I'm Switching to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra...
It's that time again. Hello, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
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    • Jorge Reveron
      Jorge Reveron

      I want this device just so i can work better in designing apps drawing logos and stuffs

    • William Bill
      William Bill

      I use the pen for sketchup, autocad, cc cloud, sketching, some times gaming, notes, sometimes even just to write stuff because I have freaking huge fingers that keep hitting the wrong keys... I really enjoy the S Pen.

    • Ankit Joshi
      Ankit Joshi

      @Unbox Therapy, when Willy Blue Limited Edition is coming for Samsung Note 20 Ultra phone? Thanks


      @Big Smoke aye yo where's cj?


      Best smartphone but Greece exynos........here..... America Snapdragon 865+.....yes Snapdragon.....hi end best smartphone......and Snapdragon...

  • Somaly Ngu
    Somaly Ngu

    Dude... pen is has an awesome kick to it. Note series is not premium without the pen. You can take out the pen for quick screen memos. That is one of the greatest feats. Especially when you ADHD like me. It's faster to jot Down number and save it later than to go ahead and store it. You can take selfies better from the pen. You don't have to be at arms length to try and take the photo by touching screens. You can share info, pics, and more because of its' quick functions. One thing that I truly love love love is if you are a business person.... signing a document on the fly is as easy as pulling out the pen and sign like you was at an office and sign docs. The pen is so fluid no one can tell you did that with your phone. If you an artist duuuude... I promised you that it is one of the best reading stylist out there. Oh yeah. I owned every note line there was and not only personalization is something apple has not mastered. The pen itself let's you customize your quick access when you pull out the pen. From note 2 until now... I promise that many that switch to the note line isn't disappointed ever other than the note7 years. Besides that, people forget about the extra Knox security feat. Meaning you have a capability that most does not. If you really dive into the whole system and taking time to set it up.... your phone protects your information. Let you run 2 accounts simultaneously and here is one thing most people do not know.... the S pen can be used with any S pen activated Samsung. Those who said can't either have a bad pen or not a samsung that has the pen capabilities. Hope you do take the time to learn about the device. It gets better every year. Well TTFN. Happy switching👏🥳

  • reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube

    I'm going to tell you what you noticed about the note 20 ultra and the regular note 20 is the same story as the s20 ultra and the s20 plus idk why but ive checked out 4 a20 pluses and 4 s20 ultras and the s20 plus has richer more vibrant colors thw s20 ultra does still have a geeat glow but the colors are lighter but I will say the difference isn't anything lokw this note 20 ultra and regular note 20 actually with how big of a difference this is I almost want to say the regular note20 is the most colorful of any samsung out this year lol so if you want more color def get that one haha but even the regular s20 doesn't have much color its actually washe don't in comparison to the other 2 s20 phones I returned mine and got the llus ebvause of my testing and what I noticed between all 3 I felt rhe s20 plus was the best buy for money and what yoy get and it had that oldschool samsung richness and depth even better contrast for some reason makes sense tho samsung does this and I felt like I was the only one that noticed it even over the past few years it should of been pointed out more like the galaxy a9 the plus variancr had even more color but the s9 kuckily was no slouch and still had great color i finally got an s20 that has ths same color my s9 had and it is the s20 plus so im very happy now i w as worried with my first sw0 like damn so samsung isnt going to do there rich displays anymore luckily i was wrong and I found one but it shouldn't be that way if thsy are all supposedly the same displays like there amoled screens then thwy should all have that color yet the s20 plus is the one with the richest image its weird and just shows samsung isnt telling us everything and I kean it isnt a by chance thing check all of the s20 plus phone sout you can you will notice it so it has got to be a difference in the display the panel per say

  • Roberto Villani
    Roberto Villani

    love the note series to death but... this day and age if i have to buy a new phone, then i will go for a Z- fold 2


    Pen is good during covid

  • Aditya

    I bought this phone 😍🖤

  • Lucius McPimp
    Lucius McPimp

    when you're young and naive you buy apple and vote democrat. As you get a little older and smarter you buy samsung and vote republican. Its the cycle of life.

  • Alejandro Huerta
    Alejandro Huerta

    Do you have the blue light filter on?

  • Inzam Haque
    Inzam Haque

    Watching this video on my Galaxy Note 3.

