Unboxing Apple's 1000 Dollar Stand
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Did you see it?

    • The funniest most random videos on youtube
      The funniest most random videos on youtube


    • Aleksandar Mitrovic
      Aleksandar Mitrovic

      Finally seeeeeeeeeee

    • Zidan alfi Syahrin
      Zidan alfi Syahrin

      Is that Jojo references?!

    • Zaigham Hacker
      Zaigham Hacker


    • Asphalt boomer
      Asphalt boomer


  • Golden 06
    Golden 06

    8.7k Apple fanboys are insulted.

  • Joshh

    Wtf was apple doin wit that😂

  • Enes Güven
    Enes Güven


  • Tintin

    No, it's 999 dollars

  • ACE

    Did you just do it like relaxing end?

  • Clips you don’t watch
    Clips you don’t watch

    Real talk, imagine spending 1000$ dollars for a fucken stand

  • Emerson Bonilla
    Emerson Bonilla

    I thought you could only obtain stands with the Golden Arrow...

  • NthgCanGetMeDown!

    And they put an instruction manual in there

  • 56Beauty

    You have me in tears! Lol! I love watching you unbox Apple products.

  • mac iphone
    mac iphone

    Gravity rediscovered

  • neil

    Regular monitor stand: *Costs 30 dollars* That one monitor stand designed in California: *Costs 1000 dollars*

  • Saravanan K
    Saravanan K


  • Ramjan Khan
    Ramjan Khan

    putting banana on 1000$ apple stand so much embarrasing

  • yegenek

    It is like the monolith from Space Odyssey, maybe you need to be at the level of an ap.. sorry apple customer to be influenced by it.

  • Laslie Inc.
    Laslie Inc.


  • Saurav Bhowmik
    Saurav Bhowmik

    Look like hereditary part 2

  • DarkAssassin454

    who spends $1000 for this, even?

  • DarkAssassin454

    why are you putting stand in description, who the hell is even going to buy it?

  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor

    This is what Apple has come to.

  • Nishit Gaming YT
    Nishit Gaming YT

    The way he puts the bananas 🍌 over there is the best 😂

  • James Jose
    James Jose


  • NextGeneration9501

    with this price tag, i can buy a ps5 and bunch of aaa ps5 games btw, a piece of aluminium with that ridiculous price tag bothers me...

  • The Pilot Gamer
    The Pilot Gamer


  • Zoll V
    Zoll V

    Lol apple sucks . From samsung

  • Urbano Garcia
    Urbano Garcia

    What kind of devil watches this at 3AM

  • Adam Alasadi
    Adam Alasadi

    Haha i love how the music is just straight from a horror movie

  • 【 S h i i T a K e 椎茸くん】
    【 S h i i T a K e 椎茸くん】

    Did they said what are the Stand’s Abilities? For 1000$ lol

  • emJayTV

    I love his "What's so fuckin' 1000 dollars about this thing?!"-Look in his face :D

  • Jeff Sipes
    Jeff Sipes

    ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

  • Mohammad Faizyab
    Mohammad Faizyab

    Apple stands with banana :p

  • dave israel
    dave israel

    Apple sells as good as Gucci it's just about the money and the brand name and the quality no matter if it looks useless stand for 999 gucci belt 700 flip flops 300


    The music makes it feel like it's being unboxed on an episode of walking dead

  • PaulWalkaa

    I'm simply Feel like a broke.

  • Aditya Singh 12 C
    Aditya Singh 12 C


  • Assumi Swu
    Assumi Swu

    Isheeps : Wow! Fastest Stand

  • sandy

    Next product Apple's freshApple 🍎 2000 dollor

  • Adam Qureshi
    Adam Qureshi

    The background music and the gloves and silence made me feel like he is gonna go hannibal lecter on that shit stand


    Anybody remember the risitas meme of this

  • vika vika
    vika vika

    I could actually buy an antire great pc setup for the peice of this stand

  • Sky Walkers
    Sky Walkers

    I hope apple cushion next time

  • Muhd Yan
    Muhd Yan

    Look disgusted and confused🤣🤣👍👍

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    Starting @ 3:44 the video isn't playing in reverse put its him packing up the stand to send it back to the @$$le store that's why the mount sticker was never used.

  • blue_penguin82

    When he breathed in I felt that

  • Cancit Panton
    Cancit Panton

    Wow when i convert it to peso, it costs 50k for a freaking stand? Damn. I can buy a freaking gaming pc with some gaming equipments bro.

  • sheeza khan
    sheeza khan

    He just stared at tht thing fr years lol!

  • R0n1n 707
    R0n1n 707

    So that's where bananas come from

  • Luke J
    Luke J

    No wonder Apple hit a value of 1 trillion dollars.. they are selling pieces of steel for $1000 bucks.

  • nateman79

    How do ya let Apple know they’ve become money hungry assholes with zero innovation? Record yourself unboxing a pro stand

  • M a L u K u M a N
    M a L u K u M a N

    At the end you should've thrown the box over your shoulder 😁

  • Zoey NiSeishin
    Zoey NiSeishin

    Product *meant for professional market where things are sold separately as per standard and the standards are not the same as the consumer market* Linus *took time to explain this to the public* Lew *takes advantage of the hate sheep who will happily watch anything if it validates their tribalistic hate of a company they could just not buy from* Me: Nice bananas.



  • Once Upon A Time
    Once Upon A Time

    *Sounds like Horror movie* 😨 Banana 🍌 Stand

    • Dimitri Sergei
      Dimitri Sergei

      Been so hard lately 😩

  • Bit Hodl
    Bit Hodl

    2:41… did I really spend this much of a money on this crap. Fuckin unbelievable.

