OnePlus 8T Unboxing - The New OnePlus Flagship
The OnePlus 8T expands the OnePlus smartphone product lineup with a flagship level spec sheet. SnapDragon 865, 4500 mAh battery, 65 Watt charge etc.
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  • Peter Arnold
    Peter Arnold

    Oh look, the OnePlus 80.

  • Chandan Chandu
    Chandan Chandu


  • Kshitij Vijay
    Kshitij Vijay

    One plus is fading from red to orange

  • J A
    J A

    The word you want is ... a more “satin” finish


    Sir, good evening. Could you please let me know when will a latercase be available on your online store? I checked and it is still coming soon. A great idea due to the blueish color on my device a blue carbon line like the one you already offered. Thank you

  • PabloV99

    18:57 That's what 90% of hetero guys would love to hear about a girl

  • Лука Марин
    Лука Марин

    The microphone is terrible

  • Will M
    Will M

    Honestly I prefer the first look at this opposed to the Google 5, like the rapid charging really seals it for me

  • khaja Shaik
    khaja Shaik

    U can see the change of the colour when it camera angle changes

  • Droneightower

    Hope oneplus 9 is better than before. I need: 1.gimbal camera. 2.waterproof phone. 3. Metal at back like oneplus 3t 4. Flat edge screen bezelless 5. Radio without jack and internet. 6. Selfie camera under screen. 7. Less than 7 inch screen. 8. Brightness 1200 cd/m² (nit) or better. 9. 4800mah battery or above 10. Qualcomm snapdragon as standard international ram. 11. Support sd extreme card pro I dont need: 1. Phone earpiece jack 2. NFC because barcode transfer is enough and safety 3. Wireless charging to avoid static and safety 👍👍👍👍👍

  • akaan Sesugh
    akaan Sesugh

    Lew please I need a phone 😭😭please I'm from Nigeria and I'm using an itelA11. Please do me a favour.

  • sADYc

    Sound! Bluetooth sound level sucks, at max volume you need not to breath in order to understand something! It's so odd that you don't talk about that! Money talks! And YES, it it a reference to the Reality Kings!

  • isa

    I’m tryna find a new phone my budget is 600 any suggestions

  • andrei115

    wow, one plus sure makes some quite beautiful phones

  • SorThya Official
    SorThya Official


  • th3doorMatt

    Getting my 1+8T+ no one has a case out for it times...Lew, I want to buy yours, but can't get any idea on when it'll actually be on sale and available! Save me!

  • Harvey Deleon
    Harvey Deleon

    Hi! I hope you can give me any kind of phone for my online class 🙏God bless!❣️

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Nice matching the color of the box with your hat

  • anmol khanal
    anmol khanal

    I love this phone but can't afford it😂😂😂😂

  • michis arti
    michis arti

    she wears the headphones the wrong way

  • simon

    Go to marques brownlee its 10 mins of straight to it, not 30 of empty talk, that starts at 20 mins in . Just like OnePlus started off well and messed up .

  • C. L. Huntley
    C. L. Huntley

    So what is better, the OnePlus 8T or 8 Pro?

  • pinkesh

    Hello! everyone......

  • Stijn Boterberg
    Stijn Boterberg

    Watching this. On oneplus 8T, listening with the Sony wh-1000xm3. Love my machines.

  • Scartler L
    Scartler L

    in gunna wait for the 9T pro untill then I'll keep my oneplus 7 pro

  • Alex balls to you
    Alex balls to you

    Who else thinks the audio is really bad at 16:10? Can someone confirm if it is this bad irl?

  • Dawid Dymek
    Dawid Dymek

    8GB Ram of 12 ? What should I go for ?

  • Marc Arne
    Marc Arne

    I would be interested if they didn't have a hole punch and kept the 7 Pro motor cam hidden.

  • Ian Mwangi
    Ian Mwangi

    loving the phone stats

  • crazyworldvloged tv
    crazyworldvloged tv

    latercase latercase all he ever goes on about i bought one took ages to come then scratched my phone would never buy again would rather dbrand than that bad case would get a oneplus case from oneplus safer and quicker

  • Farouk Ahmed
    Farouk Ahmed

    This phone is awesome just what you want from a samsung flagship and comes with all the perks I mean just awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Muhammed Shanil
    Muhammed Shanil

    One Plus 8T Better Than I Phone 12 Whats Your Opinion

  • Arnold Fernandes
    Arnold Fernandes

    For a second i thought OnePlus had ventured into selling Scotch whisky 🥃

  • desert eagle
    desert eagle

    The case is bigger than a whole black level case

  • Anurag Mishra
    Anurag Mishra

    App drawer vanishes randomly every 2-3 hours or so on my OnePlus 8T phone bought on Saturday. A temporary fix is to switch from the dark to light mode and vice versa. Restarting the phone is another temporary fix. I have been facing this issue since the last update i.e. Oxygen 11 software update - Oxygen 11 does not seem to be optimized in line with Android 11, which is sad given Oneplus's Oxygen OS is one of the reasons why people go for OnePlus phones. Would appreciate if someone has found a permanent fix for this. Thoughts, please.