  • Anwaar Anwaar
    Anwaar Anwaar

    Please can you tell me note 8 Gear VR can fit in note 20 ultra ???

  • Harlequin.

    Samsung galaxy infinite multiverse quantum leap

  • Kodjo Gan
    Kodjo Gan

    This phone is bigger than my TV.

  • M Farrell
    M Farrell

    I'm an iphone user thinking about switching. Convert me people

  • Alvin Saiwak
    Alvin Saiwak

    how much is the samsung note 20 ultra

  • ❌No1❌

    22:01 samsung galaxy note 60 insanity. 😆 soon in 2060 , see ya in hell satans!

  • ❌No1❌

    7:02 heyyy beee respectful with samsung dear 👿

  • Prismarine Man
    Prismarine Man

    Nobody: Lew: Drops the One Plus Lew: That Wasn't On Purpose. Or Was It ???

  • Ash Binx
    Ash Binx

    Of course, you switch to every new phone to make money from views,duh.

  • Niklas_P

    Galaxy note 20 ultra has only 496 ppi galaxy s6 has 577


    Switching to Note 20 Ultra from a note 9 excited to see the pen on the left side. I'm a Lefty!!

  • Ramamohan Kuluri
    Ramamohan Kuluri

    How much is unbox therapy worth?

  • sans

    did he mention the exynos version is trash?

  • Mohim Rahman
    Mohim Rahman

    It's the best phone of 2020

  • Sandro Batsback
    Sandro Batsback

    I have had the Galaxy Note 20 for 2 weeks and I think it's a great product. What I find unnecessary is the selfie camera, even if the punch hole is very small. Am I the only one who doesn't use this selfie camera for anything? For years I have wanted such a device that you can optionally buy without a selfie camera.

  • nina B
    nina B

    Where did you get the colorful background on the comparison video

  • xjo ztr xjz
    xjo ztr xjz

    I don't know man.....

  • Umar Farooq
    Umar Farooq

    I wish I could get this

  • Justin Huddleston
    Justin Huddleston

    This is a big ass phone and I love it

  • Justin Huddleston
    Justin Huddleston

    That’s a big ass phone

  • douglas mckenzie
    douglas mckenzie

    I had it for a month and a half it's an awesome phone

  • KB Lim
    KB Lim

    No Samsung for me if they not give option for Snapdragon Chip for ASEAN countries. Who want Exynos?

  • Adam Goebel
    Adam Goebel

    As always....I love the comments section more than the video. Anyways is the display better than the note 10 at least? That one was horrible.

  • Erik Anders
    Erik Anders

    Scribbling work orders with the pen is super fast for me. I wish they made the same phone same camera etc but a smaller screen.

  • Zaid Alhusseini
    Zaid Alhusseini

    I almost read blyat on his hat

  • Turtle3000

    Interesting that yours is "Manufacturered in Korea" I just picked up the Black Note20 Ultra and it states it was "Manufactured in Vietnam." I'm here in Los Angeles, CA USA

  • Jacky

    i commented

  • Jaydaone Andonly
    Jaydaone Andonly

    Does anyone know what type of watch is he wearing???

  • suraj sahu
    suraj sahu

    where is skg year sets?

  • Femi Omomo
    Femi Omomo

    My Samsung S20 Ultra 5g is crap and here's why. Battery life is still crap it will get me to 2 or 3pm max I start my day at 7am Because of the curved screen I cannot click on the edge of the screen to select anything at the edge, example a INlabel video if I want to move the slider on the video to advance further into the video I can't because the slider starts on the curved edge. Sometimes the phone won't select part of the screen, so a certain area becomes untouchable. The phone locks up and has to be restarted at least 5 times a week sometimes twice a day! The Samsung clear case won't allow wireless charging without removing the case! I would like two sim cards and a Micro SD card slot, to hold all three simultaneously. Don't get me started on the low powered charger they supplied! I will never buy a Samsung again, if the battery does not last then all I have is a lump of plastic and glass in my pocket! This means all the features and benefits of the phone are useless. These faults are basic and I should not be having these issues, my phone was purchased in the U.K through my carrier O2 so it is not a Snapdragon version. One U.I 2.5 Android 10 I upgraded from a Samsung note 8 I should have saved my money and purchased an Asus which has real power!