  • Bit Hodl
    Bit Hodl

    Burn Apple.

  • Savage Suga
    Savage Suga

    There is no *STAR PLATINUM*

  • joshuaragon6676

    Does this stand magically change into an autobot transformer? Because ain’t no way in fucking hell would anyone in their right mind buy this thing

  • Jacob Astorga
    Jacob Astorga

    I got scared on this video the music

  • Casey Malinao
    Casey Malinao

    Get anything you can find and slap it with an Apple, instant $1k

  • Froilan Jay Orilla
    Froilan Jay Orilla

    With that amount of money maybe i can buy PS4 or maybe PS5

  • Pure Games Footage
    Pure Games Footage

    Why the dramatic music? Why you not speaking? Why tf is that thing 1,000$? WHATS GOING ON

  • Random Stuff Guy
    Random Stuff Guy

    Lew looks like an investigator out of a movie scene

  • Weston Buford
    Weston Buford

    I love the videos where you don’t talk 😂

  • r. e.
    r. e.

    2020 is the worst year! There's a lot of bullshit, and a piece of shit stand!

  • Mineable Gaming
    Mineable Gaming

    This video gives of a scary/weird vibe...

  • さくらヤミニ

    Sorry man y getting dislikes for 2 15s unskippable ads

  • sksGO


  • ClearlyNotYou

    Guys dont worry, that thing is made from vibranium that's why it's so expensive af

  • Alex Kjeldgaard
    Alex Kjeldgaard

    Apple is a joke... I feel bad for it's loyal customers.

  • Sebastian Rotariu
    Sebastian Rotariu

    This video could be a perfect ASMR without the background music XD

  • Cherry Stone
    Cherry Stone

    It’s weird that, that thing cost more then my car.

  • Khobo Mi7
    Khobo Mi7

    Black gloves Oh Hell NO!

  • Willi Bald
    Willi Bald

    People here having no idea why this thing is so expensive are more entertaining than the video itself. 🤣.

  • Suyog Patil
    Suyog Patil


  • carl tomas
    carl tomas

    if this doesnt come with built in wifi and a gaming pc in it with a snack and soda bar i dont want it

  • diki sanjaya
    diki sanjaya

    Apple: we make 1000 Dollar stand Me: what does it do? Apple: it can stand Me: .....and? Apple: you can hang banana on it Me:......... Cool.......

  • Avijeet Bhowal
    Avijeet Bhowal

    Best stand for hanging bananas 🤣

  • Avijeet Bhowal
    Avijeet Bhowal

    The only company who thinks adding a pro in their product name will make it pro.


    Jojo fans were exxpecting something different

  • Mukesh Sharma
    Mukesh Sharma

    I just saw bald lew in thumbnail

  • Contractors Solutions
    Contractors Solutions

    Apple lol. They are done. Done. While Samsung going forward. America we are done

  • Jean m
    Jean m

    I dunno why but these apple videos destroy me

  • Aoulla'per Zahouwi
    Aoulla'per Zahouwi

    Ok, you totally convinced me, I'll buy one right away... Even i don't have the actual device, but who cares i have lots of ideas for it, like... Like.. Um.. Like having a... a Banana hanging over it Or... Or you know.. Why are you still reading this comment go do something with your life jeez..

  • Giuseppe2245 -H_27_RUN
    Giuseppe2245 -H_27_RUN

    Samsung fans and haters: YOU ARE RIPPING OUT YOUR COSTUMERS SELLING A SLOWER AND MORE INEFFICIENT CHIPSET! THIS IS NOT GOOD! I WILL NOT BUY IT! Samsung is changed, what a stupid company! MEANWHILE, IN THE APPLE ONLYNE SHOP... Hey you, buy a piece of metal with some magnet at a 1000 dollars! And also, buy the jew iphone 12! For ever 1300 dollars, but now, you are not going to have 120hz display, and also you need to buy yourself the charger. Think about this ladies and gentlemans... is really samsung the ripper if your bank account? (Hypocrites)...

  • Yash Srivastava
    Yash Srivastava

    Steve jobs left the chat!

  • tricktaylor1983

    I need this

  • Johnny49

    apple IS A CULT

  • Santosh Rawal
    Santosh Rawal

    He hates Apple ? They are not sending him a phone to review

  • Rogsterr

    I love this

  • Rogsterr

    You know when he is silent that he is mad

  • Guillermo Tijerino V
    Guillermo Tijerino V

    1000 for that crap!!

  • Bob Savage
    Bob Savage

    He looked exactly like the relaxing end right their 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ali Imtiaz
    Ali Imtiaz

    he has a serious obsession with apple, man that’s hilarious 😂

  • Ed ELlis
    Ed ELlis

    Don’t buy

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    $1000 stand What we expected: Gold Experience What we got: Cheap Trick

  • Marvin Bauersohn
    Marvin Bauersohn

    Steve Jobs is spinning so fast in his Grave, Interstellar music is playing. Rest in Peace Steve. Rest in Peace Apple.

  • A B
    A B

    Apple wheels ,stand. After few years. Apple sofa apple bed apple toilets what the fuck apple is upto

  • JACK 37
    JACK 37

    Apple is so sick to sell us a piece of metal for 1000$ 🤢😡

  • Nagavamsi Krishna
    Nagavamsi Krishna

    Never knew apple thought of bananas.....

  • Nagavamsi Krishna
    Nagavamsi Krishna

    2:22 Unbox therapy : Wth is this apple?!

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