iPhone 11 Pro is Meticulously Transformed
This is not an average iPhone 11 Pro.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy


    • copy

      Will you givaway this phone?

    • Acoorn

      👁 👁

    • Wreck_Them_All


    • Real BelarusHindi
      Real BelarusHindi

      Unbox Therapy hello from Belarus 🇧🇾

    • Anthony Sanchez
      Anthony Sanchez

      You ever going go respond to the hate on the pablo Escobar pphone review...How much money did you get from the cartel... its disgusting that you a channel that makes millions a year would take money from an organization that has ruined an entire country with drugs and murder for some views great review bro

  • EMG ben on it
    EMG ben on it

    i got 2 of them thinking about a 3rd in silver

  • JaySean Ochia
    JaySean Ochia

    Sir Lew and Oneplus.Nord company sir please give me a chance to win in your give a sir ....give me a wonderful experience sir.... I also loves an iphone luxurious customized sir very nice outer appearance

  • آکادمی کسب درآمد از اینترنت
    آکادمی کسب درآمد از اینترنت

    I can just say fantastic در صورتی که هزینه این کالا با جیبتون نمی خونه بیاین تو کانال ما براتون یه دوره جامع کسب درآمد گذاشتم حتما ببینید. حداقلش اینه که این دوره رو می بینید و خوشتون نمیاد. (البته بعدی میدونم از این همه پول بگذرید)

  • Gaming with Akiff
    Gaming with Akiff

    I like this custom

  • carlosfer2201

    The yellow of the logo is just awful.

  • Abhijot Singh
    Abhijot Singh


  • NY 7
    NY 7

    No reason to ever get a tricked out phone like this when mostly everyone upgrades their phone every 2 yrs or so.

  • G C
    G C

    iPhone Is iPhone! 🙃

  • Tom Coster
    Tom Coster

    ... and after 8 months it is just an old, last gen, last year junk.

  • The Cane Slinger Cherryflexrattan
    The Cane Slinger Cherryflexrattan

    If the cog wheels were running then it would have has some effect.Price tag is just too outrageous!

  • Pm C
    Pm C

    anyone know the music at the end?

  • I Paper Pro
    I Paper Pro

    A small piece of Steve Jobs shirt is more than all that gold!

  • Atech Mobile
    Atech Mobile

    i Wish I could Have Love from Pakaitan ❤️🙌

  • Hisham RB
    Hisham RB

    Waited till lastto see the glowing

  • Vinoj Kumar
    Vinoj Kumar

    You should make a video about apple Macintosh computer 1984

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart

    I’m so tired of seeing these ugly ass creations. There’s a video every 3 months with these shits lmao

  • Honey S Panikkar
    Honey S Panikkar

    Most beautiful build ever

  • Patpat 76
    Patpat 76

    Love this it reminds me of being broke

  • Ronan B
    Ronan B

    $300 of manufacturing parts... And they want 3 grande? Damn

  • Christian I
    Christian I

    please pin this!! if you have any iphone 11, on facetime if you click affects and when your camera goes bigger (the viewfinder) you can pinch and it will switch lenses (zoom on and out type of pinch)

  • CK

    At first I expected those cogs to spin...... wish they would make the cogs spin when you charge your phone.

  • theInsignium

    Lou hasn't been talking to jack much recently... He must be in his box

  • Blessed Mararo
    Blessed Mararo

    designed for engineers,guess so

  • Saikat Das
    Saikat Das

    Hey Luke how you spend time during the quarantine

  • Максим Фадеев
    Максим Фадеев

    Забавно, что в чем-то Раша впереди планеты всей, вот уже сколько лет натыкаешься на такие кастомы и все компании из России:)

  • j zamo
    j zamo

    Caviar does the best custom iPhones!!

  • Shrikant Havaleppagol
    Shrikant Havaleppagol

    Bro gift me an iphone I'm a poor guy from a poor family that's why I'm teeling you to gift me an iphone ... I'm from india bro plz gift me an second hand iphone

  • Fabio correia
    Fabio correia

    A clear case on that will be so smooth

  • Deus sive Natura
    Deus sive Natura

    It doesn't even move, wtf is the point in it then?

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan

    Apple sewing companies for making fancy iPhone accessories... But when companies are building fancy iPhones,Apple is silent...

  • Kelvin Arthur
    Kelvin Arthur

    Does the wireless charging work?

  • Kelvin Arthur
    Kelvin Arthur

    Does the wireless charging work?

  • Walid Ahmed Nadeem
    Walid Ahmed Nadeem

    I’m unsubbing now. He still hasn’t gotten in the MacBook Air 2020.

  • Andreas Lassak
    Andreas Lassak

    Bullshit, its machine cut out .. lets put on some brand instead of this fake backs .

  • Dan SV
    Dan SV

    Well now I know that my 3d printed case from 2017 inspired someone

  • Nik_next

    Still think caviar’s customs are better

  • Freddie Jones
    Freddie Jones

    Shame their website doesn't work

  • ROME Gaming
    ROME Gaming

    I need this mobile phone for gaming and channel growing 🥺🥺

  • Yosop Ryoo
    Yosop Ryoo

    This is what Lew do when in the middle of epidemic

  • Dom Rolfe
    Dom Rolfe

    5k and they cant figure out a way to make the geats move hmm

  • cclevel45

    Imagine dropping that phone and scratching it. I would die

  • Highland Outsider
    Highland Outsider

    I'd be super disappointed paying that much for it an not havin all them cogs spinning and whirling, isn't the said spinning and whirling the entire point of exposed cogs? 😂🎩

  • Manish Thakur
    Manish Thakur

    Imagine you are from midclass family and you get it

  • Kenja Emzee
    Kenja Emzee

    WOW I wish I could afford iphones!