    • RealMeIana

      A lot actually complained with your phone, I guess they have fix it with the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra, base on some reviews

  • Walang Magawa
    Walang Magawa

    Where is the headse??

  • Y. C.
    Y. C.

    farewell Apple iphones and co. its been real

  • tankthomas44

    Why are your eyes so big grandma? Better to see you with my dear. Bigger cameras make me nervous. Better for big brother to see us with. Made in Korea?! Even scarier!

  • tee wends
    tee wends

    Dang bro you gettin Grey! Not a bad thing but makes me feel like I've been watching you foreverrr

  • Trevonious95

    Iphone doesn't deserve that cyber edition.. just doesn't even fit

  • Ram Bam
    Ram Bam

    Dude, idk how many times I've seen you use this caption!! .... Anyway, I also bought the Note20 Ultra 5G 😇

  • yeuri calderon
    yeuri calderon

    Where's the follow up video

  • Akash Yadav
    Akash Yadav

    Me like the watch. I know it was N20U video but I keep seeing the watch and I like it. If someone reads this and knows it, please let me know too :) 1. Screen difference might be due to Victus. It is a more hardened version in the GG series. 2. INlabel in white? I cannot possibly use it without dark mode on the computer.

  • sebas lep
    sebas lep

    Once you get used to the pen ...you re fucked cause for me i have my note 9 for 1 1/2 year and it s so usefull that i m addicted to it now.

  • Matthew Reagin
    Matthew Reagin

    Case sucks yo

  • Benman

    I swap almost every other year in pattern. Samsung to Apple and back and forth got the note 20 ultra today loving it so far!

  • Marco Garcia
    Marco Garcia

    Next month , im switching to whatever come out😁

  • DarthRaider

    I remember when this channel used to be good

  • Rron K
    Rron K

    It’s not a oled it’s a dynamic amoled 👍😎

  • Neeraj Kumar
    Neeraj Kumar

    Yeah it's phone is good

  • NyanSheep 5678
    NyanSheep 5678

    *Probably the next step is to hide it under the display completely...* iPhone 12: 👀

  • Agustin Bolanos
    Agustin Bolanos

    Am just asking do u like Samsung or apple

  • Awesome_King

    As a 20 Ultra user it kills me that he didn't turn on Power mode. It increases the brightness and contrast

  • Hoopty Boontain
    Hoopty Boontain

    That case is shit. It doesn't protect

  • Nicole Aman
    Nicole Aman

    I have the iPhone 7 Plus... thinking of switching back to Samsung. I miss it sometimes lol.

  • Jean pierre Mogollon Luque
    Jean pierre Mogollon Luque

    Note ultra vs iPhone 12 pro Max.... iPhone gets raped

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia

    I've been using my ultra for a week now and I'm in love!! I have been a previous 10 year iPhone user and I felt it was time. Away with iphone!! Hwllo samsung. The colors on this phone is AMAZING

  • Mythical pvp
    Mythical pvp

    Galaxy s20 or galaxy note 20 ultra

  • Joosie

    Ah America... the only country where switching to samsung is a sin

  • Lady Reigns
    Lady Reigns

    Is it worth making the switch from the galaxy s10+ to the note 20 ultra? Tbh I don't really care for the pen, I just love the display size. I want a good phone to last me several years

  • Nivek •
    Nivek •

    My s9 serve me well since released, I will switch to the Note 20 Ultra at the end of this month.

  • bannedfahim thugrapper
    bannedfahim thugrapper

    later dont switch

  • Karim Baroudi
    Karim Baroudi

    Did samsung give you money ??????

  • DON Devil GAMING
    DON Devil GAMING

    Samsung phone with IOS will be the next phone in the world 😊

  • Mireya Martinez
    Mireya Martinez

    I have the Note 9. I have used my pen a lot. If you need to sign documents it is easy to do so with the Pen. You sign the document, save it and email it back. I have used the Pen 🖊 when we are going to take a group photo. Set the phone done and with the little button on the Pen you can take many pictures

  • Hernandez AffordableProducts
    Hernandez AffordableProducts

    always enjoying your product reviews. your setup has inspired ideas for mine. loving the note20ultra too lol.

