Motorola RAZR 5G Unboxing. The Newest Folding Phone
Unboxing the new Motorola Razr 5G for 2020/2021.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy


    • DOMINO UKAE The Furry Otaku
      DOMINO UKAE The Furry Otaku

      Razr: Has INlabel app, has no headphone jack...

    • Blue October
      Blue October

      @Unbox Therapy if you get bored with your watch, sell it to me I'm interested in buying your watch.

    • ML Top Players
      ML Top Players

      please give me that phone i need it for onlinr class

    • jill tillman
      jill tillman

      @0 ..m,mnzjzisiaisisishahsahusU&#,+(5-8

    • Qrn_death runr Yt
      Qrn_death runr Yt

      Can you plz give me one of your smart phones you have I really need one

  • d4nielsullivan


  • Dane

    I like it a lot.

  • Joe Capili
    Joe Capili

    So this phone its not allowed to put screen protector like tempered glass, because u need to folded up unless its scratch proof no need to put screen protector...

  • rudy

    the fact that they actually give us a charging box AND doc >>>>

  • jibba jABBA
    jibba jABBA

    all that wasted paper for a box.....

  • YouTube Channel
    YouTube Channel

    I like this but what about little stones or something like dust or sand is on the display? What will happend to the display if you close it with something like that?

  • Sopt Up
    Sopt Up

    Omg want one so bad, last phone I had before I switched to iPhone (4) back in 2010 😆😆 but does the flip sound the same??

  • darkRico

    I would even just buy the box, no phone even tho it looks great

  • Abood 188
    Abood 188

    من طرف خالد عسيري 😁🙃🙃

  • Kwafo Acquaah Arhin
    Kwafo Acquaah Arhin

    Like it, how would the screen hold when sand and other pocket stuff got between the two screens?

  • Luigi Sanchez
    Luigi Sanchez

    I was just about to buy it but no expandable memory?

  • Kevin Cuellar
    Kevin Cuellar

    How would it work with a screen protector lol

  • Paul Alvarez
    Paul Alvarez

    Bought this phone today, the packaging was everything. I'm pretty impressed

  • Luis Solorio
    Luis Solorio

    Best smartphone ever

  • Flying Turtle
    Flying Turtle

    INlabel is becoming waaay to confident with making us watch 2 ads in a row...

  • Ali Aleem
    Ali Aleem

    please dont let this device fail, if its version ever became 2k cheaper i will buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Prestige World-wide
    Prestige World-wide

    Lou, you classless shill.

  • Meap

    I have a razr2 ferrari edition and even if i don't use this phone anymore i still love it

  • MrMojackoman

    the sad thing about this phone is the battery. only 2800mAh. I will wait for maybe 3 more years and see motorola razr's new tech by that time. if they can ramp up the battery life, include top of the line chipsets and techs, then they can definitely take my money! another thing, im really thinking that the opened up selfie camera is useless for flip phones (razr design). They can focus on the main camera and people can just flip it as a selfie camera. But oh well, teleconference can be a use case for the opened up selfie camera. bottomline: wait for 3 years and lets see the tech by that time, maybe we will have 5000mAh on foldable screens with better chipsets and techs!

  • nezuko saiko
    nezuko saiko

    I want sliding phones to come back, too. I miss those so much! One of my favorites

  • HornburgMX

    With how addicted people are with phones , I think constantly flipping the phone open to check out apps will get annoying after awhile.

  • DairuggerXV VoltesFifteen
    DairuggerXV VoltesFifteen

    _Hey!,let’s go get one right now!_ Said no one on earth ever!

  • rey tejada
    rey tejada

    I really like this, I hope it sells and gets a newer version for kinda gaming side

  • Kale of the Gods
    Kale of the Gods

    Retro throwback, I kinda dig it :) Thumbs up for Kirk the cameraman's Ghost shirt \m/

  • DeZ McNeil
    DeZ McNeil

    The device is pretty cool aesthetically, however the hinges aren't reliable. There's been a lot of folks sending the phone back for replacements. The excessive flipping causing the hinges to loosen and eventually fall off.

    • Jason Mckinnon
      Jason Mckinnon

      Where'd you see the reports?

  • Kylie Kim
    Kylie Kim


  • PCS

    Now I understand why it's $1,000 phone, the packaging cost 500 LOL

  • MatrixAlphaCWX

    I wonder how many custom cases will come out for this one. Like in the early 2000's. Haha Only thing we are missing is the Myspace app.

  • Nelsonthedon

    I got the black one and love it

  • yomama6461

    I want to see main screen after long-term use.

  • Zombie Xing
    Zombie Xing

    🙏 plz Moto fix the 🔋 drain issue Because of screen use

  • Linken Rich
    Linken Rich

    How much is it

  • Kristina Simpson
    Kristina Simpson

    Looks like the jitterbug version of a smartphone.

  • XxMoony NightsxX
    XxMoony NightsxX

    All the flip phones gangsta until they see this phone.

