AirPods Pro Spatial Audio = MIND BLOWN
Apple's spatial audio feature for AirPods Pro just exceeded my expectations.
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    Unbox Therapy

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    • Krishang Chatterjee
      Krishang Chatterjee

      How did you know??

    • General Chris Gaming
      General Chris Gaming

      Ehat if you set the audio to movie theater

    • Wilmer Flores
      Wilmer Flores

      Anybody know what I can watch to experience this. Ik Netflix doesn't work so idk what to watch to experience this.

    • Janath Gunawardena
      Janath Gunawardena

      Hey no prob. big fan.. Also can u guys do a review on Marshell & Fender Bluetooth speakers? really interested in your take on them

    • Austin Williams
      Austin Williams

      what hoodie are you wearing?

  • Brian

    Any idea if they are going to implement this tech on the Powerbeats Pro?

  • jobbyjaws

    The binaural audio that the first half of the video is about will factor in the acoustic effect the human head and outer ear has on the sound. So in ear earphones are actually more suited for this than over ear earphones because then it’d be going through 2 sets of outer ears (one digitally filtered and one naturally filtered by your actual ear)

  • Princesa Cuento Infinito
    Princesa Cuento Infinito

    love yourself

  • Sanjay Panara
    Sanjay Panara

    You should have tried getting down under the table dude.

  • DaviD Lee
    DaviD Lee

    I been using an earbud brand 233621 Zen Pro for 3 months. I think they are good. But I'm not sure about comparing with others. It has ANC. I hope you can make a review from it. Maybe I can suggest to the company send one for you, if you agree to make a review. Please let me know.

  • Mithezzy Paranee
    Mithezzy Paranee

    does airpods pro support spatial audio on macbook pro 2020 cuz i tried watching a movie on macbook pro but i have no option to activate spatial audio on macbook pro and i can only activate noise cancellation and transparency, some one help!!

  • N BChox
    N BChox

    Gimmicky... only useful to find your iPhone

  • TheKID HB
    TheKID HB

    Imagine listening to 8D audio with this... 😬

  • Diego330

    I don’t care about spatial audio couldn’t care less really.... but I would love, for it to work with INlabel

  • Declan Hackett
    Declan Hackett

    Dbrand sucks. I got it for my air pods and it looks like shit. $20 wasted.


    How about the quality of the sound though. Does spatial tech hurt it?

  • Andy Booher
    Andy Booher

    LOLOL I love how loud he is while testing!!

  • Eternal progression
    Eternal progression

    Oooo does it work on Apple TV

  • Jordan Jordan
    Jordan Jordan

    I bought the AirPods Pro after watching this, I don’t regret it as the quality is way better than the regular AirPods, but the spatial audio is just useless. This video is what sold it to me, but when are you walking around and watching a movie or putting the phone behind your head... think the reaction is a little OTT ha

  • Cj._ 85
    Cj._ 85

    Who is watching it with AirPods Pro on😏😼

  • Cj._ 85
    Cj._ 85

    Ngl this shit is rlly weird but cool like I don’t know how to explain 😔💀🤚🏻

  • Khush Brar
    Khush Brar

    Pich sh pich chh piche shh pichch pitchshh🤪

  • sacha Bayingana
    sacha Bayingana

    5:40 alright oriytoriyoriytoriytoriyt



  • matt shirley
    matt shirley

    I bought a pair two days ago, I had no idea about the spatial audio. It was these or the Bose for like $60 more. Glad i grabbed these. The sound is insane

  • Guilland Anthony
    Guilland Anthony

    There have been a lot of interesting small unnoticed new things with the new update. Earlier when I pressed the stop button on the right side while watching a youtube video on my Mac or iMac, it would just stop or mute the volume and the video would continue playing. Now, it stops the video too, which is great. I can also call with just one earpiece while the other one remains in the charging box. This was quite difficult earlier.

  • Miguel Bertrand
    Miguel Bertrand

    So I'm years deep in the ecosystem and will be here forever but for real..... who's looking at content on their phone sideways and backwards and upside down? How is this awesome when you're actually trying to watch something? What am I missing?