  • Philip Rosenthale
    Philip Rosenthale

    What a complete waste of time and money. Who cares. Yet another product for people with more money than brains.

  • mugas2002


  • Ly Hour
    Ly Hour

    Wow very nice 💗💗💗

  • Rich Cooper
    Rich Cooper

    Ok for that price I want then gears working to do something like printing money lol

  • Henry Simmons
    Henry Simmons

    You trynna tell me there’s no AirPods in that box?

  • minhuz rakib
    minhuz rakib

    Wow expensive.

  • Yeet N Skeet
    Yeet N Skeet

    how the fuck can that take 191 hours to make

  • Kenzie Dawson
    Kenzie Dawson

    I’d love this, as I type this on my iPhone 6 Plus

  • Saul Ibarra
    Saul Ibarra

    191 hours my ass

  • Moe Szyslak
    Moe Szyslak

    Which phone would you pimp?

  • betims

    The only problem is that update you're gonna receive from apple sooner or later and your battery lasts 15 minutes.

  • Stratulat Robert
    Stratulat Robert

    And I am here stuck with a 6S...

  • Mael

    Whats the name of that song at the start of the vid ? 😣 pls can someone tell me

  • aaronpiper92

    in 5 short years, this will be forgotten

  • Al Green
    Al Green

    But why?

  • Kiilaslammas

    Escobar 11 pro weighs about the same.


    Imagine apple making these pieces *This post was made by the people who think before buying thing*

  • Justin Nashell
    Justin Nashell

    It’s Rolex Edition

  • M M
    M M

    If it stuff inside doesn’t spin then idc

  • Æ geL
    Æ geL

    top fun from philippines🤗

  • Æ geL
    Æ geL

    top fun from philippines🤗

  • Shabbir's Food stuff
    Shabbir's Food stuff

    Not gonna lie of I saw someone with a 5000$ phone I would immediately think they're trash

  • Prince Lee
    Prince Lee

    Where do you usualy buy phones?

  • Cesurion

    You already made so much money scamming people can't you just live your live and delete this disgusting channel

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez

    You ever going go respond to the hate on the pablo Escobar pphone review...How much money did you get from the cartel... its disgusting that you a channel that makes millions a year would take money from an organization that has ruined an entire country with drugs and murder for some views great review bro

  • Ken Xia
    Ken Xia

    0:00 music name?

  • Tom Mackenzie
    Tom Mackenzie

    Do you get to keep that

  • TrapKing

    Nobody cares, why do you think people can trust you anymore

  • Joe so good
    Joe so good

    Real thing though what do you do with all of your tek you don’t use ?

  • Alex Blough
    Alex Blough

    oof we cant even afford the 2 year old iphones

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo

    I dont know why anyone would spend that kind of money because you know smart phones, within a few months a new phone model will be released then you have the old phone!

  • Cameron D.F Chisholm
    Cameron D.F Chisholm

    Luxury? I guess. Tasteful? Ehhhh

  • CloudCoaster

    When will they make a custom galaxy

  • Jennifer Funk
    Jennifer Funk

    Imagine just putting a non-clear case on that

  • Peter

    If it was a full custom chassis the price might be justified, but that's just a glorified case, and I hate design elements that have no purpose. Gears that don't do anything remind me of those cheap watches with fake dials on the face. It's less desirable to me than a stock iPhone.

  • Matt Benjamin
    Matt Benjamin

    Camera isn't in the center.

  • Joshua Duplaa
    Joshua Duplaa


  • Sami Arts
    Sami Arts

    Show in dark side

  • SultanMirza Yhb
    SultanMirza Yhb

    Corono 2 means corona virus uffff we don’t understand what will they do next time

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep

    How many are there in the world?

  • rino0oo

    I love the calm format of the videos. The wwwooooaawwwwww AAAA HAAAAAA screaming all the time, overeacting was just not for me. Now I am a fan great content.

  • Gautam Baiju
    Gautam Baiju

    i would still pout a case on that 💀💀

  • Noor Mohammad
    Noor Mohammad

    Please just throw away the phone to Bangladesh.i'll catch it......😬

  • Akbar Ali
    Akbar Ali

    What he dose with those phones?

  • Binayak Pradhan
    Binayak Pradhan

    This is the first I phone other than I phone 6 on which I fall buying due to it's beauty

  • Anomaly

    It would be much better trip if cogs were working...


    glow in the dark useless

  • Patrick Cho
    Patrick Cho

    if the gear doesn't move, it's not worth it. we want the moving one!!!

  • cetterus

    This turned to a fashion channel. I'm here for tech, not colors and masks.

  • Mr


  • Laggi Kubi
    Laggi Kubi

    It's a little bit disappointing that the gears aren't turning tho

  • Chris Storer
    Chris Storer

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Chronos #3 actually had moving parts?

  • Ammar Rosdi
    Ammar Rosdi

    Me look at my iPhone 7 sooooo old hahahahha

  • Neil Gomezッ
    Neil Gomezッ

    Awsome but why?

  • Ayush Jain
    Ayush Jain

    I like the idea to show the interior video at the first

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