The Sony Xperia 5 II Turns Me On...
The Sony Xperia 5 II brings a flagship spec list down to a lower price when compared to the Xperia 1 II.
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  • Miracle Ochei
    Miracle Ochei

    I'm getting a Sony next

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide

    Glad I found this channel! Your videos are so good!

  • StinkyMeatStik

    Whats one is better Xperia 1 2 or this serious question, looking for cod mobile gaming

  • NoBeam Tv
    NoBeam Tv

    It would really be great if sony create a phone that has air triggers and have a 144Hz refresh rate 🤩🤩🤩

  • M.S. C
    M.S. C

    My next phone will probably be a Sony.. I just wished they would market better. I don't want what happened to Vaio to happen to Xperia.

  • Eradicator 44
    Eradicator 44

    This blows iphone out of the water...

  • Matthew Angelo Concepcion
    Matthew Angelo Concepcion

    Sony lacks advertising for their phones to be honest. Sony Xperia is my top-most Android phone choice.

  • Tara Arya
    Tara Arya

    headphone jack one of the most needed thing in phone why don't brand understand thease things i am gonna never buya a phone without earphone jack....

  • The Silent Professional
    The Silent Professional

    Sony Xperia Z was the first waterproof smartphone ever, to my knowledge atleast. Trendsetter

  • Izzat Mizan
    Izzat Mizan

    This device support 5G right?

    • RealMeIana

      Yes but not in the US

  • c s
    c s

    Man, I remember the times you had just 3M subscribers, and now you reached 17.4... What a progress!

  • Jack Eastim
    Jack Eastim

    i like sony

  • Emil Jonathan Estorninos
    Emil Jonathan Estorninos

    This is an all in one Sony Branding.

  • DWGadgets

    No bro call of duty doesn't support for 120hz. Max 60fps.

  • John Caintic
    John Caintic

    Thank you, Sony Smartphone Division Ambassador. I will definitely buy this when I got cash.

  • Al13n1nV8D3R

    The thing with side mounted finger print sensors is, lefties are left in the cold. I am right handed when doing most things but i prefer holding my phong with my left hand.

  • Soundwave Superior
    Soundwave Superior

    I know exactly what video is playing on that phone. The weird trippy one with the eyes on fire remix. Used to trip to it in 2016.

  • xeeshan jalani
    xeeshan jalani

    so is the 5ii better than the 1ii?

    • RealMeIana


  • Filip Magáth
    Filip Magáth

    i dont know, when i see i could have for the same price S20+ with bigger 6,7'' 1440p display, 525 PPI vs 449 PPI, better front camera, bigger battery 4000 vs 4500, faster charger (although 21W vs 25W probably doesn't make that big difference), reverse charging, wireless charging with s20+, better main camera (at least to me looks s20+ photos more pleasent), 8k video (again probably useless these days but hey, there is the option) but ok, no headphone jack and no 5g (wich is useless in my country, at least now) i think the obvious phone of choice will be samsung

  • SumDim91

    Any advise Xperia 1 II vs Xperia 5 ii? 🤔

  • aiboのドルジ

    I'm very happy to see XPERIA on this great channel.Thank you😁👍

  • paul Yates
    paul Yates

    Im no of samsung but I am a big fan of sony, Sony's phones are going to take over, this price for this phone that comes with headphones to is pretty decent, samsung never do offers like this, thats because samsung just want more and more money along with apple, there moving there pricesbup way too fast

  • jjsk555

    Its sad that the headphone jack is on life support

  • Athalon

    Good phone, terrible marketing, ironically the opposite of a certain company...

  • Iggi Barratto
    Iggi Barratto

    Sony UK is rubbish, no support or accessories shops and no online support.

  • NH4 Ci
    NH4 Ci

    Proud owner here - I approve this message

  • Devara

    It's a filmmaker's and photographer's phone. Tons of camera options built in such a device. Not to mention it has great display

  • Paperdust

    Can we do a xperia 5 ii vs iphone pro

  • Akshay Sant
    Akshay Sant

    It is called Pro phone. Phone doesn’t become Pro just by putting Pro in name.

  • Nihal mhd
    Nihal mhd

    I have been using my Xperia Z2 for the past 6 years now, guess what the phone is still performing really good, I don't remember how many times the device has fallen, but still the body is fine. The camera is still good in this with 4K video recording and all. I'm thinking of switching to the latest 5 ii now 😁


    Bad costumer care services Heating probles Delayed launches Bad marketing

  • Macmac Macalanggan
    Macmac Macalanggan

    I hope u will notice me and u can give me one. Just for my brothers online class😊. One of ur subrscriber here☺.

  • Viktor Jonsson
    Viktor Jonsson

    This phone has it all

  • Joe Pup
    Joe Pup

    I have no idea how much Sony's marketing people are paid, but I do know one thing: they are overpaid. This just in: I was wrong. Sony does not have a marketing department.

  • Happy Cat!
    Happy Cat!