  • AkA Reedztt
    AkA Reedztt

    After ultra is extreme

  • Just Out Here Tinkering
    Just Out Here Tinkering

    I noticed something in regards to my display. At max brightness and with adaptive brightness turned off, when going from shadow to direct sunlight it Brightens.... so it may match the brightness of the regular note 20 in sunlight. Also, Funny enough my Note 20 Ultra states it was manufactured in Vietnam on the back... so each factory has its own label for the phone.

    • jab the wolf minecraft
      jab the wolf minecraft

      Bro mime is Manufactured in Vietnam to

  • ana vega
    ana vega

    The pen really useful for take pictures 😅

  • Zachary Davies
    Zachary Davies

    Man I can’t afford this looks like I’m getting the note 10 :(

    • Truth B Told
      Truth B Told

      Note 10 is good too!

    • Ijene Your Travel Bae
      Ijene Your Travel Bae

      The note 10 is an amazing phone. It's not too far from this just smaller and less pixels.

    • Farhan Akram
      Farhan Akram

      Buy the note 7

  • Mr.Dankness

    Just got to the part about manufacturing locations. I just got my note 20 ultra, at&t variant yesterday. Mine was manufactured in Vietnam.

  • Davelle Crawford
    Davelle Crawford

    What type of watch is he wearing?

  • simon ndegwa
    simon ndegwa

    Samsung screens take time before the colours become really vivid..like after a month

  • Sado chan
    Sado chan

    Lol I had the same reaction 3:25 ... Ohhhhhhh!!!

  • mubiana mungonyinga
    mubiana mungonyinga

    I have a Samsung j7 duo and I wish I got the note 20 ultra

  • Mohamed S4fwan
    Mohamed S4fwan

    I'm using a macbook pro charger to charge my Note 9! Nothing happened so far.

    • D Traveller LK
      D Traveller LK

      same here

  • oilecec alorad
    oilecec alorad

    Sir can i have one of your phone 😅 to use it here for online class please P. S. I always watch your unboxing videos

  • K 2047
    K 2047

    Next month: I'm Switching to the iPhone 12 Pro Max...

  • 224rebels

    Lol he glossed right over the pop up that kicked him out if 120hz adaptive when he maxed out the screen resolution.

  • David Gladwin
    David Gladwin

    What a boring bastard

  • Lee Heeseung
    Lee Heeseung

    This man is always switching phone in a video he will say his switching to iPhone in another he will say he’s switching to android 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pc Gaming
    Pc Gaming

    How you can easy trow a phone? SOO bad

  • ihlas

    watching this with my Note 9 Bronze colour

  • James Goldenboy
    James Goldenboy

    Speaking of switching... the constant switching to the hand held camera angle is annoying and distracting. Please stop ✋

  • Evan Mulryan
    Evan Mulryan

    I want to look at the phone, not him

  • Yankee Napoleon
    Yankee Napoleon

    I use samsung galaxy S2

  • Steven Chorkley
    Steven Chorkley

    Does anyone see this and just think what a load of ewaste?

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


  • Auto Absolute
    Auto Absolute

    Anyone know what model watch Lew wears?

  • Brian Nielsen
    Brian Nielsen

    Doesn’t the Note have the highest nits on the market?

  • Grawbad

    One of my favorite things about the pen, and it may sound silly, is hovering drop downs and getting to the stuff inside without just clicking open a new page.

  • rahul kumar
    rahul kumar

    Ultra Pro

  • rahul kumar
    rahul kumar

    I just got my NOTE 20Ultra!! 🥳🥳

  • Alex Estes
    Alex Estes

    I've been loyal to the galaxy note series since the note 4. I'm really excited to upgrade from my note 9 to the note 20 ultra!

  • Jordan Beatty
    Jordan Beatty

    I’m considering leaving 10 years with iPhone to get this. But I’d still keep my iPad

    • Austin Myers
      Austin Myers

      That's what I did. Note's a better phone is almost every way. Only I thing I miss about iPhone is the "heft". Just feels slightly higher quality in the hand for some reason.

    • Erik Anders
      Erik Anders

      Apple computers and tabs , Samsung phones always. Can’t let Apple have it all because they don’t allow expandable memory. it is a simple sign they are not to be trusted entirely with phones.

    • miss_yogibear_23

      I switched to Samsung with the S8 and I don't think I'll go back, but I'm never giving up my iPad lol

    • Cody


  • ADS Yes
    ADS Yes

    Switch from iPhone X to this?

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