  • Malik Perry
    Malik Perry

    Anyone know why my AirPod pros have static anytime base is in a song or movie I’m watching? Any troubleshooting methods?

  • Kay L
    Kay L

    How is this supposed to help immersion when you are supposed to look at the screen?

  • Ziad Alkhadher
    Ziad Alkhadher

    just subscribed.

  • Ziad Alkhadher
    Ziad Alkhadher

    why i didn't subscribe yet????

  • P1NK x_o
    P1NK x_o

    👁👄👁 me watching this and regretting in not paying the extra 90$ for the AirPods pro when I got my iPad Pro 😔

  • Iron883NZ

    Hope it can connect to PS 5 VR! :)

  • Maria T. Herrera
    Maria T. Herrera

    Headphones reviews are so funny to watch because we as viewers have no clue what's going on lol

  • PlayerCompare

    Nothing new, this technology has been out and available for years (probably decades?). it is used to simulate rooms while mixing music with headphones. the plugins are Waves NX and Waves Abbey Studio, they have also head tracking.

  • Ragnar Rael
    Ragnar Rael

    You said in your buds 🤭

  • John Paul Navarro
    John Paul Navarro

    8DAudio be like, Am I a joke to yahhh ahahahah

  • marc gonzales
    marc gonzales

    does it recreate a surround sound from movie itself like hearing from a clip that the sound came from behind or side? not just where you know the sound is coming from when you move your head?

  • OG_ Scorpion
    OG_ Scorpion

    this has convinced me more to buy air pods pro more than anything else

  • Donald Smith
    Donald Smith

    Will the air pods pro work with the new I pod touch

  • Anwar Hossan
    Anwar Hossan


  • Jesse Marie MacDougall
    Jesse Marie MacDougall

    wow, very cool !

  • 2shhh

    "yeah yeah its working" LOL

  • TheWutangclan1995

    This is the closest thing to Binky listening to music in real life.

  • Etoi Randolph
    Etoi Randolph

    I just bought a later case for my AirPod pros

  • Inferno HellFlame
    Inferno HellFlame

    Wut about beats pro

  • Ezpen Vlogs
    Ezpen Vlogs

    Yep mine are broken

  • ytfsic

    It's incredible. I'm glad it's not just me.

  • joshua arnold
    joshua arnold

    It don’t work for iPhone X

    • joshua arnold
      joshua arnold

      I take that back

  • Don Giuseppe
    Don Giuseppe

    What about music apps ?

  • Silent Rocco
    Silent Rocco

    The spacial effect is amazing, the sound quality horrible - thin with too much reverb. I‘d never set this over the normal mode when watching something.

  • Cozy Reader's Pack
    Cozy Reader's Pack

    Look at me get these and connect them to something in my room and just watch a movie with popcorn😳 Movie theater experience 2020✌🏻

  • Redhurricane

    And you got me over here watching with earbuds

  • adams trasd
    adams trasd

    Airpods update start when following conditions are met. 1. Connect airpods to power 2. Have your phone on wi-fi 3. Leave it as above for 30-60 minutes

  • Crolath

    is that possible with andriod?

  • Extreme Music
    Extreme Music

    Imagine being in a spinning office chair while watching a video with this

  • Extreme Music
    Extreme Music

    Me thinking it’s for AirPods 1st and 2nd gen:😲 Me hearing him say it’s on,y for AirPods Pro:😟😕🙁☹️🥺😩😫😖😣😭😭😭

  • Leon Cibolja
    Leon Cibolja

    What’s his wallpaper on his phone? Someone send link plz

  • Reed Burrito
    Reed Burrito

    Imagine being high while this is on

  • DrKumkar

    What case is that on the AirPods Pro?

  • handlez524


  • Cuco

    Does this work for the beats ?

