra

    Really interesting bruh

  • Callandor

    Meh. Get me an iPhone any day. Apps that work and better security.

  • JanzGaming

    Broo i saw this on fb... And it linked me on a site... But ordering online makes me lil bit afraid.. Can tyou tell me where i can order it tnx in adv

  • Pratik Kamble
    Pratik Kamble

    Description : This video features iPhone 11 pro max Video : iPhone 11

  • fgy21

    Nice. This was the point when I left this channel. LewCase fiasco...always biased (for example bashing the iphone xr, then that phone becoming the best sold phone for 14 months straight), etc. Bye and thx for the memories.

  • Rambo

    Nobody : 4:10 iPhone : EeEeEeEeEeEeE

  • Yumemi Riamu
    Yumemi Riamu


  • Mohammed Sunelwala
    Mohammed Sunelwala

    Iphone 11 pro display : RIVER Nubia red magic display : WATERFALL

  • RushHQ

    Honestly, Performance-wise, and Price-wise, Android is the best. One of the only reasons people own iPhones (at least the people I've seen) is just because they think that androids are inferior just because it's an apple product. (Edit) Also, the V-Sync is a tad off on the iPhone.

  • scott loving
    scott loving

    This video has been the best visual representation of the difference between the various refresh rates that I've seen so far. As someone who's still using a 60 hz phone it's definitely gotten me slightly more excited to upgrade in the future

  • Tablet Sardar
    Tablet Sardar

    Ya, it must be something about a small screen too. Because on a 10.5" iPad it just seems normal.

  • 20SRG20

    Pheasant 60hz

  • Airel Shahril
    Airel Shahril

    IOS or android more easier?

    • Intel HD Graphics Gaming
      Intel HD Graphics Gaming


  • Flick Drumming28
    Flick Drumming28

    I'm playing on Pc games around 80 fps But my PC before was only 18 - 25 fps like Hell yeah lets try search it on YT "how to fix lag (game)" after everything. Damn so smooth!!

  • Bass Killa
    Bass Killa

    In short, Iphone is not a good phone, only in pricing.

  • Garrett B
    Garrett B

    My daily smartphone is iPhone 8 which has a 60 hz refresh rate

  • P V
    P V

    this was a good EXPERIENCE indeed LEW

  • Mert Mustafa
    Mert Mustafa

    The jump from 60Hz to 9Hz is way bigger than the one from 90Hz to 120Hz, so 90Hz is enough, won't drain the battery and the processor

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