    Headphone jack YES No annoying camera notch or punch-hole YES Physical camera app launch/camera shutter button YES SIM card slot that doesn't need tool to open YES IP68 Waterproofing despite easy-to-open slot YES Can power up without charging (for gaming) YES Sony Alpha professional camera tech YES One-touch Fingerprint scanner/power button YES 960 fps slow-mo recording (long before Samsung) YES Marketing? Carrier Support? NO. NO. Availability in US? India? NO. NO.

  • Pat Skink
    Pat Skink

    Sony makes the best phones Ever!

  • AZiZ Cell
    AZiZ Cell

    I like sony but hard to buy it in my country.

  • Geoff Keen
    Geoff Keen

    Lew, if u r in touch with Sony, please pass on my absolute disappointment in them no longer selling their phones on the Australian market. I would totally love one of these phones but feel very uncomfortable about ordering one from abroad.

  • Tanner James
    Tanner James

    I was dead set on getting the xperia 1 II but now I'm getting this one.

  • DanTra05

    I personally love the fact that they had just a little bit of the bezel on the bottom and the top part. It gives you a better full screen experience compared to punchholes.

  • Miy Name
    Miy Name

    Say Goodbye to iPhone 12 pro

  • The Greatest Emperor
    The Greatest Emperor

    We all know Sony turns you ON. But what brand turns you OFF?Apple or Samsung?


    I got the one from last year and it didn't work in the US. . . . . . . . . .

  • JÃ1

    Gringao como

  • Amran Ibrahim Rashidi
    Amran Ibrahim Rashidi

    The best smartphone ever!!!!

  • Timor_ Devil
    Timor_ Devil

    Came after cod recently said the first phone to support 120fps🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Daphne Abegail Pomicpic
    Daphne Abegail Pomicpic

    I've been using Xperia before but I got tired because I kept updated the software and after it reaches its most updated software, it can't be updated anymore. I hope this one is not like that in this model.

    • RealMeIana

      That's gotta be hard because no smartphone would be updated forever...maybe give it 3 yrs at most? Like most smartphones, some are even less


    i remember that the earbuds that are included out of the box are really famous in the audiophile world for its warm neutral audio signature.

  • Elias Eskelinen
    Elias Eskelinen

    I hope sony smartphones can make a comeback. Their new phones look amazing!

  • Vaibhav j
    Vaibhav j

    If the title of this video so true ,you both should have private room and a protection tool budddy.

  • Prakash M
    Prakash M

    Superb sony phones

  • Emka953

    When you buy sony ,you buy only sony and you don't need anything else

  • Caleb Park
    Caleb Park

    Feels so good in the hands, ladies 😏

  • RayzTeeZ

    Switched to Sony after debating for a while and got the XZ3 and the phone is amazing. Will be getting another Sony in the future

  • A. B.
    A. B.

    Sadly I bought this to be disappointed. Screen clarity and touch sensitivity/accuracy are worse than my 7 year old Samsung S6. Any better recommendations that can beat my Samsung S6 without weighing a tonne. Iphone 12 mini?

  • Matt Reid
    Matt Reid

    I really like this phone and hope Sony keeps up the good. The camera is a little off putting to me since I'm not a photographer. I would like to see some pre sets like what Samsung has. I almost want to get it just for the headphone jack! Sony really needs to market this better though.

  • Cameron

    Mirrorless, So it can see vampires?

  • Dark Eye
    Dark Eye

    Sony Marketing their PlayStation/TV/ Movies: Oh dear, oh dear. Gorgeous Sony Marketing their Phones: YOU Focking Donkey

  • Angelo Lim
    Angelo Lim

    I wish they didn't pull the Xperia Support out here in the Philippines..


    So this really turns u on??😜

  • Marvin Morong
    Marvin Morong

    Price...can cost you a pair of kidney...

  • William Holtam
    William Holtam

    Best looking phone of 2020. Love the retro sony camera accents.

  • Gautam Yajaman
    Gautam Yajaman

    iPhone has a notch: people go crazy and complain Sony phone has a forehead and chin: WOWOWOWOWO OMG AMAZING HEADPHONE JACK OWOWOWOWOW

  • vrod2

    Definitely paid by Sony for this.

  • Zahid Ijaz
    Zahid Ijaz

    who is here after watching MKBHD video on SONY?

  • Omnitrix8

    I just got mine today. It's a good phone,but the selfie picture and video call quality is slightly blurred and fuzzy!UPDATE: I have now returned this phone. The video calling quality on WhatsApp platform is horrendous!!! My Xz is of better quality! ✌🏿

  • Ashraf Ali
    Ashraf Ali

    Its clear that sony cares about customers comfort. Wow brilliant 👏

  • Olaf Lynge Frederiksen
    Olaf Lynge Frederiksen

    Love it 🤩

  • Whis

    Since HTC has no more phone to pick, SONY Xperia 5 II is my next plan purchase.