  • Tech Is Life
    Tech Is Life

    ASMR will be taken to a different level now

  • Jason James
    Jason James

    Save yourself the money and not get them if you want the sound to seem like it’s coming from the device. Lol

  • Julius H
    Julius H

    I got them last week and when I tried them I had the same reaction

  • Shawn

    I hope maybe unbox therapy can touch on the hearing aid feature that was also released on the 14 update. It’s $300 EarPods vs $3000 hearing aids. Apple is stepping it up with the health thing lately. Someone should address this.

  • Luis Prumbs
    Luis Prumbs

    So it’s like not using headphones???

  • Ali Saeo
    Ali Saeo

    idk if this is true but arent they working on ar glasses or something? imagine placing an object in ar and using the airpods pro to feel it in a 3d space.

  • Ismael Chanon
    Ismael Chanon

    Wish I had AirPods Pro

  • Jason Langevin
    Jason Langevin

    I knew I had to test it it’s what you do , tech videos. It’s your job.

  • Breion Young
    Breion Young

    Lmao y’all are dope!

  • gustacular

    So, the sound stays fixed in one place. What's the use though?

  • wex -kent800
    wex -kent800


  • wex -kent800
    wex -kent800

    Wait but its only on airpods pro?

  • JBTheDev

    5:08 This made my decision for me.

  • The Life of Bry
    The Life of Bry

    Can someone please make a meme edit of this, sampling and repeatedly using his Shaker sound every time he gets confused 😂


    where can l buy it

  • dlSense

    Who the hell dislikes this, even if you are a android user you can’t dislike such a great feature from apple’s AirPods Pro✌️

  • Hubson

    Meh, still prefer my $99 wired AKG from Samsung, will never buy any overpriced junk from apple.

  • Ramon Isak
    Ramon Isak

    I CANT GET IT WTF??! 😂💀

  • Edit Name
    Edit Name

    What's the background music to this video though while lew is talking?

  • blythe50

    it does work very weird

  • Kurosoko

    Unbox Therapy out of context: 6:56

  • Raymond Constantino
    Raymond Constantino

    I bought my new AirPods Pro yesterday and test all Dolby Atmos content here in. INlabel.... and yes..., it’s mind blowing! For a tiny airpods producing that amazing experience.

  • SSR

    He is astonished! APPLE?! How? Should have been Samsung right?!

  • Omer Shakeel
    Omer Shakeel



    l cant see it in apple is it out or something whats the name and where can l buy it?

  • Steve Claude
    Steve Claude

    imagine using this feature while watching porn 😅

  • Shahzada Asad
    Shahzada Asad

    I fking love this guys energy.

  • TM T-P
    TM T-P

    Im amazed about this feature... porn is going to be an outer space experience oh and movies too ofc

  • VeniVidiAjax

    Pythagoras basically I guess. It measures the angles and distance between both pods and the phone.

  • Jason Aponte
    Jason Aponte

    I have them and don’t like how they don’t stay in my ears for too long. Anyone have a fix for that?

  • Bradley Hodson
    Bradley Hodson

    He perfectly explained that

  • Giz Gad
    Giz Gad

    Thanks man for making a real video. Keep it up!

  • oplix

    A feature where you walk around to hear a video? More Apple gimmicks.

  • Tanakehrahne Kirby
    Tanakehrahne Kirby

    Imagine listening to Pink Floyd with this

  • Sukh-E

    It should work on any headphones.. I have note 10 its has bulit in dolby atmos..

  • Sukh-E

    I have 11 years old laptop i just buy dolby headphones , they have exilent sound exprience on netflix windows app...

  • Kanish Tamil
    Kanish Tamil

    imagine *p0rn*

  • Cailey Noelle
    Cailey Noelle

    i just bought airpods pro’s and didn’t even know this was a thing or that it was an update. earlier today i put my airpods in and when i heard it for the first time i was absolutely shocked.

    • Elliot 1234
      Elliot 1234

      Only on AirPod pros btw

  • Sepehr Mn
    Sepehr Mn

    I’m still struggling to update the thing.

  • Being Indian
    Being Indian

    Does it work just on apple music ..?

  • Thee Intellectual
    Thee Intellectual

    And I have air pods pods no pro 😂

  • Ronnie

    It sounds.. like sounds!

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