  • Jacob McMahan
    Jacob McMahan

    All that boxing is so unnecessary

  • kt95 gy
    kt95 gy

    I had 2 original razors and they both broke after a couple of months. I hope this one is relianle

  • Love her
    Love her

    Iphone who...?! I fuckin want one of these frfr!!! I always loved the razr phones, I had a few of them, and now I'm about to have this one!!!

  • unique Mirza
    unique Mirza

    2day am realised what is means of smart phone 😳 Moto ur real a Smart 💯📱

  • jackay k
    jackay k

    I used to thought that motorola is closed down and all his shares fell down and this name is used for electronic appliances by japanese companies .

  • Stephen Hawkins
    Stephen Hawkins

    I Think you have done a wonderful unboxing very informative !!!! Thank You sir

  • Andy 777
    Andy 777

    God bless you all. The Gospel is 1Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesian 1:13, 2:8-9, Roman 3:23-26. Without blood there is no life and without Jesus BLOOD no eternal life.

  • Daniela Peña
    Daniela Peña

    Finally a phone I can say damn I want that, I’m sick of this huge things in my pocket, looks amazing, elegant, etc.

    • Apostolos Gkioni
      Apostolos Gkioni

      You godamn right. If it gets a better camera and price I would buy it imidiately

  • bradyspace

    Underrated, is that neither the screen nor the main camera get scratched up as much. The blister cameras scratch on the table or flip it too scratch up the screen when tabling it. Other un-named phones almost demand a phone cover further adding to its size which is never shown in the promo videos.

  • Michael baron Bonrostro
    Michael baron Bonrostro

    Lol old model😂😂😂not worth it to buy

  • LuxuryRumble

    Iphone 12 looks same as 11 maybe i switch to something different

  • Sophie Enberg
    Sophie Enberg

    Anybody have $1,399.99 to spare on a person like me?? Jk! Well maybe...

  • 1000 Subscribes In A Week Challenge
    1000 Subscribes In A Week Challenge

    “Fun Facts”: You Can’t Breathe While Smiling. Joking , Just Wanted To Make You Smile :)))💓💓

  • Hana BEE
    Hana BEE

    No plug for headset?

  • Jr M
    Jr M

    Watching this on my razr can say I'm happy with it so far! Was getting tired of apple

  • El Ka
    El Ka

    The technology involved looks amazing and very interesting but about the design... For me it's a big step backward

  • Pearls Of The Internet
    Pearls Of The Internet

    Maybe 5G is causing covid. I mean i feel kinda sick after watching this.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    Unbelievable, a massive chin along the bottom of the device and they still hide the finger print reader on the back! No front mounted reader - no sale :(

  • MBgamer SA
    MBgamer SA

    Got mine, love it . HARD to find a case for it though as all the cases have the older design. With the phone being all glass on the outside ( or glass-like material ) it gets fingerprints EVERYWHERE and also slides around like its possessed XD. But once i get a cover that will be sorted, Maybe DeBrand will come out with something as well. Either way is , I love it , coming from a S10+ ... the phone is just so amazingly small in your pocket. I end up not even using the main screen as you can do literally anything on the small display. I reply to messages, use Spotify through it . lol even tested some basic games . That screen works better then some cheaper phones actual screens. Super handy and easy to use UI as well. I would say Motorola UI at the moment is probably the most seamless . **EDIT** : Oh one drawback is the phone speaker is pretty lackluster. But i almost never use the speaker on a phone so doesn't bother me

    • MBgamer SA
      MBgamer SA

      @Jason Mckinnon Yea , Motorola makes a really nice leather cover and like a slim carbon fibre look cover .... But you cant buy it from them they tell you to go to outlet stores .... literally every single mobile store I have been to have never even seen this phone , heard of it and end up spending like 10 min playing with it in amazement ... So they not that helpful lol.

    • Jason Mckinnon
      Jason Mckinnon

      Yeah. D Brand seems like it would be the way to go. Hopefully they come out with something

  • kilgarragh

    23:36 hang on i think my internet went out, at least the dino game is good XD lemme go punch comcast

  • kilgarragh

    I'm SOO EXITED about this phone!

  • Towelie Towel
    Towelie Towel

    Anyone else watching this video on a iPhone?

  • Joseph Benjamin O'BRIEN
    Joseph Benjamin O'BRIEN

    Cases for these phones though

  • Joseph Benjamin O'BRIEN
    Joseph Benjamin O'BRIEN

    Did Lenovo really make this?

  • ReCap

    I want to buy just the packaging.

  • Daniel Robinson
    Daniel Robinson

    I will be getting this phone. I've always been a fan of the flip phone. Great video! I'm sold.

  • SCUBA Steve
    SCUBA Steve

    its like they saw the box the 9900k came in and said "hold my beer" lol

  • Dani Luis
    Dani Luis

    You talk to much. Get to the point.