  • jairaj jagtap
    jairaj jagtap

    Oneplus 8T microphone better then your professional studio microphone .

  • shylowolf

    Is it better than the OnePlus 7 pro

  • caseyragar

    Maybe I missed it, but what is the difference between the 8 Pro and the 8T??? They both seem to be flagship worthy....

  • Jeff McKnight
    Jeff McKnight

    Tired of OnePlus giant phones. What happened to one handable phones these days?

  • Greezy Official
    Greezy Official

    This phone or the Galaxy s20 5g? Recommendations???

  • Annsrrone

    It is Christmas day?

  • im ARJUN
    im ARJUN


  • Abdallah Michail
    Abdallah Michail

    Macro Camera ?

  • Brice Johnson
    Brice Johnson

    You’re videos are always super clean, after watching i always try to just clean my iPhone and make it look optimized and satisfying

  • Sense Gaming YT
    Sense Gaming YT

    I just bought 4 days ago dope fone 😁 but I got normal case only 😭

  • asadul zaman
    asadul zaman

    Still waiting for a long term review of Galaxy M51 . Hope the 7000mAh battery gets your attention !!!

  • leon fleeman
    leon fleeman

    Do you believe there will be a black Friday sale on this phone? There is a mystery gift when ordering now...should I wait?

  • UKn0w 5aM
    UKn0w 5aM

    Another communists phone..?? Unbox therapy is getting old 👎 Time to unsubscribe!

  • 19-BCA-031 [Jimit Shukla]
    19-BCA-031 [Jimit Shukla]

    23:02 we care about a telephoto more than a macro and B/W

  • 19-BCA-031 [Jimit Shukla]
    19-BCA-031 [Jimit Shukla]

    21:25 well it's $750

  • Ruben Brandão
    Ruben Brandão

    What is the case he's using on the OnePlus 8 Pro?

  • Slater Luna
    Slater Luna

    Wireless charging?

  • 19-BCA-031 [Jimit Shukla]
    19-BCA-031 [Jimit Shukla]

    Oneplus should just skip the 't' models, so the next year's models look more upgraded


    Ey @iFerg is this the phone your giving away this is cool dude🔥🇵🇭

  • Vishwesh Kalyam
    Vishwesh Kalyam

    What info did I gain here?...kudos to you wasting my 17 mins here 👍

  • Ivory Cain
    Ivory Cain

    Hey Lew what game were you playing?

  • I77UM1N4T3D

    Symmetric bezels yay!

  • Ruby Pareek
    Ruby Pareek

    HELLO Unbox Therapy I am Sankalp Pareek,a die hard fan of yours from India. I am going through a really tough time and I figured out that I could use some help from a highly talented tech youtuber like you. I have been using a 32-bit Windows Vista Desktop since the beginning of this pandemic... I would be really thankful if you give me a decent laptop from your huge collection of gadgets, it would make my life a lot better. I am really serious about this...please reply to this comment if you want to help (everyone please like this comment so that it comes to his notice).

  • Adam Kempa
    Adam Kempa

    Prepare for a WOTCH 🙆 !!!!!!! I am waiting for it !!!

  • prasad Kadu
    prasad Kadu

    16:30 lew recording video at 4K 60 fps and appreciating high resolution , me here watching at 480p to save data.

  • Jake McFarland
    Jake McFarland

    4k 60fs, that sounds aggressive so that's what we'll pick. 😂👍❤️

  • Adam Goebel
    Adam Goebel

    One Plus's slogan should be.... "Shhhhhhh....🤫🤫😉"

  • Tyler Dowd
    Tyler Dowd

    Man this phone looks great

  • Aj Magbanua
    Aj Magbanua

    No earphone ?

  • AZIZ

    Android still an Android lol

  • Trucker Ron
    Trucker Ron

    The mic sounds distorted!

  • Trucker Ron
    Trucker Ron

    How did you get this phone so early? This phone isn't releasing until 10-23-2020

  • Leonidas Soininen
    Leonidas Soininen

    Should I switch from my iPhone xsmax to a oneplus 8T?

    • webman1956

      If you are tired of being an iPhone slave you should.