  • SKB1811

    @Umbox Therapy can you guys do a youtube video using just this phone? Or even the xperia 1 ii.. would like to see how this would compare to u guys's professional setup

  • Feng Huang
    Feng Huang

    Clean UI, Headphone jack, Dual Front facning speakers, 120 Hz display, big battery, pro camera, can do phone calls and texts, fingerprint scanner, no notch.... SONY TAKE MY MONEY

  • Moazzam Ali khan
    Moazzam Ali khan

    Guys whatever any android manufacturer do, its now so hard, so so hard to compete iphone 12 with 5G and their camera setup at 1000 usd price range. If android flag ship lands at 700 usd that make some sense, to break some new buyers to stop buying apple 12.


    Is this variant 4K

  • Ya H
    Ya H

    This is the best!

  • Paul Gabrielle Candor
    Paul Gabrielle Candor

    If only Sony phones can be traded for a new one every year.

  • Paul Gabrielle Candor
    Paul Gabrielle Candor

    Can Sony phones be traded?

  • feral kitten
    feral kitten

    I hate small bezels tho because it makes it tougher to hold phone without bumping screen. Also more likely to break screen compared to back when we had metal bezels.

    • feral kitten
      feral kitten

      Also sad sony went to glass backs :(

  • Craig B
    Craig B

    Can you tell me please... On this phone, android 11... Or 10... When taking screenshots, is it like the Pixels, with slide up from the bottom, and select screenshot? Does it even have gestures like Pixels?

  • 9a3eedi

    No notch, no curved screens on the side, headphone jack, top of the line CPU, excellent camera, 120Hz Screen, microSD support (as well as dual SIM), teardown isn't terribly difficult (compared to other modern phones at least). This is the perfect phone of this year in my opinion. I purchased it because a phone like this is hard to find these days. My only issue with it is the price, glass back, and the fact that it's a bit late. But I forgive all three.

  • EdG.

    How well does the fingerprint scanner work?

  • Eoghan Ryder
    Eoghan Ryder

    The only single thing I don't like about this stunning device is the location of the headphone jack...but that's it. Lol

  • Serge Quagmire
    Serge Quagmire

    Another phone without a stupid hole/notch on the screen for the f&^%ing camera.

  • Ziango Rex
    Ziango Rex

    Whoever is the head of Playstaion's marketing needs to also be the head of Xperia's marketing.

  • SuperDynamite666

    Samsung, Apple, OnePlus killer!

  • DraaSh

    I bought mine today 👌

  • Raden aryo abadi
    Raden aryo abadi

    Sony experia is my dream phone omggg, i want this phone 😳😳😳😳😳 but in my country sony not realease/sell this phone, fuck that shit

  • I Had To Make This Account
    I Had To Make This Account

    I have the Original iPhone SE, ima cop one of these, one of the main reasons being the headphone jack.

  • 神zKBlank

    sony turns me on ever since from keypads to touch screens

  • Joe Pup
    Joe Pup

    Kudos to Sony for doing the exact opposite of what other companies are doing. While other companies keep the annoying camera notch/punch hole, Sony has none. While other companies eliminate the headphone jack, Sony keeps it. While other companies make a SIM card slot that's impossible to open without a tool, Sony makes one that takes just a thumbnail to pull out. While other companies blitz INlabel with annoying pop-up ads, Sony doesn't.

  • Hammad Khan
    Hammad Khan

    They Also gived us headfone jack Waaaao....😳😯😍🥰😎✌️ , Expandable storage plus single sim card They Nailed It with their Camera Also 💪😌✌️ Edit : Getting Rid off my OP 8 & jumping to this Beast...🥰🤗🙆

  • Hammad Khan
    Hammad Khan

    After A heavy Downfall 🥺💔 , Yet they Still providing some best renowned companies their Best Camera Sensors....🥰😍 Respect for Sony for this 😎💪✌️ Edit : most popular companies now a days Came to this high level of fame becuz of their cameras , Sony Made their Name in mobile industry without them they wouldn't be here Right now....😎😌✌️

  • Omarr McInnis
    Omarr McInnis

    If it cost $300 - $500 I'm sold...

  • Frikkie Nel
    Frikkie Nel

    Heya Lew, I was rewatching this video and realising that you are wearing a new smart watch. What is it and what do you think of it and are you going to do a video about it. I'm really interested 8n getting a smart android watch but not sure what to get with all the new ones that out. Thank man.

  • mohansri

    We need a lewcase for this!

  • la diffaerence
    la diffaerence

    Hi, can you me that phone or anyone please?

  • Plena Barba
    Plena Barba

    Quite a script Sony sent.....

  • Zeb

    By the way, I've tested this phone's 3.5mm in a side by side with a 2019 iPod touch to compare sound quality. The Sony blows the iTouch away, the sound is much wider, more pleasant and warmer than the ipod. This phone has incredible sound!

  • Samusa Samu
    Samusa Samu

    Very affordable too

  • Samusa Samu
    Samusa Samu

    You said it right 😂🙆

  • noobwow2009

    Why no 5G?

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