  • Bob Vegana
    Bob Vegana

    The Zoomed quality is surprisingly good. Willy looks good

  • Charan C babu
    Charan C babu

    Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2

  • Sabi Multani
    Sabi Multani

    Once upon a time They had ruled the market with the old Motorola Razr..

  • JustinLoc

    I Mean Can We Get The Sidekick Next? I Absolutely Loved My Sidekick Growing Up! That was the IPhone of my Generation Until They Came Out.

  • Jerry Robles
    Jerry Robles

    This jawn go dumb

  • Catarina Atanasio
    Catarina Atanasio

    my dad would love this lol

  • Kerin Lainez
    Kerin Lainez

    I just bought 2 phones just now and I have to wait till they arrive in the mail and that is the new Motorola flip phone also the LG Wing and I am excited, I just can't wait till I get to see it in person 😁😁😁😁

  • Prog Rocker
    Prog Rocker

    the biggest packaging for the smallest phone. ironic...

  • U1rich

    Old flip phones had 3.5mm jacks, so why doesn't this?

  • jordanw2009

    This is the first android I thought I might actually get

    • clarkesuperman

      Me too til I seen 1400 usd

  • Synysterpain

    I'm a Samsung user, but im interested in this phone

  • Jorge Montesinos
    Jorge Montesinos

    I think i just felt in love

  • Mariusz Łysik
    Mariusz Łysik

    Is battery life long? I remember all Motorola’s used to be bad

    • Apostolos Gkioni
      Apostolos Gkioni

      It has a midrange chip paired with 2900mah battery I think it's average. Also it's an oled so dark mode will deffo help

  • Dancing Candle
    Dancing Candle

    I always loves my flip..not at this price though

  • Orlando Marquez
    Orlando Marquez

    Preferably, start around minute 5:15. You're welcome.

  • Tanya Ryland
    Tanya Ryland

    My mom and dad had a razor ☺️I’m not sure if I can ever switch cell phones I’ve been using iPhones 📱 since I was old enough to get a cell phone 📱 I’ve tried a blackberry and returned it 1 hour later back to IPhone “I don’t care for the inventors of the Apple iPhone they are freak of nature’s but i just can’t use any other phone 📱 the hospital I work for have a the new galaxy cell phone to use as a work phone it looks nice from a distance but it’s plasticky hahaaa like dollar store status hahaaaa that new razor cell phone is a phone I would give a child as a first time cell phone to see how they take care of a cell phone before buying them the iPhone the packaging and the case is better then the phone itself I don’t like the folding to much wear and tear opening and shutting. Thank you for the review I really enjoy ur INlabel videos you make you do a fantastic job especially when you did the unveiling of the Apple headphones Pro you did a fantastic compare and contrasting with the regular Air-buds to the Airbuds Pro after watching your video on them I ordered them and I love my earphones. Thank you so much sorry for all the typos 😇

  • Shadow_Drift127

    6:53-6:54 asmr bro

  • Ole FsHn,
    Ole FsHn,

    The packaging is cool and all but I'd rather pay less and have the phone shipped in a more basic box.

    • Bob Vegana
      Bob Vegana

      It said, it’s for unboxing only. Production model will come with only the inner black box

  • Ali Kashif
    Ali Kashif

    5g pakaging😎😎

  • Jose Gonzalez Sebastian
    Jose Gonzalez Sebastian

    My Razr started cracking and I'm made it's not cheep

  • Ana Kristina Macorol
    Ana Kristina Macorol

    You can also buy an iPhone!📱

  • Gary Beltz
    Gary Beltz

    What smart watch are you wearing during this video?

  • WellThatWasLame

    does this wirelessly charge too?

  • slysta 323
    slysta 323

    I love Motorola but i wouldn't even pay half of what this phone costs.

  • Mangoes In Space
    Mangoes In Space

    I want it, so bad.

  • meri tina
    meri tina

    much better than samsung...

  • Cinderella ASMR
    Cinderella ASMR

    I got this phone now and I love it! 😍 Bye iphone!

  • saladim56

    How does it compare to Samsung galaxy note?

  • Jason Tuscaloosa
    Jason Tuscaloosa

    I'm ready for the bag phone to come back now!

  • Discrete 333
    Discrete 333

    Fill up the landfills Motorola! lol

  • Billy Han
    Billy Han


  • smievil

    folding style of samsung makes more sense to me. but i'm not really gonna pay 3 ok computers for a phone, maybe if there was anyone for half that price. i think folding it could be good, i don't know but a lot of things feels so small nowadays.


    Best feature hanging up on someone after a heated argument. Satisfaction of Slamming it shut 🤣

  • Loren Jae
    Loren Jae

    I miss this phone. Gotta have it 😍😍😍

  • eleazar

    Honestly, the packaging is a big turn off. At this day and age, do we really need that much waste in resources?

  • Keith’s Kustoms
    Keith’s Kustoms

    Not Worth the $2400 asking price.

  • Saad Shaikh
    Saad Shaikh


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