  • Jason Tobias
    Jason Tobias

    Wow! That was actually a waste of paper and ink.

  • Gog ii
    Gog ii

    Hey Lew, Sincerely asking, will you give this phone to me as a gift? pleeeeease? 🥺

  • mohd saadath ali
    mohd saadath ali

    Is it have wireless n reverse charging support?

  • A P
    A P

    Lew - What happened to checking out the front facing camera? Critical for a lot of self important people and you missed it completely !

  • SuneLaguz

    the recorded sound was bad or too loud >

  • Jeremija Krstić
    Jeremija Krstić

    8, 8Pro, 8T - no audio jack. Why would you want to fuck such good phones up like that? I don't know. Still, to me, it's a no no. I was planning to buy one this year. Now I have to postpone it.

  • Mohammed Hussein igfhh
    Mohammed Hussein igfhh

    It is 599 usd in sweden😄😃

  • Reginald Jere
    Reginald Jere

    120hz someone at apple is in big trouble for forgetting that on the latest iphone ;)

  • Reginald Jere
    Reginald Jere

    its not teal its Dave2Dee

  • Luis Enrique Valdés Fernandez
    Luis Enrique Valdés Fernandez

    I like your channel but man, that's not the average people unboxing experience, only influencers received so impressive packaging so what's the point? Your primary audience is the people or is the brand's PR team? Thanks

  • Dinesh M A
    Dinesh M A

    So, oneplus 8 huh!?

  • antroidi

    Imo the wide camera looks pretty bad just because it stretch the image so heavily.

  • mrinal upadhyay
    mrinal upadhyay

    Oneplus has plain and simple gone GREEDY They flushed their intent of budget flagship killer from OP7 onwards .. So now it's Just another company 🙄

  • Ayush TanG
    Ayush TanG

    the audio was horrible.

  • CraZe

    Just ordered mine and I'm really excited to recieve it. Had the 5T last year and it was an amazing phone

  • Jose V
    Jose V

    Lew can actually put up a store from his phone collection 🤣😂

  • Johnlim40

    my curiosity for one plus

  • Danny Volt
    Danny Volt


    • shut. DΦWN
      shut. DΦWN

      @Danny Volt so what do u want in the box, and btw iphone 12 have no charger, just an empty box with a phone

    • Danny Volt
      Danny Volt

      @shut. DΦWN Oh c'mon. Phone, two masks, cable and a charger and that's it...

    • shut. DΦWN
      shut. DΦWN

      Nope it's a good thing, u get a lot of things from it, not just a smartphone

  • aditya kammari
    aditya kammari

    cyan color thats sus

  • Aryan Dinesh
    Aryan Dinesh

    Pls give me a oneplus phone plzzz iam a big fan ❤❤

  • Marko Pocophonef1
    Marko Pocophonef1

    Probably gonna buy it .Will decide after compareing it with Samsung S20 Fun Edition. So far so good 😁

    • TegMiles

      Don't forget to also read comparisations on the software, if you care about that. Oxygen os was the closest to stock android in previous generations but reviews are saying one ui 2.5 is superior this time.

  • Justine Dela Cruz
    Justine Dela Cruz

    Me watching this with my Oneplus 5. :

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac

    You didn't mention always on display! I am damn close to selling my 6 month old S20 and buying an 8T!

  • Shu Sean
    Shu Sean

    This box is MUCHHHHHH better than those of Apple smh

  • Jianhua Shao
    Jianhua Shao

    Oneplus 6T $549, Oneplus 7T $599, Oneplus 8T $749. This phone sells 3399 CNY in China which is $510.

  • David Blechinger
    David Blechinger

    So it's 749. Not the 600 dollar price point... Still worth it?

  • Marcos H. Ary
    Marcos H. Ary

    I think that's the best reviewer's package I've seen. Lol

  • oncorpse

    watching it on my OnePlus 8 pro

  • Bond Zee
    Bond Zee

    One plus needs to produce phone with the same colour as their box 📦 they are stuck with blue and black while they have an amazing red colour box .

  • MarkYen Gaming
    MarkYen Gaming

    How i love watching things i can't afford for the rest of my life. this is my therapy :) Watching from philippines

  • Aboud Sheikh
    Aboud Sheikh

    My friend , love those phone review it's always comprehensive! But I hope you also talk about the OS platform stability and security I think it's important to me as well for others maybe , at least we should know more details about the software experience , comparison to Samsung we know that's has the Knox security and famous UI experience, best of luck always and keep it up 👍🏻

  • AK 47 DAWAR
    AK 47 DAWAR

    I love watching things that i can't afford 😜

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